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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2017 - Day 16 - LOST vs. Sense8 & The Originals vs. Bones

3 Sept 2017

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Hey all,

Halfway stage of the competition sees the final four shows from the opening round. We open with LOST, a show with such importance on this site having been largely responsible for its existence. It's no surprise that its best performance came in the first year, claiming a bronze medal. After four successive top ten finishes, the show has failed to escape the grasp of the island that is this first round. And today will be no cakewalk either: Sense8 is looking to remove it. The Netflix series was quickly revived following an outcry from fans over its cancellation. I suspect this campaign won't quite garner the unity the revival effort did, but I would suggest LOST is up against it if that happens to any extent.

The Originals makes its debut today, a fact that initially seems surprising after four seasons but is less so when considering that the mothership, The Vampire Diaries, appeared in 2014 and 2017 only during the spinoff's run - if TVD struggled to get in, Originals was likely to have similar problems. Anyway, the show could be a solid candidate as a dark horse. But, to do so, it will need to knock down Bones, which completes our 64 for the year. This is its first appearance as a finished show and boasts a moderate record over the years. Tough to know how it might do this time around.

A reminder of the rules:

1) Two shows will go into battle in a poll, where after exactly 24 hours, the leading show will win the battle and will progress into the next round. Each poll will open at 12pm ET on a given day.
2) Vote for your favourite and spread the word with your friends & fans.
3) One vote per person per poll.
4) Comment on what you voted for on in the comments below.
5) Have fun. This is a friendly & competitive competition. Please do not start attacking other fans or fangroups in the comments, because this really isn't what this competition is about.

Click here to view the draw in a new window

Don't forget to Facebook, Tweet, and share the poll with your friends! The more people that you get to vote, the better chance your favourites will win!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the start of the second round!