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Zoo - Stakes on a Plane - Review

23 Aug 2017

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The last episode of Zoo left off with many characters in very shocking situations. After putting Clementine in the tank to keep her baby’s health from deteriorating, Jackson went on the hunt for the father of her baby. However, when Jackson thought he found him, it was the wrong guy. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time because Abigail ambushed Jackson and shot this random guy. She’s pretty ruthless. In this episode, we see that she has kidnapped Jackson and is holding him hostage to figure out how he is able to control the animals. When she was on the plane she released a hybrid that would mess with the plane’s electrical system (she really did a lot while she was on that plane!). She uses the crisis the rest of the team is experiencing to try to push Jackson to his limit. It turns out she didn't really need to do that because she broke Jackson by talking about his family that passed away. This was a very intense scene but she got what she wanted. Now she has all the information she needs for her master plan, so things are about to get interesting.

Meanwhile, back on the plane, Jamie had just found out that Mitch is Mr. Duncan and he tranquilized her in order to keep his secret. His dad caught him in the act and wanted an explanation, and so did I. It turns out the only reason that Mitch did all of this was because he was worried that the rest of the team would think he did these horrible things on purpose and not trust him. I just don’t get Mitch’s reasoning here. These are his friends and family so I’m sure they would believe that he didn't voluntarily do these things. Plus, they already know he has a chip in his brain, so why not just come clean and let them help? I guess the show just needed another cliffhanger going into this episode. Anyways, Mitch’s dad comes up with an idea to deactivate the chip, however, because the plane loses power halfway through the procedure, Mitch ends up blind and the chip gets activated instead. This was not even part of Abigail’s plan but it works out pretty well for her. The chip comes online just as Mitch has to flip the switch to reboot the plane. As if the plane hurtling towards the ground wasn’t enough stress, now Jamie has to fight the love of her life in order to save everyone. No pressure. I was pretty sure that Jamie could take him based on what we’ve seen but it was a surprisingly even fight. One thing I have to point out, throughout the time on the plane people have been shooting guns and Jamie even said she had the plane reinforced to handle it, then in the middle of the fight some piece of furniture hits against the window and it shatters. Everything about this situation is unrealistic but I guess that's Zoo for you.

While all this is going on, Dariela and Abe have been trying to collect spinal fluid from the octopus thing that is destroying the plane’s battery and they’re successful with this. They’re also successful with completely fixing their marriage. I’m not quite sure how a couple episodes ago they were talking about getting a divorce but now everything is fine. On the one hand I’m not a big fan of this relationship but on the other hand, I love Abe and if they’re going to make their relationship a prominent storyline, I would at least like a bit of backstory and depth. I wish they would give us more history or flashbacks of the past ten years and how their relationship got here but I think there might just be too much going on so there isn't enough time for that story.

The episode ended, as usual, on a cliffhanger but it seems fairly obvious that everything will work out okay. I feel like this season has a lot going on though, so there’s always a storyline to be interested in and look forward to seeing play out. Personally, I’m excited to see if they’re able to get Mitch back and how that happens and I’m also interested to see Abigail’s master plan and if they can manage to stop it. Plus, after introducing Logan’s new storyline, I hope they spend a bit more time in the next episode exploring how that fits in with everything else that’s happening.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading!