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Wynonna Earp - Gone as a Girl Can Get - Review

Wynonna Earp took a break from the main storyline to show us a Purgatory without Wynonna Earp.

The most drastic change in this alternate reality was Doc who, upon getting out of the well, finds out the other version of himself shackled Rosita in the barn, killed Nedley, and took over the homestead with Bobo's gang under his command. It was also a different change of pace in this alternate reality to see a closeted Waverly and an all too serious Dolls, who had no Wynonna or Doc to loosen him up.

Fans of Wayhaught must have eaten up the scenes that saw the two gals find their love for each other, all while working together to save everyone. Also, it was great to see Waverly be the one to lead the charge in bringing back Wynonna and not Doc, which would have been the predictable and easy way out.

Waverly's scenes with Bobo though were the highlights of this episode. It will for sure be an emotional moment when the storyline of her being his angel is further explored.

Speaking of Bobo, how great was it to see him back? The scene that saw him break out of the mental hospital to the upbeat tune of Zayde Wolf's King was a simply awesome moment, especially when he got his fur coat back and suited up.

It seems they will slowly be turning Bobo into one of the good guys, so it was surprising to see him help the Widows bring back Clootie. There must be some kind of ulterior motive on his part or maybe he'll realize his mistake in the finale. I refuse to believe Bobo is a baddie again.

One character who is proving Revenants can be good is Rosita, who has been a welcome addition to the cast this season. She did not have much to work with in this alternate reality, but the question still remains whether she is really with Black Badge, and hopefully that is not a thread that is left hanging for too long.

If anything, this episode proved how united Team Earp is and how much they are willing to sacrifice for Wynonna. Even in a world where no one, but Doc knew who Wynonna Earp was, their love for her still won over as they worked together to bring her back.

Though a break from the main storyline, it was important to have 'Gone as a Girl Can Get' as the penultimate episode as the team will need to be united, amidst all the drama among themselves, to fight the risen from the grave Clootie.

Also, is Wynonna ready to give birth? The ending left a lot hanging for the finale, which looks like it is going to be quite explosive.