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The Fosters - Too Fast, Too Furious - Advance Preview: "Full Speed Ahead"

1 Aug 2017

In light of recent events, “Too Fast, Too Furious” is extremely timely. The main plot is beautifully done, and once again the focus of most of the plots are the relationship drama between our favorite main characters and their significant others. After this episode, one couple is on solid ground while another’s future is up in the air and a third’s is on uneven footing.

In this episode, Callie and Aaron discuss taking their relationship to the next level. The topic of sex is widely discussed on television, but sex between cisgender and transgender individuals is rarely mentioned. Callie, of course, isn’t sure how to handle the situation and seeks advice from an outside source. It’s really telling to watch Callie try to figure everything out and piece together what she wants. A couple of seasons ago, she would have just run away, which she did, when things got difficult. However, we’ve really seen her grow in season 5 after everything that almost happened with Russell. AJ also returns this episode, and he is a huge jerk. I don’t remember him being this much of an ass, but we get to see more clearly the number he did on Callie. While their relationship sort of fell apart in the end, it’s clear that Callie is carrying some of that baggage around. The biggest thing Callie has been learning from her relationship with Aaron is how to communicate. Certain topics are going to be uncomfortable to discuss, but the only way they can figure things out together is to talk about it. It takes a lot for Callie to let her guard down and let others in, but she is slowly doing that with Aaron. I’m really looking forward to their relationship being explored further this season because it seems that Callie is finally in a healthy relationship.

With things falling apart at school and her being iced by STEAM, Mariana finds fulfillment training with the Latina derby team. If someone had asked me if Mariana would ever do something like this, I would have said they were crazy. However, I think this is a really good experience for her. For one, being around Latina girls her own age allows Mariana to explore her heritage and identity more. One of the recurring themes for Mariana throughout the series has been her struggle to find out where she belongs. Yes, she’s a member of the Adams-Fosters family, but she is also Mexican. Growing up in a biracial household didn’t give her much of an opportunity to explore her Latin roots, but reconnecting with her biological family and now joining the Latina derby team has. I also think it will be a positive experience for Mariana to learn how to work as a team player. During the robotics competition with STEAM she sort of took over as the de facto leader and that backfired in her face. She’s always had to be the best at something and stand out. Learning how to play well with others will be good for her. It’s also beneficial for Mariana to learn how to not be the best. Everything usually comes easy to her, but it’s nice to see her work hard for something and get better at it.

As for Brandon, he tries so hard not to repeat his past mistakes, but he just can’t seem to learn. Things between Brandon and Grace have been going great, but they hit a speed bump when Grace catches Brandon doing a favor for Cortney and finds out information about their shared past. Oh Brandon. Why must you continue to infuriate me? You have a great thing going with Grace, and yet you still feel the need to continue to play hero to Cortney. You were just starting to get your life back on track after train wreck Cortney cost you your spot at Julliard. Yes, I know Brandon made the decision to cheat on the SATs himself, but Cortney basically held a gun to his head by saying he needed to pitch in rent money, even though he is still in high school. By the end of the episode, Brandon makes a decision that could cost him his relationship with Grace. It wasn’t bad enough that he felt like he owed Cortney a favor, but this choice could ruin the one good thing he seems to have going in his life. Brandon knows he has made bad decisions in the past when it comes to “saving” damsels in distress, and he’s determined not to make the same mistakes with Grace, yet he still actively makes a decision that has me slamming my head against the proverbial wall.

Elsewhere, we have Jesus who is just as determined as ever to return to school. Of course, he also has to deal with the fact that Emma has been avoiding him. I wonder why? Oh, could it be that she knows that Jesus took a bat to Brandon’s room. It has been a few episodes coming, but Jesus and Emma finally have a face-to-face conversation about the elephant in the room. They’ve spent the past few episodes tiptoeing around their relationship issues, and it’s nice for everything to be somewhat out in the open. Where things go from here, I’m not sure, but I really do like them as a couple. Emma has a way of bring out the best in Jesus, so I hope they can work things out, even if it’s down the line, way in the future. Lastly, we have the return of Mike, finally, and Ana along with AJ. We get a couple scenes of them together, including a dinner table interaction that I really loved as well as a moment that had me fangirling. I really wouldn’t mind more time spent on the somewhat extended Adams-Foster family because it’s just another example of how blood doesn’t make a family, but love does.

Don’t forget to watch an all-new episode when it airs Tuesday, August 1 at 8 on Freeform. So before I leave you to the comments, here are some of my favorite quotes from the episode:

"Doc, I can't even get it up." / "Jesus! As you can see there's still a little issue of impulse control."
"You know, if we were at my place, you wouldn't have to freak out everything time you hear a bump." / "Well, I've never been invited." / "Um, it's a loft, not a dinner party."
"My parents never let me go to concerts. Actually, they did take me to go see Neil Diamond once."
"Look you don't have to be great to start, but you gotta start somewhere to be great, right?" / "Okay, you totally stole that off an Instagram post." / "A T-shirt."
"Who was that girl I saw leaving when I got home?" / "It was just a study buddy." / "With benefits."

Well there we have it for this preview. So hit the comments below to let me know what you think. Where do you think each couple will stand after this episode? Are you looking forward to more of Callie and Aaron’s relationship? What does Brandon do that has me slamming my head against the proverbial wall? And what moment made me fangirl like a 12-year-old?