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The Fosters - Exterminate Her - Review + POLL

19 Jul 2017

This episode of the Fosters was all over the place to be honest. I feel like it was so much stuff going on but it was actually a nice change of pace with the drama not being to "over the top" dramatic this week. Let's get down to what happened.

This week on The Fosters:
Callie is still struggling with everything that happened last week but she's trying to move on and secure her future. She meets up with the professor at the San Diego School of Art & Design to try and find out what is needed of her to apply to the school. She finds out that she needs a portfolio for her application and so she gets to shadow one of the art students at the school in order to try and make her own portfolio. Her biological father Robert is back in this episode and he's trying his best to spend time with Callie and do what he thinks is best for her.

Stef and Lena have their hands full with all the kids. The mess with Anchor Beach becoming a private school or not is still very much a mess and I literally have no idea what is going to happen there but I'm still holding out a little hope that it'll work out to the Adams-Fosters advantage. Drew (the principle) decided that he's not funding any juniors for their senior projects which means that Jesus can't build his treehouse.

Speaking of the treehouse, Jesus decides that he doesn't want to do the project with Mariana anymore which clearly hurts Marianas feelings. I feel like Jesus is hurting a lot of his siblings at the moment, because he's still not talking to Brandon in this episode and Mariana can barely look at Jesus after he tells her he wants to do the project with Emma instead of her.

The storyline that Brandon has in this episode was actually the most comedic one because he ends up in the most surreal situation when Grace calls him and begs him to come to her apartment. He does and finds her handcuffed to her bed, which she claims happened because she had a booty call with her ex and they got into a fight so he tossed the keys and left her there. When Brandon later tells Callie the story, she says to him that Grace made a bold move that backfired because she was actually trying to get him into bed with that story about her ex boyfriend. Brandon later goes back to Grace apartment and they kiss.

Callie, as previously mentioned gets to shadow a student named Ximena for her portfolio and we see throughout the episode how Ximena helps Callie discover what defines her (the first assignment for her portfolio was to draw an object that defined her). Callie struggles with this but in the end sends Ximena a picture of a necklace that used to belong to her late mother. She tells her that this object defines her because it's all that she has left of her mother.

The Adams-Fosters also have new neighbours which we get to meet. A couple named Dean and Teresa with a teenage son and I have a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of the son, most likely in scenes with Mariana. The twist with this family is that at the end of the episode when Lena and Stef go to give them a "Welcome to the neighbourhood"-plant, we find out that Stef and Teresa actually know each other. I'm very curious to see what kind of past these two have and I'm sure a lot of drama will follow from that.

Favourite character:
Honestly, I think Callie was my favourite this week because she's really trying. She definitely understood last week that she's been reckless with her life and this week she was really trying to get back on her feet. I feel like she could've been a little better to Robert because he was really just trying to help the entire episode but other than that, I really loved Callie this week and I'm truly hoping this positive trend for her will continue.

Best/Favourite scene:
I have two favourite scenes from this episode. The first one was a conversation between Callie and Brandon at the Foster-Adams house where they confided in each other about their academic future. It was just really nice to see the two of them just have a real and honest conversation about their respective futures and to see that they both just truly want the best for each other.

My other favourite scene was when Callie came home upset and Lena took her to the backyard and showed her that she saved her senior project. Callie thought it was gone since her teacher told her they threw it away but Lena kept it and it was just such a powerful and wonderful scene which also included one of my favourite quotes of the night.

Best quotes:
Ximena to Callie: "If you try to be someone you're not, you won't be happy."

Lena to Callie: "We don't want you to throw away your past Callie, we just want you to stop repeating it."

What did you think about the episode? How do you think Stef and Teresa know each other? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.