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Scene Of The Week - July 2, 2017 + POLL

2 Jul 2017

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

DOCTOR WHO, "The Doctor Falls", July 1, 2017, Actors: Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, John Simm, The Scenes: The Doctor confronts Missy and the Master & The Doctor fights the Cybermen
Such an emotional, powerful and intense season finale. It's almost the end of Twelve's story and Peter Capaldi continues to shine in his portrayal of the Doctor. Once again it was quite an impossible task to choose just one of all the memorable moments in this episode, but in the end I wanted to highlight another brilliant speech and the final confrontation between the Doctor and his closest friends/enemies - the Master and Missy. After years and years of constant fighting he tries to make them understand his actions and stand by his side, to make a meaningful choice for once and help him save whoever he can for as long as he can. The speech was so beautifully written and said. It's the very heart of who the Doctor is, the way he refuses to run and stays to save good people, even for a little while. "Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand is where I fall." I love the way his words speak volumes about his character but also the reactions he gets highlight the contrast between the Master and Missy. The Master remains blinded by their conflict, there's not a part of him that cares about the people he leaves behind. At the same time, that's truly the moment when we see the real change in Missy, the way she wants to stay and help the Doctor. Even if she turns from him and walks away, we see her willingness to stand with her old friend. And that's the ultimate choice she makes later on. If only the Doctor, visibly hurt by her words, knew what was her decision in the end. Just knowing he made the difference, that his hope wasn't misguided, that could have meant the world. Kudos to the amazing actors, Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and John Simm, for this brilliant scene and to the rest of cast & crew for such a great season finale.
DJRiter: I so badly wanted to choose one of the Missy scenes with the fabulous Michelle Gomez, but I think the most impactful scene was when the Doctor was surrounded by Cybermen in the woods and the brilliant Peter Capaldi, after identifying himself as the Doctor and being told a doctor was not necessary, defiantly declared, "I am not A doctor, I am THE Doctor, the original you might say." It was a marvelous moment foreshadowing what was to come in those final moments of being the Doctor. Brilliant episode all around.

iZOMBIE, "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2", June 27, 2017, Actors: Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Malcolm Goodwin, Jessica Harmon, The Scenes: Ravi asks Liv to scratch him & Clive tells Bozzio the truth
This was such a shocking and insane episode. The zombies actually took over Seattle and the whole world knows about them. Both broadcasts were truly powerful moments, as was the ending montage with the new normal for the city, and I also really enjoyed all the moments between Clive and Bozzio. I didn't expect to like this couple as much as I do now but they had quite a few meaningful exchanges that made their pairing grew on me lately. However, the absolute heart of the show and this episode for me has to be Liv and Ravi. Their friendship is the true constant in the craziness of their world and the trust and love between these two friends is such a beautiful and rare thing to see on TV. Ravi's been searching for the cure for a while now and he's just added the vaccine to his impossible list. Without hesitation or fear he asks Liv to help him test his creation by scratching him, thus risking the possibility he might turn into a zombie or any other kind of unforeseeable consequences that can follow these human trials. Liv doesn't want to be the one who could potentially inflict this pain on her friend but he convinces her with the story of their friendship and heartwarming confession. Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli were wonderful in this moment and made this scene feel truly genuine and special. Kudos to cast & crew for this great finale!
Samantha: Ravi asks Liv to scratch him so he can test the zombie cure on himself. It was really difficult picking one scene from this episode because most of it was incredible, but this end scene was just such a stand out. Liv & Ravi's friendship is the best. He has been there for her since the absolute beginning, and when he's not stuck in a pointless triangle Ravi is a great guy which this scene particularly proved in bundles. He's so selfless willing to test the cure out on himself knowing what the potential consequences could be, and I felt Liv's pain at the prospect of turning Ravi into a zombie.
Laura: Clive starts to tell Bozzio the truth by showing her there are zombies in Seattle. As a lot of people here have already mentioned the fantastic and puzzling ending scene, I thought it would be beneficial for me to mention a scene that caught me completely off guard. I was never the biggest fan of Clive and Bozzio in Season 2, but I am one of the biggest fans of Clive by himself and I really want him to be happy. He seemed to really love Bozzio, and this was evidenced by her return in this season. So, naturally, seeing her in the finale stirred up the old feelings and amped up my feelings for them to 11. After capturing Tanner, who claims to be Clive’s C.I., Bozzio needs answers. So Clive punches Tanner, showing off his Full-On Zombie Mode to Bozzio and kickstarting the conversation of the inevitable for the two of them. It was brilliantly done and what’s absolutely tragic is the fact that she’s a zombie now. Oh god, the heartbreaking moment when Clive finds out was almost my pick for this, as was him dyeing her hair later on. For such a good finale (and such a horribly disappointing season), I’m just glad I found something to be happy about. I hope Bozzio returns in Season 4 as a series regular character. To see her navigating a sex-free relationship with Clive will be so hard to watch, but honestly, this show could SERIOUSLY benefit from abstinence for a long, long time.
Dahne: Ravi and Liv say they love each other in the purest "friends as family" way. While TV often focuses on romantic relationships, I love how this show made the most loving moment between two friends.

NASHVILLE, "Not Ready to Make Nice", June 29, 2017, Actors: Clare Bowen, Charles Esten
The Scene: Scarlett tells Deacon she's having a little girl
The bond these two have is beautiful and they really deserve some good news right now. Deacon's words of comfort to Scarlett's doubts were perfect.

ORPHAN BLACK, "Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil", July 1, 2017, Actor: Tatiana Maslany, The Scene: Sarah goes to see Helena
On their way to confront a Neo, Sarah makes Mrs. S take a brief detour to see Helena who is hiding out in a convent with a Nun who had protected her as a child and had had her tongue cut out for it. It was a deeply poignant scene as Sarah tearfully confesses to Helena she wasn't a good sister and Helena comforting her and giving her strength and hope to fight on. It was an odd sort of role reversal in that Sarah was the one on the verge of being out of control and Helena was calming influence. Another incredibly masterful piece of acting from Tatiana Maslany. I will so miss this show when it ends, it has been a brilliant 5 year roller-coaster ride!

PREACHER, "On the Road", June 25, 2017, Actors: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga and more, The Scene: The Opening fight with the Police
Preacher has always excelled in its fight sequences and seeing Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy come under attack from an unknown force was fantastic. The action was bloody and brutal and everything played out really well, and the added suspense that came with Cassidy finding inventive ways to avoid getting exposed by the sunlight really allowed for some fantastic moments. Welcome back, Preacher. You were missed.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, "Till Death Do Us Part", June 27, 2017, Actors: Janel Parrish and more
The Scene: Mona's new dollhouse
I know there were a lot of loose ends in this finale but meeting Alex was a lot of fun, and that last scene (yes, let's pretend the "full circle" thing never happened) was just perfect, a perfect twisty creepy ending to a twisty creepy show, and with Mona finally winning, on her terms.

THE NIGHT SHIFT, "Off the Rails", June 29, 2017, Actors: Eoin Macken, Jill Flint and more
The Scene: The Team finds out about Topher and Lynn
Rip my heart out and tear it into pieces, why don't you? I knew they were writing Ken Leung out, but I had no idea they'd do it like that. The fact that they went the extra mile and killed his daughter with him really shocked me though.

VEEP, "Groundbreaking", June 25, 2017, Actors: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Timothy Simons, Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, The Scenes: Selina and Jonah announce their respective bids for the presidency & Amy tells Dan she's pregnant
Both moments were handled really well by both actors and gave us a fascinating finale to Season 6 that really does a good job at establishing the gauntlet for Season 7. And just like the last Presidential election on this show, it remains even in its early stages, as unpredictable as ever...
Klutzy girl: Amy tells Dan she's pregnant. I saw it coming about a second before she said it but the reveal still threw me for a loop. Dan's reaction was exactly what I expected it to be and I'm excited to see how much of a fiasco pregnancy/parenthood is for them next season.

WYNONNA EARP, "She Ain't Right", June 30, 2017, Actors: Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, The Scene: Wynonna and Waverly's confrontation at the house
Putting aside the completely unnecessary incest this was a good scene. Again it was hard to choose because Wynonna & Waverly had some really great scenes together this episode, but I went with this because it was so powerful. It starts off easy enough with Wynonna finally confronting Waverly over what's going on with her, and wanting to help, and then possessed Waverly comes out in full force and Wynonna is absolutely heartbroken. She goes to shoot Waverly but can't bring herself to do it, and ends up being possessed instead. Wynonna & Waverly's relationship is the best thing about the show. They love each other so much, would do anything for each other and Melanie & Dominique just work so well together. Still could've done without the peck, but the goo possessing Wynonna instead was a nice twist.

YOUNGER, "Post Truth", June 28, 2017, Actors: Peter Hermann, Sutton Foster
The Scene: Charles shows Liza his Hemingway collection
These two have great chemistry, when they're together on screen sparks definitely fly, and the whole "victims of unsynchonized passion" felt very accurate, though I hope it doesn't continue down that road.