Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon The SpoilerTV 2017 Episode Competition - Day 2 - Round 1: Polls 5-8

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The SpoilerTV 2017 Episode Competition - Day 2 - Round 1: Polls 5-8

22 Jun 2017

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DAY 2! (Results from yesterday can be found here.)

The rules are as follows:
1. Two episodes go head to head for 24 hours. The episode that emerges as the winner will go through to the next round.
2. Vote for your favourite episode, and tell us what you voted for.
3. Tell others about the competition! Social media is your best friend in this competition if you want your favourite episode to win.
4. Be respectful. This is a competition, but be friendly. Let's not have any abuse directed at any person, fandom or show, as we've had on occasion in the past.

Our first in-show battle starts the second day of this year's competition, with The 100 guaranteed an episode in the second round as season finale "Praimfaya" takes on "Die All, Die Merrily". Black Sails and Black Mirror then go head-to-head, with the former's series finale facing the latter's much acclaimed "San Junipero". Two more finales then face one another as Lucifer's second season ender is up against Bones' series finale. Finally, Once Upon a Time's musical hour, "The Song in Your Heart", faces Arrow's "Underneath".

The draw:

Full spreadsheet link

Don’t forget to share the post; the more people vote, the more chance your episode has of winning!

Check back tomorrow for the next set of polls from round 1!