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NBC Renews Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med

10 May 2017

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NBC has made decision on three of Dick Wolf’s four Chicago dramas, renewing flagship Chicago Fire as well as Chicago PD and Chicago Med. There is no decision yet on the newest entry in the franchise, Chicago Justice. Also awaiting an official pickup is veteran Law & Order: SVU.

There had been some chatter that one of the newer Chicago shows –– Chicago Med or Chicago Justice — may not continue. As can be expected after 30 years in business, the financial relationship between Wolf and NBC is complex, and, with few exceptions, network drama series are not as lucrative these days, with very limited possibilities in the SVOD and cable off-network space. There have been no syndication sales yet for Chicago Fire, now in Season 5, or Chicago PD, in Season 4. That said, flagship Chicago Fire is NBC’s second-highest-rated and most watched drama series behind breakout This Is Us, which has been renewed for two seasons, and all four Chicago shows are performing respectably; they are higher rated than NBC’s Shades of Blue, which was recently renewed for a third season. They still make money for NBC and are efficiently produced, with Wolf known for always delivering his shows on time and on budget.