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Chicago Fire - Carry Me - Review

5 May 2017

“You understand what it’s like to think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, and then one day, all you have is memories?”

Back at Chicago Med for treatment, Anna sleeps while the doctor tells Severide that her numbers look good. When that’s the news right off the bat, it won’t end well, will it?

Before we can dwell on Anna’s condition too long, Squad is called to a house fire where an elderly woman, Ellie, refuses to leave the house. Severide and Cruz eventually get her out, but she returns to the unstable house as soon as possible. Of course, Anna convinces Severide to go talk with Ellie, but not before the two confess their love for each other—yeah, there’s no way Anna makes it out of this episode alive. And you know it’s going to end badly when Severide wakes up to see the DNR stickers on Anna’s wristband and door. With Anna’s cancer and infection, her odds are looking much worse than before.

While Severide is on a call, Boden arrives to send him to the hospital—Anna’s not in good condition. Sure enough, the doctors essentially tell Severide it’s time to say goodbye. Anna’s final moments completely shattered my heart—I don’t think we’ve seen Severide so emotional since Shay’s death. He finally finds something that could last, and before they can really start a life together, it’s taken away.

Through Anna’s final days and just after her death, Ellie proves to be a comfort for Severide. Ellie lost her husband after thirty-seven years of marriage, thirty-seven years of memories in her house. She encourages Severide to, “Make all the memories you can,” and even though he didn’t get that chance with Anna, it’s something that will likely stick with him. I think it’s safe to say the days of meaningless, shallow dating are a thing of the past for Severide.

The moments between Severide and Anna were perfect—they were an excellent match, which makes her death that much more heartbreaking. I know people are frustrated with her death and wonder what the whole point of her story was—it was all for Severide. For years, he’s been little more than a playboy with a constant rotation of women who last no more than a few episodes. He found someone he could have loved forever. Even after Anna’s death, Severide’s moments with Ellie prove that even though Anna is gone, Severide’s desire to find someone to spend thirty-seven-plus years with is alive and well. The Severide of years past would go off the ledge—much like he did after the death of Darden and Shay. But he’s different now—he’ll always carry Anna with him, but he knows what he wants and I’m willing to bet he finds it next season. My hope is that he finds something long-term with Sylvie, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers push the Severide/Stella romance again (that I was once all for and am now against).

“If we quit because of the ones who don’t make it, we quit on all the ones we could save in the future.”

Unable to let Jason take the fall after the gas explosion last week, Casey pleads with Boden to help him find a way to save Jason’s career. Boden and Casey talk to someone on Jason’s panel and come up with a third option that clears Jason and lets Doyle remain a hero in death—faulty gas monitors. All was for not, though, when Jason informs Casey he’s done with the CFD. Please, like Casey will let this go. He doesn’t—instead he gives a rousing speech to Jason’s door. Jason lingers inside, and I was honestly worried that he was contemplating suicide. Thankfully, he wasn’t (that we know of)! Jason later turns up at the firehouse, and by the sound of things, Jason might find himself a home at 51. Expect to see him next season.

“People in this house really can’t help moving in with each other, huh?”

Sylvie convinces Otis and Cruz to let her be their third roommate, and there’s no way this doesn’t end up giving us some crazy hilarious shenanigans. The guys are hesitant at first, and then almost kick her out. But why?! She’s tidy, organized, and quiet…the perfect roommate! The test questions alone to determine whether Sylvie could get the apartment were funny enough, but I’m hoping for more comedic relief from these three living together. And based on the contents of this episode, we’re in need of some comedy.

What did you think of the episode? What’s next for Severide? Will we see Jason next season? Share your thoughts below!