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Supergirl - Season 2 - Mark Gibbon Cast as General Zod

21 Apr 2017

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Thanks to Phun for the heads up.

Mark Gibbon is a Canadian actor with a lot of geek cred.

He had a number of live-action roles in Smallville. He’s been in Arrow. He was M’zel in Stargate SG-1 and Constable in Stargate Atlantis. He’s been in X-Files, Other Limits, Dark Angel, Lone Gunmen, Andromeda, Chronicles Of Riddick, The 4400, Flash Gordon, Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies and The 100.

I understand that as of today, Mark Gibbon is filming scenes on the set of The CW’s Supergirl as General Zod, Superman’s greatest nemesis from Krypton.