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Scene Of The Week - April 16, 2017 + POLL

16 Apr 2017

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "Identity and Change", April 11, 2017, Actors: Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Brett Dalton and more, The Scenes: Fitz kills Agnes & Ward talks to Jemma about Skye & Fitz confronts Daisy
Justyna K:
From the moment LMDs took over most of the team, Fitz and Simmons are frequently stealing the show for me. Their storylines often turn out to be some of the series' best and most emotional ones. And Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge prove time and time again to be real force of nature on the screen. The strength, courage, determination but also the heartbreak that Simmons has showed during these struggles make her one of my favorite characters on the show. Fitz's story on the other hand makes me most worried about the consequences that will surely follow the life in the Framework. It's becoming increasingly clear that there's something wrong with Fitz. While everyone else trapped in this world is clearly affected by the new circumstances they still remain themselves at their core. It's different with Leo, there's nothing familiar about him here, making me think he's affected by something more than just the different path he took in the Framework. Aida's connection to him gives an indication that she might have influenced his other self in a more direct way than the others. And the scene I wanted to highlight in the article is the biggest proof of that so far. When Fitz is confronted with the truth, after he meets Radcliffe, he's cold, scary and heartless, responding to his old friend's claims with disbelief and murder of somebody he loves. Fitz killing Agnes changes everything that Jemma and Daisy could have expected from their friends in the Framework. Jemma desperately begging Ward (of all people) not to hurt Fitz as he's aiming the gun at Agnes, trying to convince Grant what a good person Leo is, it was already hard to watch. But Fitz's actions, him taking the shot, ending Agnes' life in the Framework, it was absolutely shocking. Since the moment I've seen the episode, that shot when Jemma screams in pain, calling out Fitz's name and their eyes meet for a second, hasn't left my thoughts completely. It was heartbreaking, wonderfully acted and edited (complete with just the right music and surroundings). There's a real darkness in Fitz, something he can't control yet and he will surely have a hard time living with in the real world. For someone already broken so many times before, it's a blow straight to the heart and I can't help but wonder what's next for him. Kudos to cast & crew for another brilliant episode! Already excited to see the next one.
Klutzy girl: When talking to Jemma, Framework Ward tells her that if anything happens to Skye he'd never forgive himself, and that he'd die for her. It sounds like foreshadowing for how the Framework is going to end, and I'm both excited and terrified for it.
DJRiter: On Radcliffe's Framework island, as Ward takes aim on Evil Framework Fitz just as Fitz is about to shoot Agnes, Jemma tearfully begs for his life, saying she knows him, she knows there's still a good man inside. Ward backs down, then Jemma is shocked and horrified as Fitz cold-bloodedly kills Agnes. She screams and reveals their hiding place forcing Coulson to rescue her when Fitz's team attacks them. Elizabeth Henstridge has been, no pun intended, killing it in these episodes, going from badass to heartbreaking with just a few words. This storyline has kickstarted Agents of SHIELD and I'm hoping it's doing well enough ratings wise to earn the show another season.
Aimee: Fitz comes in to confront Daisy/Skye after her capture. When all of this is said and done Simmons and Daisy deserve like a month long vacation after all they’ve been through to save their friends. Simmons has been beaten and stabbed by LMD Fitz not to mention waking up dead in the Framework and all that she went through to find Daisy. Throughout all this, Daisy has been shot twice and had the crap beaten out of her a few times. I also suspect that Daisy is about to add torture to the long list of things that has happened to her. The Framework Fitz is one massively screwed up guy who takes pleasure from torturing inhumans. Given the fact that Daisy is an Inhuman does not bode well for her with him. Iain De Caestecker has been phenomenal at playing this sinister version of Fitz and while I dread seeing what horrible things he does to Daisy it will be interesting to see if anything about her will trigger any part of the real Fitz or if she’ll have to be rescued by Simmons and Framework Ward. It’ll likely be the later scenario. It’s hard to see Daisy so broken and beaten, but she’s been through some really bad things and always come out on top, however, it’ll be interesting to see how all this impacts her friendship with Fitz once they get out of the Framework. This scene also had great acting by Chloe Bennet who showed Daisy trying desperately to get Fitz to remember her while also showing Daisy’s dire situation. Iain De Caestecker was definitely the star of the scene though. This sinister look works for him even if it is difficult to see the sweet Fitz as this vile monster of a man. Great scene that will likely lead to some really intense moments in the next episode.

APB, "Strange Bedfellows", April 10, 2017, Actors: Caitlin Stasey, Ty Olwin
The Scene: DV8 confronts Ada and she blackmails him to back off (picked by Marko)

ARCHER, "Archer Dreamland: Berenice", April 12, 2017, Voiced by: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, The Scene: Archer and Cheryl lug a dead body around town
Archer and Cheryl lug Berenice's dead body around town. I don't know why but watching these two interact with the dead maid was hilarious. Maybe it's because there really weren't any standout scenes in this particular episode and all of their interactions were worth talking about. I was laughing throughout this crazy plan and the fact that we have to wait until next week to see if it worked is bonkers!

BATES MOTEL, "The Body", April 10, 2017, Actors: Freddie Highmore, Nestor Carbonell and more, The Scenes: Alex kills Chick & Norman and "Norma" fight in the cell
Darth Locke:
This was one of those comical moments where I could easily see myself as Chick and my mom (or maybe some of you SpoilerTV frequenters) as Alex! But I really did love the scene, because it was so unexpected that Chick would just be killed like that and because it's a reminder of some earlier season Alex-scenes, minus the fact that Alex seems more emotional than usual. It also puts some uncertainty on how everything is going to end. Will Alex use Chick's research or will he scrap it? How is Dylan going to find out about Caleb or attempt to get closure? With just two episodes left and Norman heading for court, it's anyone's best guess at this point!
DarkUFO: Norman and "Norma" fight in the cell.

BETTER CALL SAUL, "Mabel", April 10, 2017, Actor: Jonathan Banks
The Scene: Mike looks for the tracking device
The sequence where Mike Ehrmantraut was looking for the tracking device that clearly Gus Fring ordered one of his guys to plant on Mike’s car. Mike took his whole car apart to find nothing until later he got an idea that it could be in the gas cap, and sure enough it was. Also picked by Darth Locke

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, "The Audit", April 11, 2017, Actors: Terry Crews, Andre Braugher
The Scene: Terry fixes the printer/copy machine
I don't really know why I'm picking this scene. I just adored the cuteness of it all: the printer being happy, Terry "crushing it", and Holt never being more proud of Terry. I love their dynamic a lot and it was great to see more of it in this episode. Welcome back, B99!

FEUD, "Hagsploitation", April 9, 2017, Actors: Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon and more, The Scene: The table read
Another stellar episode of this wonderful mini-series, I'm going to hate to see it come to an end in a few weeks. While not as strong as last week's Oscar episode this one does have its moments, in particular, the painful table read for Bette and Joan's new film, "What Ever Happened to Cousin Charlotte?" - Jessica Lange is purely evil as Crawford, nit-picking every line or moment of the read until she finally drives Susan Sarandon's Bette Davis from the room. As Davis storms off, and the rest of the table appear flustered, Crawford calmly leans forward and tells the director, "I can read both parts."

GREY'S ANATOMY, "In the Air Tonight", April 13, 2017, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Martin Henderson
The Scene: Meredith tells Nathan how her sister Lexie died
On the plane, Meredith tells Nathan how her sister Lexie died. So many flashbacks from the 8th season finale. This episode gave me so many feels. It was great to see that Meredith did control herself during the turbulence.

INTO THE BADLANDS, "Palm of the Iron Fox", April 9, 2017, Actors: Emily Beecham and more, The Scene: The Battle of the Barons
The Battle of the Barons between The Widow and the Barons was a brilliant example of just how over the top and more importantly just how fun it can be. Brutal and unforgiving, this show is everything Iron Fist should have been in regards to its action and doesn't hold anything back with its excellent stunt choreography. Pretty much as epic as any show can get right there.

iZOMBIE, "Zombie Knows Best", April 11, 2017, Actors: Malcolm Goodwin and more, The Scene: The ending
Can I give Malcolm Goodwin an Emmy? Great, thanks. Now that that's out of the way let me tell you about Clive and his awesome, overdue development. This episode was yet another showcase of his awesomeness and just how much better he deserves than any of this horrible stuff happening to him. He's such a great character and while I'm elated we get to see more sides to him, I just want all of these sad things to stop. This douchey, bland sergeant is pressing him for information and he just needs to stay in his lane. My heart broke into so many pieces watching Clive react to what he was saying. He loved that woman, he loved her son, and he really wanted to be there for them. But he wasn't there. And it has been haunting him ever since. Pass the tissues because I'm worried the waterfalls have only just begun for this season.
Samantha: Clive needs to get more of his own storylines. I'm so glad he's in the know on the zombies now because he has some great one-liners, but this week and more importantly that ending scene proved that Malcolm Goodwin can also do serious and break your heart in two. From his reaction last week I guessed his relationship with Wally & his mother wasn't just business, but that couldn't prepare me for the flashbacks in this episode and that ending scene broke me. You know that Clive is going over every detail of his relationship with Wally & his mother, thinking that he should've done more to protect them, without Sergeant douche ever kindly posing the question aloud.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Mother's Little Helper", April 9, 2017, Actors: Jaime Murray, Giles Matthey
The Scene: The Black Fairy owns Gideon's heart (picked by Marko)

RIVERDALE, "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend", April 13, 2017, Actors: Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Molly Ringwald, The Scenes: Betty tells Jughead she thinks there's darkness inside of her & Mary Andrews arrives in Riverdale
I spent the majority of this episode hating any character that wasn't Jughead, but that last scene redeemed Betty ever so slightly. It's been quite apparent for a while that Betty's struggling with herself, but I love that she's finally opened up to someone about it instead of keeping it all bottled up since that never ends well. In spite of their differences I think Judhead is the perfect person for Betty because he's damaged just as much as she is, and with him she can be open & honest knowing that there's no judgement, just someone that will be there to fight in her corner.
Diana: Molly Ringwald has arrived in Riverdale! Can't wait to see what's coming next.

SUPERNATURAL, "The Memory Remains", April 13, 2017, Actors: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, The Scene: Sam and Dean talk about their legacy
Klutzy girl: Sam and Dean talk about if they'll leave a legacy behind, if anyone will remember them, and carve their initials into the dining room table in the bunker, just like they did with the Impala when they were kids. This unexpected callback made me emotional.
Kollin: Sam and Dean talk about their legacy and reminisce. A bit out of place in a monster of the week episode, but nonetheless deeply poignant as we see Sam and Dean ponder about their legacy and if anyone will ever remember them. The brothers then carve their initials into the bunker table, like they did as kids in Baby, which we see in flashbacks. Scenes about the brothers and their unconditional love always hit a soft spot and though it came in the most randomest of episodes, it was still a definite tearjerker.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH, "Long Live Love", April 11, 2017, Actors: Katie Leclerc, Vanessa Marano and more, The Scene: The final scene
This was just the perfect way to end this series. Everything started with Bay and Daphne and ended with them. It was lovely to have the sisters have that one last scene together. The image of their heads side-by-side in direct comparison to the original promotional material for the series was a really nice touch. Then the pull back to include the rest of the family was a really poignant. It was one of the better final scenes of a series finale that I’ve seen in awhile. The show will be missed, but it was terrific to see them all end the series together and with their lives in great places.

THE AMERICANS, "Crossbreed", April 11, 2017, Actors: Keri Russell and more, The Scene: Elizabeth learns Tai Chi from Ben
Darth Locke:
For many years of the Americans I feel like I have been waiting forever for Elizabeth's alarm clock to go off where the character begins to either question her perspective and/or begins to show more compassion, especially through watching the motions of the more obviously traumatized and enduring Philip. This season seems like it's starting to offer up some kind of turning point for her, as between this out of element relaxation scene with Ben (a fun Felicity references no doubt), her experience at psychologist, and Avon Calling, all plays on her loss of her friendship Mary Kay and the fact they're using a young Vietnamese boy all test her consciousness. This scene just represents so much by doing so little, it's brilliant how it can work!

THE EXPANSE, "The Monster and the Rocket", April 12, 2017, Actors: Dominique Tipper and more, The Scene: Naomi saves all she could from Ganymede
This scene saw Naomi throwing herself into the throng of desperate Ganymede citizens to save those she could save. Her unwavering courage and compassion were poignantly inspiring, especially in a show where righteousness is often overshadowed by the fallacies of being human. Things get especially emotional when the people line up to enter the ship, many leaving loved ones behind on the dying planet. In this scene, we see a heartbroken Naomi who wants to save everyone, but can't, and so she does the best she can while watching those left behind face impending doom. In the highlight of the scene we see the strong man, who Naomi insists on being one of the saved instead of her, insisting back that her work is not yet done and that it must be her, not him. In a bleak world, Naomi has become a beacon of hope and righteousness and, in this very defining and emotional moment, we see her come into her own.

THE ORIGINALS, "I Hear You Knockin", April 14, 2017, Actors: Riley Voelkel, Christina Moses, The Scene: Freya apologizes to Keelin
There were some really great scenes in this episode, but the one that really stood out was this one between Freya and Keelin. It certainly wasn’t the most intense scene or the most emotional, but it stood out for me because of the way it portrayed Freya. Some of the best scenes are the ones that show the softer side of this tough as nails family because it’s so out of the norm for them. Every Mikaelson is very guarded with their heart, so it’s always very intriguing to see when someone manages to break through the mighty armor they keep around their hearts. It’s what made the Cami and Klaus pairing so intriguing and the same for Elijah and Hayley. Rarely does a Mikaelson show weakness or vulnerability around anyone but family, and even then it’s not done lightly. Here, in this moment, Freya was the most vulnerable she’s ever been. She has easy access to the healing powers of vampire and hybrid blood yet she chose to allow her wound to go unhealed so that Keelin could tend to it. Perhaps she just felt she deserved the pain after what she put Keelin through, after all, what she did to her does seem to be haunting her, but it was definitely an unusual move for Freya to not let a member of her family heal her. She seemed to use this as an excuse to have some time alone with her new friend. When Keelin was teasing her about reacting to the antiseptic there was this quiet moment of thought that came over Freya’s face. She seemed very vulnerable and small in that moment as she bit her lip and tried to figure out how to apologize. Her words were spoken very slowly and with a lot of care. I think she expected a very different reaction from Keelin, instead, she got understanding and kindness from the woman that she’d been less than gentle with early on. This was a big step for Freya, to admit being wrong and to try to make it right. There is most certainly something building here and it’s likely a romantic relationship, but it’s very nice that after all, they’ve been through they are forging a solid foundation of friendship first. Riley Voelkel and Christina Moses are really nailing this growing dynamic. It's fun getting to watch another Mikaelson sibling forge a bond outside the family. Those storylines always tend to be very dynamic and fun to watch.

TRAINING DAY, "Blurred Lines", April 15, 2017, Actors: Bill Paxton, James Paxton, The Scene: The final scene
For this show I'm going to select any scene that the late Bill Paxton shares with his son, James Paxton who guest stars on the show this week. If I'm not mistaken it was the first time father and son appeared on screen together and was filmed shortly before Paxton's death. They ended up having only one scene where they addressed each other, it's the final scene where Frank imparts the same survival message to Bobby that a Texas Ranger gave to him when he was in the same situation as a kid. James Paxton will cherish those moments captured on screen with his father.