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Girls - Goodbye Tour - Review

12 Apr 2017

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   Last Sunday, Girls reached its penultimate episode, with "Goodbye Tour" and it was quite a surprisingly emotional ride. I really didn’t expect the final goodbyes for the girls to happen in this episode, but as always, it’s the perfect timing.

   "Goodbye Tour" focused mainly on Hannah, after she went to a fun job interview in the north of the state and got the job ! Since the season premiere, it has cleared Hannah would move out of New York, that she could experience happier and relaxed feelings outside of the city. But of course, leaving New York would mean leaving her friends, her habits and one of the greatest city of the world. It was a huge decision, and so she asked for 24 hours before making the decision - so grown up of her, however screaming "fuck" in the bus wasn't much grown up.
   Hannah needed help to be sure, even though she knew what to do. She first went to talk about it to Elijah, and he totally disagree with her, of course. He’s made for living in the city, even if New York makes him miserable, he still finds happiness and joy. He can only stay there.. And in the end, he did, he wasn’t so miserable in NYC as he finally got the part in the musical. Good for him, and I guess it was Elijah final scene on Girls.

   Then Hannah went to see her dad and his partner, who were adorable and funnier than ever. They encouraged her to go away from New York with her baby. But Hannah needed her friends' advices to really set her mind (even though I assume she had already made her decision), but Shosh and Marnie were unreachable.
   So Hannah wander in the city and in the subway, flirting with a nice man who was disappointed and lost when he saw her pregnant belly. Poor Hannah, everything was screaming at her to get away from the city. Even more when she decided to go to Shosh’s. It turned out Shosh was having a party, and she didn't invite Hannah, the same way Hannah didn’t tell Shosh about her pregnancy. What are those friends who don't talk to each other, even about big news. And more, it was Shosh freaking engagement party ! I can’t believe she had a man in her life and we knew nothing about ! I get this season has been mainly focused on Hannah and Marnie, but yet I would have love to see them together.

   Hannah was upset and angry for not being invited, seeing Marnie, Eljiah and Jessa at the party only made her more upset. I was also surprised when Jessa appeared, last time Shosh and her were together on screen, it didn’t end well. And it turned out she basically invited herself, I was reassured. It made more sense.
   The tension was high, because of Hannah so Marnie called her friends to Shosh’s bathroom for a special meeting but things turned short thanks to Shoshanna. I love the new Shosh. It was a really great scene, where she was finally honest and the more mature women in the room. Those four girls aren’t friends anymore, maybe they never really were. They’re all too egocentric, but mostly, they’re not close. All the experiences they’ve been through since season 1, they didn’t bring them closer, but they set them apart. They always had their differences, they have four very different personalities, but they shared their joy and fears together. Now, they have grew up, but they also grew apart. They can’t have a real meaningful conversation, even more when they’re all together. It wasn’t sad, it felt very real and just. They were four girls but life set them on separate ways.

   Hannah finally announced she was leaving New York to the girls, her former friends and she finally reconciled with Jessa. They’ve always shared a special connection, probably thanks to Dunham and Kirke chemistry on screen, so it was very touching to watch them cry and saying sorry, and then having fun. The last scene of the episode was absolutely perfect : the girls were dancing, separately, going forward with their lives while we saw Hannah moving in her house, in Upstate New York !

   What did you think of "Goodbye Tour" ? Were you surprised by it ? What do you expect from the series finale ? Hit the comments !