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Chicago Fire - Carry Their Legacy - Review

30 Apr 2017

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“To those that have fallen. To those that carry their legacy.”

When Squad 3 is stuck with transmission issues, another squad briefly takes their place. This crew is led by Jason, someone Casey has known since childhood. I like Jason—he would be a great addition to 51. But he has a house of his own now—and they seem to be just as tightly knit as our favorite firehouse family. Jason’s squad isn’t stationed at the house long, but you know they’ll make another appearance…

Shockingly (please read with extreme sarcasm), Truck 81 later responds to a call helping Jason’s team. A gas fire erupts, injuring some of Jason’s group. Casey goes in without much of a thought, so naturally, this won’t end well. Before the incident, Jason and Casey shared a drink at Molly’s. Jason’s description of his house could have been a description of Firehouse 51—so when Jason ends up as the only one to walk away, you can’t help but think, what if? Could this be foreshadowing for something in 51’s future? It’s been a few years since this family has suffered a major loss, and another major death (think as major as Shay) could be a possible ending to this season. But back to the present…

Jason admits to breaking protocol and not watching the gas readings, but Casey’s not convinced. He and Boden do a bit of detective work and piece together the puzzle. It’s not Jason’s fault—Doyle, the firefighter who died, knew the gas readings and chose to go in anyway. But to protect his memory, Jason takes the fall. I hope this isn’t the end of this story—I’d like to see more of Jason.

“Just because she’s strong doesn’t mean she’s right.”

After Anna’s mysterious run-out in the last episode, Severide catches a lucky break when the transmission in the rig breaks outside of Med on a call. He finds out from another nurse that Anna took leave…which is an odd thing to do right after you start a new job. Severide starts to piece the puzzle together—Anna is sick again. When he eventually finds her, he learns it’s worse than perhaps he thought. “The doctors are talking management, rather than treatment.”

She initially shuts him down and closes him out, but in the end returns to face the cancer with Severide at her side. Anna’s dad, that sweet precious man, makes another appearance and pleads with Severide to not give up on Anna. He clearly doesn’t know Severide well. No matter how this ends—and the realist in me says it won’t end well—Severide will be there through it all. Anna’s odds aren’t good, but we can hope, right?

“Disciplinary training is less like college and more like traffic school.”

Thanks to their trainee’s hands-on approach in the previous episode, Dawson and Brett begin their re-training this hour. The pre-class moments flawlessly show differences between Sylvie and Dawson—Sylvie is a study-weeks-before-the-exam type who likes to sit at the front of the class while Dawson’s more off the cuff, sit in the back type. But upon seeing a very attractive teacher walk in, Dawson sees the upside to sitting in the front. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong room. Not only do both pass, but Dawson gets every single question right. Sorry, Sylvie! But she is Gabriella Dawson.

“You don’t ask questions, you know? You avoid making eye contact, she may perceive that as a challenge.”

Is Connie being forced out?! Connie returned this week to find Marci still in her spot, and Boden was super awkward in telling Connie he’s keeping both on for a time. I’m normally always behind Boden one-hundred percent, but you can’t get rid of Connie! Otis, Mouch, Stella, Cruz, and Herrmann take bets on who will survive, but in the end, Connie surprises them all with her calm, sweet demeanor toward Marci. Or is she plotting something…? You know the saying, kill them with kindness. I don’t care what this episode says, my money will always be on Connie.

It wasn’t a major story, but when our favorite goofballs weren’t betting on Connie vs. Marci, they were saving Marvin the concrete man—a man who trapped himself in a tub of concrete to avoid eviction. Well, that’s one way to do it, I suppose. Look, I’ve seen the Grey’s Anatomy episode where this happens—I know how dangerous it is. Thanks to Otis, which is not something we often say, and Stella’s EMT training, Marvin will be just fine.

What did you think of the episode? Will we see Jason again? How will Anna’s story unfold the rest of the season? Share your thoughts below!