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Throwback Thursday - Go Go Power Rangers

23 Mar 2017

If you didn't realise the Power Rangers are back in a new movie and I thought I'd take an opportunity to look back at what made the original series so awesome.

 That Catchphrase


Let's be honest, we all want to shout it when we see the Power Rangers and we all want to pull out a morpher and scream out the name of our animal. I'm still waiting for a "shiny glitter Pony" to be a zord but who knows, it could still happen.

Alpha 5

We all loved him and wanted one for our bedroom to tell us what to do. Now when I look back I'm starting to think that maybe he should have saw a therapist or doctor for stress. He was constantly worrying.

The Toys

The Power Rangers toys were amazing. I had the full set and the megazord and joining them together and attacking Rita was some of the best fun you could have as a child. PLus you could make the Power Rangers make very random poses. What more could you want as a child!

Throw your arms around

If you don't throw you arms around while you talk in Power Rangers it is obviously not that important or worth saying. Just imagine the next time you are sat with friends, throw your arms around as you talk Power Rangers style.

The baddies were just weird

The costume designers and writers must have been very bored or really hated their jobs when coming up with these monsters. Sad part is, I loved every one of them!

Power Rangers are dumb

Every episode they fight enemy as themselves until they go big and have to use their zords, why didn't they just go straight to zords and squish them when they were small. Would have saved the city endless repair bills.

It still rocks

Even thought it was badly made, looked terrible and the script would make you cringe; Power Rangers was awesome and I don't think the new movie will reach such epicness but I'm looking forward to a fresh new take.

Let us know your favourite things from the original Power Rangers and are you looking forward to the film?

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