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The Walking Dead - Bury Me Here - Advance Preview

12 Mar 2017

   After a rather optimistic episode, The Walking Dead will be back this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX UK, with an all new and dark episode titled "Bury Me Here".

   Last week, Michonne and Rick’s adventure gave a rather unusual optimistic vibe to the show. For once, there was talk about the future, about what will happen when they win the war against Negan. It was very positive, and I must say it felt really good to hear their plans for the future.
   This Sunday, "Bury Me Here" won’t be as optimistic, it’ll be rather sad and tragic. Carol will be back, and as shown in the sneak peek, she’ll go to Morgan for answers. And his answers will be perfect, but maybe not very satisfying.

   Anyway, "Bury Me Here" won’t only focus on Carol, as we will explore The Kingdom deeper. Last time we went there, Daryl left and King Ezekiel didn’t join Rick in his future war against the Saviors, against Richard’s wishes. He wanted to ensure the security of his own community foremost, which is totally understandable yet selfish. But things might change in "Bury Me Here" as the Saviors will become more threatening against the community, as predicted.
   And here some other teasers about "Bury Me Here" :

- Someone will be impressed by Carol’s amazing skills at killing walkers, while Morgan will continue to train some of The Kingdom ' soldiers.
- A backpack will be quite significant.
- Richard and Morgan will talk about their fight, and Morgan’s philosophy of not killing. And they will also share another meaningful conversation. I really like their scenes together, they're great
- Someone will be afraid of Shiva.
- As shown in the promo, someone will dig his own grave (how depressing is that ?). It’ll revealed who, and it won’t be empty by the end of the episode.
- Morgan will receive a gift.
- Someone will have sleeping problems.
- There will be talk about suicide, and even a character putting a knife on his/her wrist.
- Someone will get hurt by a stick.
- Richard will open up about his past, and it’ll be quite touching.
- The Saviors will mock The Kingdom for calling their leader King.
- Someone will have a panic attack.
- Cantaloupes will play an important part.
- There will be a problem inside The Kingdom and King Ezekiel will deal with it efficiently.
- There will be questions about a girl.
- At least three characters will cry at different moments during "Bury Me Now".

   "Bury Me Here" will be an interesting and emotional episode. The Kingdom and its characters will unveil more of their secrets, it’s definitely a great community filled with endearing characters. I really appreciate to discover more of The Kingdom, but I admit I was very disappointed by a scene, so I’m having mixed feelings about "Bury Me Now".
   Don’t miss "Bury Me Here" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. How excited are you about "Bury Me Here" ? Do you think The Kingdom is the best community to live in during a zombie apocalypse ? Which is your favorite characters from this community ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have two quotes max):

1- "Thank you."
2- "Let me see how you do what you do."
3- "You should not go alone."
4- "You made us another world."
5- "Who the hell i am ?"
6- "What happened to you ?"
7- "So, who’s the girl ?"
8- "I didn’t ask for much, and I got more than I deserved."
9- "We talk about it now"
10- "Sorry."