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Speechless - S-U-R--SURPRISE - Review: Strengthening the Bonds

10 Mar 2017

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Speechless' 17th outing of the season was another strong outing in an already really strong freshman run. The episode was directed by Michael Weaver and written by Dan Holden centered around Dylan's birthday party and it was a good one.

Maya's breakdown after Dylan refused to participate in the birthday party Maya was throwing for her was hilarious. Maya trying to seduce Jimmy so she would have a new kid to love her unconditionally was just hilarious. Maya DiMeo is a lot of things but a seductress not really. Still, I do appreciate the effort, though. The weird old school music, the seductive body movements and not to mention the voice and facial expression.

But Maya wouldn't be Maya if she didn't do the thing she wanted to do. Despite Dylan's wishes Maya threw the surprise party and it was a blast she brought the ordinary girls, she brought the popular ones, she was even brought the boys for their first mix party. Dylan tried to enjoy it for Maya's sake but when Maya started paying more attention to Elle she started acting out and busted the party. The revelation that Dylan just wanted to spend her B-day was not only truly sweet but it was freaking hilarious, as she called out her whole class and called them boring in the process. Kyla is such a scene stealer and she is just at her best when the writers allow Dylan to be her unapologetic self, just as her mother. The scene at the Teddy bear shop was simply sweet and on point.

My favorite part of the episode was certainly JJ's push for a bit of freedom. I love how they've turned this simple story into a delicate and emotional tale between the brothers. Back in R-A-Y--RAYCATION the two brothers bonded amazingly but the writers found a new way to strengthen their shaky relationship. JJ looming through the streets and just enjoying his independence was a great sequence and I enjoyed how the writers showed the issues disabled people have but how despite all of that he wasn't discouraged and still pushed for his day to be great.
The mall scenes were sweet and JJ protecting his brother, no matter how unbelievable the whole scene was the execution is what set it apart and made me laugh throughout.

Jimmy and Kenneth trying to find a connection to base their relationship on was a great untold story to finally be handled. The two actors didn't share many solo scenes but I truly appreciate the hilarious approach the writers took with their story. Their bickering fight over the barbecuing and the later realization that their common ground was trash talking was simply hilarious and so true to the characters we've met in the previous 16 eps.

Anothe great Speechless episode came to an end and the show still keeps me laughing for a half hour. We have 6 episode left till Speechless wraps its season one run so keep your behinds glued to your seats and enjoy the final stretch. In the meantime, stop by the comment section and reveal what did you like the most about Speechless' latest outing.