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Girls - Gummies - Review: "This is my baby"

19 Mar 2017

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   Girls continued its amazing final season last Sunday with "Gummies", which focused on Hannah’s decision to keep her baby, and she didn’t receive much support from her mother and friend ; Ray and Marnie finally took the right decision and broke it off while Jessa and Adam’s movie on his story with Hannah started to cause problems between them. That was expected.

   So Hannah struggled with the decision to keep or not her baby. Her list of reasons not to have a baby was hilarious, and finally, she decided to keep it. I wasn’t surprise by her decision. Despite of the spoiler pics, it felt right for Hannah to have a baby in the final season. It’ll mark the end of a chapter of her life. She has been this selfish and obsessed young woman, but everything is going to change when that baby arrive. I was happy for Hannah but clearly I was the only one.
   As her mother came to visit, Hannah chose her to be the first person to tell about her pregnancy. But her mother wasn’t in a good place, still depressed because of her divorce, and so high thanks to to gummy marijuana worms she kept on eating. I loved her reaction when Hannah first told her : "Seriously ?". Then, they both went to the laundry machines, and Hannah’s mom expressed all her pain and sadness. Hannah was looking support from her, but actually it was her mother who needed it most.
   After she disappeared into the city, Hannah asked Elijah to help her finding her mom. The chase for Loreen was actually fun, confusing her with a homeless man and then having ice creams. It showed Hannah was responsible, she was really worried for her mother but still she had some fun. And finally they found Loreen in a Chinese restaurant and everything went bad.

   Loreen was super high in the restaurant and she revealed Hannah’s secret to Elijah, who at first denied it and then didn’t accept it. He wasn’t supportive at all of Hannah’s decision, calling it "a bad idea", and as usual in this show, for selfish reasons. From his point of view, a baby will ruin their relationships as roommates, having fun and taking too much drugs. Elijah was very harsh, and unfair. She called Hannah a reckless impulsive woman, which was part true but when he said she was going to be a bad mother, he went too far. I really don’t think Elijah's judgy attitude, always thinking he knows better. Sure, Hannah doesn’t strike at first as the most motherly person, but nobody knows what will happen once she has her baby. As she said, she already thinks the little fetus growing inside her is her baby. I don’t think Hannah will be a terrible mother, I think because of her experiences and her way of thinking, she could raise a wonderful human being.
   Finally, Hannah received some support about her baby from the least expected person : the actress playing her in Jessa and Adam movie. She had the perfect line to reassure Hannah : "kids are easy, being an adult is hard".

   So, Adam and Jessa started to work on their movie about Adam and Hannah’s love story and as expected, things went from bad to worst. The recreation of Hannah and Adam’s relationship was fun to watch, I loved the spanking scene and Mira, who’s playing Hannah was amazing. But of course, watching Adam and Hannah together made Jessa a jealous bitch. She kept on criticizing the actress, the scene and yet she wasn’t read the script at all.
   Clearly, they both have different ideas about their movie. Jessa wants to depict how bad Adam and Hannah were to each other, but Adam wants to focus on their toxic and intense relationship, they love each other but they can’t be together. So now, I’m less confident about their relationship, and I fear Adam is going to fall back for Hannah, after reliving the premises of their story. We’ll see.

   And finally, Ray and Marnie took the best decision ever : they broke it off. Ray was still dealing with the death of his friend, spending time in his apartment, excited about every little things that reminded him of his friends, while Marnie was basically a selfish bitch, again. She was bored and couldn’t care less about Ray’s feelings, and finally he noticed. It was probably the grief that opened his eyes and finally realised Marnie was only concerned about herself and he deserved better. He deserves someone who can care for him and understand, like Soshanna !

   "Gummies" was another installment of Girls final season. Hannah and Ray broke my heart a little in different ways, but their future isn’t dark. Hannah finally had some support about her decision, and I think her father and his partner are going to be thrilled too, I can’t wait to see how Marnie and Jessa are going to react.
   What did you think of Gummies ? Are you happy about Hannah’s decision ? Do you think Ray and Marnie made the right decision ? Hit the comments

Girls notes :

- Where the hell is Sosh ?
- Elijah and Marnie should be best friends, they’re both so selfish they’d be great together.
- So Ray has a lot of money now, what is he going to do with it ?
- Loreen vomiting in the restaurant might be my favorite part of the episode.