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Girls - Full Disclosure - Review

27 Mar 2017

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   Girls continued its final season with "Full Disclosure" two weeks ago (I'm rather late on my review), an episode in which Hannah finally revealed to all the other characters that she is pregnant. Only Sosh and Ray are still in the dark as they didn’t appear.

   "Full Disclosure" began with Marnie and Hannah having lunch together so that Hannah could finally tell her best friend about her pregnancy. I absolutely loved Marnie’s reaction, first she was in total denial and then she was happy and supportive. It felt so good to have her genuinely happy for someone else, I can’t remember when it happened last time. Of course, they had a little disagreement when Hannah informed her she wasn’t planning on telling the future father. I must say I understand Marnie’s point of view, but in the end, it’s still Hannah’s decision. It’s her body, her decision.
   And Hannah had another discussion on that matter with her father and his partner. They were so sweet as a couple, it was really cool to see Hannah’s dad so happy and content with his new life. But his parallel between being in the closet for so many years and hiding to Paul Louis that he was Hannah's baby father was a bit far fetched and it didn’t convince me at all, and neither did Hannah. Overall, it was still a better experience with her dad than her mother.

   Then, Elijah finally apologized to Hannah after his horrible behavior and remarks from last episode. He tempered his comment about Hannah being a terrible mother. Hannah quickly forgave him because she loves him and she wants him in her kid’s future life. I’ve never been a fan of Elijah so I wasn’t particularly happy or touched by that scene. I don’t think he’s a good influence for Hannah, he never helps her growing.
   Anyways, the best pregnancy revelation, for now, was definitely Adam’s. As he started following Hannah, to convince her to watch his movie about their love story, she used her pregnancy to show him how much she has moved on from him and their past relationship. Her reaction was impulsive, but it was so great and the shocking and puzzled face of Adam was a absolute pleasure to watch. After everything he did, he totally deserved it, even if that wasn't very mature.
   But in the end, Hannah decided to watch "Full Disclosure" and she was clearly touched. Damn, my biggest fear might become real. I really don’t want Hannah and Adam to get back together. For me, they were terrible together, and trying to relive the first moments of a relationship is pointless. It won’t ever be the same, they were two strangers when they first met and they fell for each other while discovering and learning about each other. But now, they know who they are, the magic isn’t the same.

   The best pregnancy revelation was definitely at the end, when Jessa came to Hannah’s, after learning from Adam about Hannah’s baby. I was as surprised, as Hannah, to see her and calling her a "dear friend" (that must Jessa's funniest line on the show). They were friends before, or maybe they were never really friends as Hannah pointed out, but clearly they have not been friends for a long time, since she betrayed her (I don't mean like stealing your girlfriend, but more like lying to your best friend). Jessa’s anger was not legitimate at all, as usual she reacted as a spoiled little girl. She felt left out, but it was on purpose. Why would she assume Hannah would tell her in person about her baby ? Maybe she thought Hannah’s distance was just a phase and she would be back to her afterwards, but clearly, Hannah doesn’t her in her life anymore.
   That scene really showed how Hannah has changed while Jessa has been stuck. Hannah grew up and became more mature, she distanced herself from their toxic relationship. Jessa stays the same, she still wants to fight over everything, expecting everything is due to her.

   "Full Disclosure" was another excellent episode of Girls. I loved every different reaction to Hannah's big news. It was fun and entertaining, and it stayed very true to the nature of each character. This season might be my favorite yet, I just miss Sosh so much. I wish they could use her more than Marnie and Desi, because honestly, I don’t really care for them, their musical and drug drama. It’s just pathetic.
   What did you think of "Full Disclosure" ? Which was your favorite pregnancy revelation ? Do you think Marnie and Desi ? Hit the comments !

Gilrs Notes :
- Tad's partner used to be a sperm donor. Interesting...
- Marnie blaming Hannah's reaction on the hormones was expected and yet funny
- Elijah running his colleagues lines so naturally didn't feel much realistic. Or maybe I'm just a bitch 'cause I don't like him.
- Jessa's comment about erasing people from your life made me feel bad. I do that a lot. I still think you can, and it's healthier to erase someone who has been toxic to you.