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APB - Daddy's Home - Review: Rich People's Daddy Issues

And that is a wrap on APB's first half. We officially crossed the half past mark on APB's freshman season and it was the perfect opportunity to introduce Gideon's dad, Jo (played by John Heard). Daddy's Home was directed by Darnell Martin and written by Ingrid Escajeda.

I have to say this was one hilarious episode. The dynamic between Gideon and Joe was so perfect, the push and pulls were so great. The writing and execution were so on point as Justin Kirk and John Heard was a perfect on-screen pairing. Justin was a shining star, him being opposed working with his dad and the mini-tantrums he threw throughout the outing were just hilarious. Also using Teresa as a buffer was a great choice. Joe's introduction really enhanced the whole experience ad brought the show out of its slightly depressing mode and turned it into one hilarious outing.

Overall the whole plot revolved about Joe stealing from Gideon after he promised he would help take out a really bad guy, a crime lord by the name of Leo Battaglia. Gideon and Pete really had to put up their major league A game to track Leo so they could bust him and Joe during the transaction of 500K. I really would love to have a mini-drone as well. Would make my life way easier.

The chase lead Murphy and the team to a Zoo, where Joe and Gideon spent time during Gideon's childhood. Joe is a master manipulator and the way he worked Leo around his finger was just exceptional. Great work from John and the writers who created such an amazing and captivating scene. The good guys got the crime lord but Joe escaped. This whole story served as a great tool to strengthen the bond between Gideon and the others, especially him and Teresa. They are really captivating on screen and I don't see them as a romantic couple but really great friends.

The episode ended with Joe reaching out to Gideon and telling that despite everything he still loves his son. Joe is a complicated and messed up character but that makes him real ad more enjoyable to watch on screen. I hope we've going to see Joe once more before the season ends.

The side story involving Goss and Brandt hunting a car thief was another gem. They are really a great and entertaining pairing and this type of silly stories really work greatly. It was a nice move to play against Brandt's ego and watch the station make fun of him. His alpha male attitude didn't handle it well. It was nice to see The Messengers Joel Courtney back on my screen. He played Luke, a kid with a mental disability and huge love for cars. Luke was stealing cars from people who weren't taking good care of them. Joel put up an impressive and heartwarming performance. Goss recommended Luke for a job at the CPD and delivered a great ending to a surprisingly emotional story.

Did you feel entertained by Daddy's Home? I certainly was. As always feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and be certain to tune in tonight at 9/8 central for a new episode of APB.