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American Crime - Season Three, Episode Three - Advance Preview

American Crime “Season Three, Episode Three” was written by the team of Janine Salinas Schoenberg and Moises Zamora and was directed by Victoria Mahoney, whose other credits include Grey’s Anatomy, Queen Sugar, and The Conversation. The episode starts to reveal more of the shocking truths about what happens to those forced by circumstances to work on the farm. It’s another really powerful episode, and things start to move more quickly. The stories start to converge – not surprisingly on the farm.

Diego (Clayton Cardenas) really is a scumbag. He doesn’t stop at just brutalizing the workers, however, and holds real power over Isaac (Richard Cabral). For his own part, Isaac seems to be fascinated by Coy (Connor Jessup).

Luis (Benito Martinez) is still looking for any clue about Teo (Andrew Steven Hernandez). It’s fantastic to have Martinez back with a juicier role this season, and he really delivers in this episode. Luis does get a lead and then refuses to take no for an answer.

We finally learn Shae’s (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) story, and Mulvoy-Tem gives a terrific performance. The girls get more fire and brimstone than affirmation in the mornings, but counselling is better than chapel.

(Jeanette) Felicity Huffman puts pressure on Carson (Dallas Roberts) to take responsibility and do something. Huffman also delivers a powerful performance. There’s a beautifully shot scene in which Jeanette working in her beautiful, serene garden is contrasted with the workers in their field. When Jeanette doesn’t feel she’s making enough of an impact, she reaches out directly to JD (Tim DeKay).

Kimara (Regina King) gets more bad news and does something surprising for Shae. King also delivers a terrific performance in the episode.

And it wouldn’t be a preview if there weren’t just a few dialogue spoilers…

“The Green Motel”
You know how they were living and how they died.
I don’t know why you do this.
You trust people, man. You can’t do that.
He’s not trouble.
They’re just not here.
Here’s something I could do.
He is the only one who ever gave me anything.
First time you die it’s scary.
What do you do that’s hard?
It’s always been business as usual.
I see a lot of shit on this farm, and I don’t see you dealing with any of it.
The food on your table comes with a price you can’t see.
I don’t want your money.

It’s important to remember that while the show is shining a light on uncomfortable social issues, it’s also very much a character driven vehicle. The heart of this show is the very powerful character studies and performances. Don’t miss the next episode, Sunday, March 26 at 10/9C on ABC!