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7 Word Review - 26 Feb to 04 Mar - Review your shows in 7 words

5 Mar 2017

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26th to 4th March 2017

Always wanted to share your thoughts on the weeks TV? Well here is a fun (and challenging) way to do it. In only 7 words (or less) in the comments below review some of the episodes you have watched this week. You can be creative or straight to the point, but you only have up to 7 words.

Share your reviews in the comments box below. Good luck!

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STV Staff Reviews

THE FLASH - Keeps getting more frustrating.
LEGION -  The weirder it gets, the better.
BIG LITTLE LIES - I wouldn't want to live there.
BLACK SAILS - The Spanish Are Coming!
SUPERGIRL - Great emotional episode.
SUN RECORDS - More people should watch this show.
THE 100 - Why do bad things happen to Raven?
ARROW - Prometheus revealed... but who is Vigilante?

SUPERGIRL - Tears of Joy and Tears of sadness

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Why is Katherine Queen of Hell, Again?
SUPERGIRL - Why Dean Cain, Why?!
SUPERNATURAL - Found myself actually sucked in!

SUPERGIRL - Family reunion gone wrong. Very emotional.
SWITCHED AT BIRTH - Ripped from the headlines. Very important story.
YOU ME HER - How many women does one man need?
CHICAGO FIRE - Horrific situation. Everyone did their best.
CHICAGO PD - RIP Lexi. Determined to get justice.
CHICAGO JUSTICE - Strong start to the series. Great potential.

SUPERGIRL - Worst episode so far
RIVERDALE - Keeps getting better

THE PATH - Can't get any worse than this
HOMELAND - Halfway through the season, still nothing happened
IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA - Keep doing great after 12 years
LEGION - The very definition of mindfu*k episode