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Rosewood - Clavicle Trauma & Closure - Review: “She’s Back!”

23 Feb 2017

Rosewood - Clavicle Trauma & Closure - Review: “She’s Back!”

2.15 - “Clavicle Trauma & Closure”
Directed by Kelli Williams
Written by Melissa Scrivner-Love
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

“Clavicle Trauma & Closure,” starts out at a tech conference. Someone gets a call and quickly leaves the conference. At the after party, the presenter is drinking heavily. He’s received a text that states, “The deal is off,” along with a threat along the lines that the truth would come out.

Rosie is out for a run. He’s thinking about Tawnya, poor guy!

Villa is in bed with the ME. She gets a text about a dead body. He gets his own text, but he won’t tell Villa what it’s about. Uh oh! Secrets never get anyone anywhere!

Rosie and Villa head over to Ray of Light, where they find Raymond Larsen, the same man who was drinking his sorrows away last night after giving the tech presentation. He appears to have hung himself, but I have a feeling something else is going on, how about you?

Turns out it was a murder! Mitchie figured it out thanks to an episode of “Scooby Doo.” Aw, Mitchie!

Rosie freaks out and calls Villa. He leaves her a message saying that they need to talk right away!

WAIT! What is happening? Tawnya is outside the lab! She tells Rosie that they need to talk. What. Is. Going. On. He tells her to get in his car. As he speeds off to the police station, Tawnya says that she didn’t kill Raymond Larsen. Ooh! Now there’s a twist! Why would she even be involved? Did she steal money from him too?

Rosie takes Tawnya to go see Joo Joo. He’s at some type of secret club. Joo Joo has a secret stash of tracking devices. Rosie is having one attached to Tawnya and tells her if she leaves a specific area, doesn’t call him on time, etc., that he’s turning her in to the police.

Raymond had both high levels of alcohol and Ambien in his system. This combination is dangerous and doesn’t make sense. He was most likely passed out when he was killed.

Rosie tells everyone at the lab that he needs to prove that Tawnya is innocent. Why, Rosie? Why? Just turn her in to the police! Pippy is pissed at Rosie. I would be too.

Whoa! Villa finds Dr. Webb and confronts him. She found out that he requested a resignation form. What the heck? How did things change so quickly? Rosie interrupts, leaving Dr. Webb the change to make a break for it. Why does he want to leave? What about Villa? My head is spinning!

Turns out Raymond is a billionaire who invented a device that is able to monitor blood sugar non-invasively. Thanks to Tawnya, most likely, a large portion of his money is missing. Rosie already knows that, which surprises Villa. Rosie admits to Villa that Tawnya is back. Her face says it all!

Donna Rosewood heads to the lab. She knows something is up. It only takes a few seconds before she admits that Tawnya is involved. Donna is furious!

Joo Joo drops Tawnya off at Rosie’s house. If I were Rosie, I wouldn’t even be able to look at Tawnya. He’s strong, on the inside and outside! He gets a text from Villa and needs to head out. Tawnya is shocked. She can’t believe Rosie is going to leave her in his house alone. He quips, “There’s nothing to take. You already took it all!”

Rosie and Villa head over to talk to Raymond’s business partners and friends. He was already devastated because “Teresa” a.k.a. Tawnya left him and took his money. Then he could out the night of his presentation that his investors backed out. His business partners say the investors got cold feet and backed out. They share that stuff like this happens all of the time.

Rosie finds evidence of a suicide note. He and Villa rush back to the lab. OH SNAP! Mrs. Rosewood is there and she’s not playing! She sent the body away and said they are not taking the case. It has been transferred to Dr. Webb at the police station.

Dr. Webb and Rosie find out that Raymond was already dead before his body was hoisted up into the air to look like he hung himself.

Rosie heads over to Pippy’s apartment. Ooh! I hope TMI is there! YES! TMI is there and is looking super hot! TMI reports that the preliminary DNA results show that Raymond was with three women the night he died. TMI promises to update Rosie as soon as she hears something back. In the meantime, she’ll be mortified that Rosie saw her in lingerie at Pippy’s apartment.

Villa gets to work interviewing the three women who Raymond slept with the night he was killed. One of them identifies Tawnya as being there the night of the party. She says that Tawnya came to see Raymond and that he was not very happy to see her. I do not like Tawnya, not one bit!

Tawnya admits to Rosie that Raymond told her he needed her money back and that it was a matter of life and death. She admits that she allowed Raymond to find her because she loved him. WHAT? Ugh! Poor, poor, poor, Rosie! She says that he was, “worth changing for.”

Tawnya says she already spend Rosie’s money, but if he clears her name that she’ll find a way to get Rosie’s money back. Rosie has had enough. Villa meets them on the beach and arrests Tawnya. I bet Villa couldn’t wait to slap the cuffs on Tawnya!

Villa thinks that Tawnya might have brought Raymond the money back the night of his death, then killed him, and took the money back. Rosie isn’t so sure.

They find cause of death. Manual strangulation. Raymond was super wasted the night he died, which means that Tawnya totally could be the murderer.

Tawnya is in a cell and hears footsteps. She assumes it’s Rosie. WRONG! It’s Donna Rosewood and I hope she’s coming to call Tawnya out on all of her crap!

Donna asks Tawnya where Rosie’s money is and she tells Tawnya that she is going to, “dedicate her life to making,” Tawnya’s life miserable until she gives the money back. Go, Momma Bear Rosewood!

Ah, Villa tells Rosie that Dr. Webb’s mother has Alzheimer’s and that it is progressing quickly. Per Villa, “She needs 24/7 care, but she didn’t get into the assisted living care facility (that she wanted to get into),” so Adrian is going to quit his job and become her full-time caretaker.

Ooh! Rosie figured it out with the help of Dr. Webb! One of Raymond’s business partners and friend, Ivan Keller, has a sick family member and he needed money to take care of her. He stole the 100k that Tawnya returned to Raymond and is heading up to Wisconsin to pay for her medical bills.

Keller pulls a knife on Rosie, but no worries! Villa has Rosie’s back and pulls her gun on him. She finds the cash and arrests Keller.

OH! Wow! Due to Raymond’s faulty technology, Keller’s Grandmother wasn’t going to recover. There’s a motive for murder!

Keller admits to killing Raymond.

Things seem to be wrapped up a little bit too neatly.

Dr. Webb thinks there is more evidence to collect and that there might be more to find.

The team is back at the lab and are trying to figure out who Keller was working with the night of Raymond’s murder. Could it be Tawnya?

Ah, Keller’s partner is actually his sister, Sarah. Can’t say that I’m happy about it, but I didn’t see it coming.

Adrian invites Villa to meet his mother. That’s a big step. Villa has good news for Adrian! She and Rosie pulled some strings and got Adrian’s mother into the special assisted living facility. Aw! That’s sweet!

Eek, Rosie goes to visit Tawnya. He says he came to, “say goodbye, not to forgive,” her. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to hurt someone else just to pay him back. Rosie walks away and leaves her in the slammer. Go, Rosie, Go!

My Thoughts:

Another great episode! I really like Adrian Webb. He adds a good balance to the cast. I missed Hornstock and Slade in this episode though!

Tawnya coming back was unexpected, but brilliantly handled. Also, the music in the last scene was on point!

Best part? Pippy and TMI are back together (ish)! WOO HOO! They are an adorable couple!

Let me know what you thought of this episode with a comment below!

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