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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


Quote of the Week - January 9th, 2017

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

American Housewife - 
1. Katie: "Are these floors heated?" Viv: "Of course. They’re floors."
2. Viv: "You can’t me?" Katie: "To be fair…I’ve been pretty clear about that." (Jennise Hall)

Black-ish - 
1. Pops: "When Dr. King was giving the speech he was fired up. There was a famous singer named Mahalia Jackson sitting right there with Dr. King. She screamed 'Tell about your dream Martin. Tell him about your dream!' [...] Mahalia had heard Dr. King speak in church a few nights before. She heard the speech-- the part about the dream. When Martin heard her screaming he knew immediately what she meant. That people needed to hear that we should be fighting but they also needed to hear what we were fighting for. The dream. Martin knew that. You need to know that. And you especially need to know it with where we are now." (Jennise Hall)
2. Dre: "Do I understand what anybody in their right mind could've seen in Trump? No! But maybe that's why we lost. Over 50 million people felt something. And I'm not saying that they were right, but I don't think it's possible that all, half or even most of them were nuts or racists or hated women." Daphne: "So then what were they thinking?" Dre: "Daphne, I don't know. But I do feel it's time that we stop calling each other names and we start trying to have those conversations. If we don't, we'll end up being in a country that's even more divided for a long time." (Kristie Bihn, Jennise Hall)

The Blacklist - 
1. Sakiya: "We're meeting Iniko." Reddington: "Iniko just met his maker." Sakiya: "You done did him?" Reddington: "I did done... do." ('This is far funnier than it should have been. Spader's confused yet confident delivery was so great.' - Bradley Adams)

The Librarians - 
1. Stone: "I Don't Like Vampires." [stares at hand] (Kollin Lore)

Sherlock - 
1. Watson: "When Sherlock Holmes wants to get in touch, it's not something you can fail to notice." (Lauan Arturi, Justyna Kubica)
2. "Faith": "You're my last hope." Sherlock: "Really? That's bad luck, isn't it? Good night. Go away."
3. Mrs. Hudson: "Oh, for God's sake. I'm the widow of a drug dealer, I own property in central london, and for the last bloody time, John, I'm not your housekeeper." (Luana Arturi)
4. John: "Why does everything have to be understandable? Why can't some things be unacceptable, and we just say that?" (Justyna Kubica)
5. Sherlock: “It's not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling from time to time that we might all just be human." John: "Even you?" Sherlock: "No. Even you." (Justyna Kubica, Jennise Hall, Kollin Lore)

Teen Wolf - 
1. Malia:  “Think it’s working?” Melissa: “Should be. It looks painful enough.” (Jennise Hall)