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Quantico - ODENVY (Midseason Finale) - Review

10 Dec 2016

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I had very high expectations for this episode because it’s a midseason finale but I was left a little disappointed. I haven’t been enjoying this season as much as season one and I think it’s because of the pace. This whole season so far has taken place over the course of a couple days and everything in the present timeline just seems to be dragging. I was really hoping for a lot more excitement from this episode but even the training at the Farm was simply coming up with a cover story. It wasn’t the most thrilling exercise to watch. I really love this show and I just wish they would get a bit more creative sometimes.

When we last saw Ryan, he had been recruited by the mysterious AIC. It gets more complicated though because he hasn’t told Alex, and even worse, she’s being pulled from the mission. However, she decides to go against Miranda’s and the FBI’s wishes and stay at the Farm to continue investigating the AIC on her own. Meanwhile, while Alex is becoming more distant from the mission, Shelby is making progress with Leon. She’s trying to get him to open up to her and she’s manipulating him successfully. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Obviously, one reason is I don’t like seeing her with someone who isn’t Caleb, but also I feel kind of bad for Leon. We still haven't really had a chance to figure him out but something tells me he’s not a bad person. I feel bad that he’s possibly developing feelings for something that’s fake. Even though we know now that Ryan, Dayana, and Leon have been recruited to the AIC, I’m not giving up on them. I am, however, starting to question Harry’s intentions. It turns out that his story about being on an exchange program is just a cover and he’s really there for a different reason. We still don’t know exactly what that is, but it seems pretty suspicious.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Sebastian, Harry, Dayana, and Alex have teamed up to take down the terrorists. They determine that the only way to destroy the bioweapon is to heat up whatever bacteria or virus is inside so that it will die. Their mission does not go as planned when they lose their original blowtorch and end up having to separate. In the end, they’re unsuccessful in destroying the weapon, but they do find out that its purpose is to kill everyone inside the building and not outside. In this episode, we also finally get to see a scene between Raina and Nimah after all the mystery of Nimah seeming to be one of the terrorists. Nimah is interrogating Raina and in response, Raina says some pretty hurtful things. At first, it seems like Nimah doesn’t care and maybe has really changed but then after she leaves the interrogation room we discover that she was actually just pretending to be a terrorist to see if Raina was one of them. Nimah breaks down crying over what her sister said to her and it’s actually a very heartbreaking moment. I’ve missed seeing scenes with the twins together so hopefully there will be more in the second half of the season. Of course, the biggest moment of the episode was at the very end when a group of terrorists finds Alex and we see that one of them is Ryan. I’m really not surprised at all, they’ve been hinting about this for a while and when they say it’s going to be the biggest betrayal ever, you can’t really get any bigger than that on this show.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by this episode. It was pretty predictable and didn’t really give us a ton of new information. I feel like every week we don’t make any progress at all and things are just moving a bit too slowly. Hopefully, the second half of the season will pick up the pace.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!