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Blue Bloods - Mob Rules - Review

17 Oct 2016

This week's episode of Blue Bloods had a clear message: doing the right thing isn't always easy. Jamie, Frank and Danny all worked with cases that were controversial, and they all had to decide how to handle the situation. I'm going to be honest: this week's episode wasn't my favorite, and I was somewhat disappointed with most of the Reagans.

The biggest story this week (or what was advertised as the biggest story) was Lt. Sid Gormley being attacked right in front of his house. I hated watching this. All Sid wanted was for the group to be quiet; it was his property after all. After taking a beating for being a cop, Sid ends up in the hospital. He doesn't remember much and that's probably a good thing. Anthony meets with Frank at the hospital and tells him the attack happened close to where he grew up. He wants to help find who did this. At first Anthony has no luck as his aunt is still mad at him for getting his cousin arrested. She wants no part of this. But then Anthony and Erin arrest Vlad and get him to turn on his friends in exchange for the police going easy on him. At the end of the episode Sid is released from the hospital, and it looks like he will make a full recovery.

"Doctors found signs of minimal brain activity. I said that was normal and said send me home." - Sid

While I'm glad that Sid is okay, I found this story somewhat anti-climatic. I was expecting it to take up most of the episode, and it was just a side story. I thought it would be harder to get Vlad or his friends to talk about what happened. I thought Frank would be more involved as well.

Danny's story this week began at the very beginning of the episode. Frank is at the commissioner's meeting trying to discuss violence, but it's not going well. We hear gunshots, and Danny and Baez investigate the shooting. The two detectives interrogate Fausto, and we learn that he was shot and left paralyzed by Eduardo. Danny tries to get Fausto to cooperate by bringing him dinner and watching a soccer game with him. But this fails and Fausto tells Baez and Danny that he won't turn on Eduardo. This was all just a scheme to get out in the open as Fausto shoots and instantly kills Eduardo. I was shocked that this happened. Eduardo was an awful person, but Fausto didn't have to murder him.

Danny was also shocked, and he and Baez had to arrest Fausto. I think I liked Danny the most this week which is different than how I usually feel. I feel like he at least tried to help, and he really did care about the people in this episode. Eating dinner with Fausto went above and beyond his duty, and I appreciated that.

Jamie had a larger role than usual in "Mob Rules". While on patrol he and Eddie witness a cab driver almost get run over by a large black vehicle which happens to be Homeland Security. Homeland Security and a Lieutenant threaten him and then order Jamie and Eddie to arrest him. They both argue and try to help since this man didn't do anything wrong, but the Lt. says this is their responsibility. Jamie and Eddie learn that he is man Abdel Salem, an Alien from Syria. Abdel is afraid that he'll be deported and sent back to Syria. Jamie tells Abdel he'll will have his day in court but there's nothing he can do. Jamie is later approached by Abdel's attorney wanting him to state that he was unfairly treated. Jamie tell her he can't say anything until the trial.

Jamie goes to Frank for advice, but Frank is less than helpful. He says that this can't be his problem, and it can't be Jamie's either. Frank says Jamie did his job and there's nothing else he can do. You can tell Jamie is upset after this conversation. At the family dinner the Reagans fight over as well as Jack not going forward after witnessing a girl getting beaten up at school. I think I was irritated the most after this dinner because I felt like Jack was a cowherd for not helping that girl, and Frank couldn't help Jamie. I know Frank had his reasons, but he still bothered me.

At the end of the episode, Jamie informs his dad that Abdel was released from Ryker's since the Lt. didn't think this case was worth taking to trial. Frank tells Jamie that was he was worried about him when he first became a cop. It sounded to me like Frank thinks his son wants to do too much good, and as a cop, that sometimes just isn't possible. This conversation was confusing because I don't know where it's leading. Will Jamie still want to be a beat cop even though his hands are tied? Like I said earlier, I didn't really like this story. I do understand that Jamie's hands were tied, and he had to follow the law and his superior officers, but I just wish he had stood up to them and tried a little harder.

Although I didn't really enjoy this episode, I do want to know what you all thought of "Mob Rules". Did you all like it more than I did? Let me know in the comments!

About the Author - Jessica VanWinkle
Jessica VanWinkle is an avid television fan and been a member of the SpoilerTV team since 2016. Her favorite shows include Chicago Fire, Grey's Anatomy, The Middle, The Goldbergs, iZombie, and many more. Jessica is a native Kentuckian and while not watching television you can find her cheering for her beloved Kentucky Wildcats. She also enjoys watching football (the American version), reading, and spending time with her cat, Oliver. Jessica is a graduate from Western Kentucky University where she majored in Public Relations and minored in Sociology.
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