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Suits - Episode 6.10 - P.S.L. - Promotional Photos, Promo, Synopsis & Interviews

9 Sept 2016

Promotional Photos

Promo & Synopsis

Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey; Harvey and Louis try to keep clients from abandoning ship by wooing their oldest client.

Post Mortem Interviews

Could you see yourself playing Mike Ross beyond season seven or does the seven-year itch set in?

The itch is alive and well, it’s normal to have that. I don’t think for actors it’s a totally normal thing to play a character this long. I love this show, I love the character and I would love to see what would happen. But everything to me is dependent on the story and Aaron figuring out where we think this could go and what it would look like and how the characters would continue to change. I’m never interested in just playing the same thing every time and the show has done a nice job of progressing. Mike Ross has matured and changed over the years; he’s a very different person than he was when we started. But I would have to see an avenue in which he was going to continue that growth. I also never want to overstay a welcome, I don’t want to fade out and have people stop watching before it ends. I believe in picking a strong ending. But it would all be about Aaron — he’s the guy I would take my cues from. We’re all living in his head. If he felt passionately about a direction for the show it could definitely be a discussion.

Since Mike’s big jail exit goes down now, what can viewers expect in next week’s finale?

This episode was really a wrap up for Mike and the last episode is about him reintegrating into the world. It’s a nice focus on the case that Jessica (Gina Torres) and Rachel are working on together. That comes to a head and the stakes are pretty high with a life on the line. Mike gets out of prison and he’s just so excited to finally be able to support Rachel in her first case. It’s really about that; a reversal where he gets to be the one sitting in the courtroom watching her and helping her as he quietly readjusts to his life. It’s a great episode though; in typical Suits fashion the world will be inexorably changed by the episode’s end.

Do you have a sense of what the timeline is for their marriage? Originally, they thought he would be inside for three years, which would give her time to finish law school and pass the bar without his problems hanging over her career.

Yeah, I don’t know, but I do know that they are talking about it and I know that it’s something that’s important to (creator/showrunner) Aaron [Korsh]. We were supposed to get married in that episode and we decided a day before we shot the wedding to do what we did and have Mike stop the wedding. That was decided completely on the fly. Aaron sort of checked in with all of us and asked what we thought would be better, and we all agreed it sounded more interesting to have him walk away from it and keep it for another time instead of rushing it. I know that it’s very, very important to him to figure out a way for these characters to move forward one way or another, so I can almost guarantee that in the back six episodes that will be dealt with in one way or another. But, I don’t know how and I’m excited as anyone else to find out.