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Scene Of The Week - September 11, 2016 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

CHESAPEAKE SHORES, "We're Not Losing a Son...", September 4, 2016, Actors: Treat Williams and more, The Scene: The call comes in that Kevin and his unit are missing
Aimee Hicks:
This was heartbreaking to have the family go from a moment of enjoyment to complete and utter fear. Someone they love, their flesh and blood, was missing in a hostile land. That feeling of helplessness befalls far too many American families of our brave men and women in uniform. The switch from how this scene started, as a beautiful family dinner, to the stark news about Kevin was abrupt and tense. Treat Williams perfectly guided the scene as Mick took the call and had to break the news to his family. They all knew something was going on, but you could see how hard it was for Mick to convey the news. The entire cast perfectly captured the horrifying reality of this situation. Every member of the O’Brien clan at that table had an instant look of terror consume their faces. Kevin’s fate is still unknown, but whatever happens, it’s obvious that the O’Brien family will be sticking it out together. What made this scene stand out amongst all the other phenomenal scenes was the raw reality of this moment. This happens in American homes all the time and I applaud the show for giving a voice to those families. Their sacrifice can’t be forgotten any more than the sacrifice of those who wear the uniform.

DARK MATTER, "Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chance", September 9, 2016, Actors: Anthony Lemke, Jodelle Ferland, The Scene: Three convinces Five to leave him behind
Aimee Hicks:
Three says mean things to try and get Five to leave him behind. This was perhaps the most poignant scene of Dark Matter all season. Its basis was in raw humanity and sacrifice making it tug at the heartstrings of viewers. Anthony Lemke and Jodelle Ferland delivered intense performances as their characters fought for survival and fought to save each other. Three risked a lot to go after Five and he did so without regret. He was responsible for her on that trip and he couldn’t lose her. Not just because of his responsibility, but because he secretly considers her a friend. He took a bullet in order to save her and despite his injury, he knew they weren’t out of danger yet. Once they were in the woods he knew that he wasn’t going to make it. At that moment he has to accept his fate, but he refused to accept Five succumbing to the same fate. When she refused to leave him he felt his only choice was to break her heart. In his mind, he believed that if he broke her heart she’d be less burdened by his ultimate fate, and he was hoping that if he made her hate him enough she’d just leave him. More than anything he just wanted to make sure she was safe. His eyes said that he hated saying what he was saying, he didn’t mean any of it, but he was doing what he had to in order to protect someone he cares about. Luckily, Five is smart and she saw through his act. The most touching moment was when Three gave up the act and gently reached out to touch her hand as he begged her to go. The contrast of his big bloody hand over her small clean hand was powerful. While she was ultimately convinced to leave him behind she didn’t abandon him. She ran off and formulated a plan to get him help. This scene was raw and full of intense emotion. That makes this my favorite scene of the two-hour event from this week. There were a lot of phenomenal scenes, but that scene definitely stood out because of phenomenal acting by Ferland and Lemke. Bravo to both of them for their incredible performances.

MISTRESSES, "The Show Must Go On", September 6, 2016, Actors: Jes Macallan, Brett Tucker
The Scene: Joss and Harry get married
Klutzy girl:
Joss and Harry get married on the beach. The beach has played an important part in their relationship so it was absolutely perfect. Their vows were also sweet.

MR. ROBOT, "eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx", September 7, 2016, Actors: Michael Cristofer, Bruce Altman, The Scene: Phillip Price explains to Terry Colby why he is who he is
Kollin Lore:
Cristofer continues to steal every scene he is in as the CEO of E-corp, Phillip Price. In this scene he delivers a monologue about his utmost desire to be the most powerful man in every room he steps in and how that is what motivates him everyday. This monologue was delivered in such a spine chillingly, sinister way, and the camera work, starting as a long shot before slowly zooming in on him, made this scene that much more memorable. Cristofer has inhibited a character that really does command your attention and he has definitely become someone that you can't help but fear.

POLDARK, "Episode 1", September 4, 2016, Actors: Heida Reed, Kyle Soller, The Scene: Francis says goodbye to Elizabeth
Justyna K:
I'm really glad I caught up with the show as it's such an interesting story and the cast & crew are doing an excellent work with both characters and their world. It was a great premiere and I couldn't quite decide on one scene to highlight. However, Francis made the most surprising impression on me in the hour and his sad goodbye to Elizabeth left a memorable impact. It's no surprise that Francis hasn't been the show's best character, all his decisions and the people he's hurt are not something to be easily forgotten. It seems though that he finally hit the bottom and before the last scene of the episode, he was trying his best just to do the right thing, to reach out to Ross and make a difference. Francis and Elizabeth are not in a good place, they haven't been since forever I'd say, but in this quiet and emotional moment there's an unexpected connection between them. After all their fights, Francis admits what he truly thinks about Ross and how impossible it seems to see a world without him. He also wonders "what if" and says farewell to his wife. Elizabeth notices the difference in his behavior and goes after him, worried and wanting to stop him but can't find the words to change his mind... The scene is beautifully acted by both actors and set with the touching music in the background which makes it my choice for SOTW. Kudos!

RIZZOLI AND ISLES, "Ocean-Frank", September 5, 2016, Actors: Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander
The Scene: Jane decides to go to Paris with Maura
Klutzy girl:
Jane surprises Maura by deciding to go to Paris with her. It's fitting that the show ended this way and I'm so happy it did.
Donna Chidley: You couldn't have wished for a more fitting ending to the series.

SUITS, "The Hand That Feeds You", September 7, 2016, Actors: Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Neal McDonough and more, The Scenes: Mike gets out of jail & Sean does an impression of Harvey to Mike
Justyna K:
Recently I found myself re-watching some old episodes of the show. Which put this scene in an even more meaningful light. If you take a closer look at the show, it spent years building up to this storyline - Mike's fraud being revealed and him ending up in jail. I have to say, this season has been quite rocky for me, but I'm glad to see Mike getting free. After everything, it felt like a good time to start fresh. And now it seems, Mike gets a second chance to make things right and I can't wait to see what choice he will make and in which direction the show will go. Very much excited for the changes. And it was a very emotional, genuinely happy moment for all involved. Well done by all the actors and beautifully shot. Kudos!
Laura Markus: Sean does an impression of Harvey to Mike. I don't really know why this was my favourite scene of the week, other than it being amazingly funny in an episode I really didn't like. Good job, Neal McDonough. I laughed a lot.

THE LAST SHIP, "Resistance", September 4, 2016, Actors: Eric Dane, Bridget Regan and more, The Scene: The crew learns about the US being dissolved and gets new orders
Aimee Hicks:
The crew learns about the US being dissolved and receives orders to turn over Chandler. The crew of the Nathan James has been through a lot together, but they have always remained loyal to their commander and their country. To realize that their country had fallen apart in their time away and that their commander was a wanted man was hard to accept. This scene stood out because it showed Chandler at his very best, standing up for his beliefs and rallying his team to launch an extremely risky mission in the name of freedom and liberty. He still believes in the strength of the US, but more importantly, he believes in his crew. While invading the country with a single ship seemed an impossible mission he was ready to give it a try in the name of the country he loves. I love that Sasha and Chandler explained it together with Sasha filling in how it happened and Chandler explaining how they were going to undo it. They always seem to be on the same page in these types of situations. Despite the entire episode being filled with many powerful moments, this one really stood out because it was a grand display of their resolve. Eric Dane and Bridget Regan perfectly volleyed the scene back and forth and the entire cast that was present in the scene were right on point. The team knows the odds aren’t in their favor, but they were ready to fight. It was a lovely scene that showed off all the things that make the crew of the Nathan James a well-oiled machine.

YOU'RE THE WORST, "Fix Me, Dummy", September 7, 2016, Actors: Aya Cash, Chris Geere, The Scene: Gretchen finally opens the mail
Luana Arturi:
Aya Cash did an amazing job on this scene. You can just see in her face she has no idea how to handle the information and, given how fragile she's been lately, you feel for her since she'll have to do one of the hardest things ever.
Ki Arnould: She gets really sad news, on the brink of coming out of a depressive funk, and he's buoyant with good news about his career. It was the last scene of this week's episode and we're left wondering if she'll do the mature, painful thing and tell him...or bottle it up, which she has a tendency to do.

ZOO, "Clementine", September 6, 2016, Actors: Billy Burke, Nonso Anozie, The Scene: Mitch sacrifices himself
Kollin Lore:
Mitch was a character that made us laugh and cheer throughout the series, as the heart, soul, and humor of the team, but here he also made viewers cry. Watching him sacrifice himself was heartbreaking and Billy Burke did an excellent job in conveying that raw emotion in his farewell to the team through Abraham.
Klutzy girl: Mitch sacrifices himself so his daughter can get the cure she needs. His goodbye to Abe and plea for him to leave hurt badly. Billy Burke was absolutely amazing during this scene.

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