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Quantico - Season 2 Premiere - Advance Preview

24 Sept 2016

Last we left Quantico, Alex was offered a job at the CIA by Director Matthews Keyes, after she was let go from the FBI for being "too recognizable". Season 2 of Quantico picks up right from that moment as Alex accepts the job offer.

Six months after being recruited by Director Keyes, Alex's new job at the CIA is not as glamorous as she thought. She is stuck behind a desk in a cubicle. However later that day, she gets a call telling her that she has been chose to test for training at the National Clandestine Services. She's invited to The Farm, which is CIA's only training facility, along with a bunch of other people from all walks of life. Here they will be trained to become a CIA case officer. But before they can do that, that have a take a series of tests which will determine if they are even fit to become a case officer.

In the future timeline, the world leaders are gathered for a summit. Alex, who happens to be there, notices something suspicious, and soon her suspicions turns out to be true when the entire room full of world leaders and other people are held hostage by an armed militia group called the Citizen's Liberation Front. They announce that if their demands are not met, they will start executing people.

The two timelines, which are a year apart, are very similar to last season. The past timeline has Alex training at The Farm, while in the future a hostage crisis is taking place. However something going on in both timelines is very different than we saw last season.

Here are a few teasers from the episode.

- Alex and Ryan are put in a situation where they may have to lie to each other, which complicates their blooming relationship.
- We do get to know what's going on with some of the character from the previous season who are not in the premiere (maybe we will get to see them in future episodes, who knows).
- The show has a new title card.
- Alex gets deceived by someone.
- The ending of the episode will leave you shocked.

Quantico returns this SUnday on 10/9c on ABC.