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Blindspot - Season 2 Premiere - Advance Preview: "Answers and More Questions"

14 Sept 2016

When we last left Blindspot, Weller found out the truth that Jane is not Taylor Shaw and arrested her.

The season premiere, titled "In Night So Ransomed Rogue", picks up three months later. Jane is being held captive at a CIA black site for she is daily tortured for information. After bidding her time, Jane finds an opportunity and escapes the black site.

Meanwhile, the FBI team, who has been catching "normal" criminals for the last three months, is intercepted by Nas Kamal, the head of a secret division of the NSA. She tells them that she has been tracking the organization Jane is from, which she has codenamed "Sandstorm", for years. After suffering setbacks over the years she thinks Jane is her way of infiltrating Sandstorm and asks the team to bring her in.

As expected, there is not a lot of trust going around in the episode. Jane thinks that Weller, who arrested her, allowed the CIA to take her and her feelings toward him are apparent when they first meet. Also, the team is not able to trust Jane right away as her lies and betrayal lead to Mayfair being killed. However, they do decide to go ahead with their plan to send Jane into Sandstorm to eventually bring them down.

Now let's take about the new characters being introduced in this. As I said earlier Nas Kamal, played by Archie Panjabi, is the head of a secret division of the NSA. She immediately starts off on the wrong foot with Weller, who has replaced Mayfair as Assistant Director of the FBI NY Division, especially when she does something that puts Jane's life at risk. However, she does become helpful to the team in something they have been trying to figure out for the last three months because of her resources at the NSA.

Luke Mitchell and Michelle Hurd also join the cast. Mitchell plays Roman, while Hurd plays a character whose name has not been revealed yet. Both are connected to Jane's past and are members of Sandstorm. Roman, who was mentioned in the season 1 finale, is an operative of Sandstorm who is quite ruthless but appears to have a soft spot for Jane. By the end of the episode, Jane (as well us as the viewers) finds out who these two new characters are to her.

The premiere is mainly a set up for the new season. It gives us answers to plenty of questions that have build up over the last season, like who Jane really is, how did she get into Sandstorm, all the while creating new questions and riddles, which will probably carry throughout the whole season. One of these "riddles" will probably leave you shocked and wondering.

Blindspot returns to NBC on September 14th.