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Supergirl - Season 2 - EP Teases Mon-El, Cat Grant, Miss Martian & More

25 Aug 2016

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Please click the link for the full interview, there is some great information in this Collider article.

With all of the great things that come with getting to continue the show on The CW, one of the things you lost was the ability to have Calista Flockhart on as a regular cast member. How often can we expect to see her?

KREISBERG: Well, she’s in the first two episodes and we’re talking to her about doing more. It’s funny because, from our perspective, we thought she wouldn’t do any. And it’s not because she doesn’t love the show. She’s such a huge fan of the show, but moving to Vancouver, we assumed that we would part as friends.

What’s in store for J’onn J’onzz?

KREISBERG: Part of the reason we’re bringing on Miss Martian is to give J’onn his own story this year and his own emotional ride, meeting her and having this tie to his home world that he thought he would never have again. As he has to keep reminding people, he’s been here for 300 years and isolated for most of it. Last year, with his relationship with Alex and his relationship with Kara, he started to come out of his shell a little bit and wasn’t quite so afraid to show who he really was. So, in getting to interact with M’gann, he’s going to have a whole new person with which to share his martian experience. We think it’s going to be a great story.

In Season 1, it seemed that Winn was having the most trouble finding himself. Will he be more secure in that, in Season 2?

KREISBERG: Yeah. One of the things we’re doing this season is that Winn is going to join the DEO. That’s going to allow him to be who he really is, which is the smart, creative one and the thinker. And watching Winn interact with J’onn and Alex, who are military people that are straight-laced and they’re used to doing things a certain way, while he has his comical moments and pop culture references, there’s already this great Mutt and Jeff routine. It just allows Winn to be more a part of the story. That’s one of the changes we made. That’s one of the things we learned from last season.

You’re also going to be delving deeper into Project Cadmus and the search for Jeremiah. What will be happening there?

KREISBERG: Cadmus rears its head, pretty thoroughly in the opening episodes. Fighting Cadmus makes up a big part of the first half of the season.