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Star Trek: Discovery - To Have a Female Lead

11 Aug 2016

I hear the show, from Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, will have a female lead and she likely will be non-white.

Still, Star Trek Discovery will possibly boldly go where no other Star Trek installment has gone before — with a woman of color as the lead. I hear virtually all women seen for the part so far — and there have been a lot of them as the casting process has kicked into high gear — have been African American or Hispanic.

No one has been cast yet, so it is possible that the role could ultimately go to a Caucasian actress but the intention is to go diverse.

As for what that lead role is, there had been speculation that it is the captain but I hear that likely is not the case.

The Star Trek franchise is known for its inclusiveness, and I hear the new series will try to continue that tradition. There is speculation that there will be a an openly gay character on the show. (Of course, there also is expected to be a Klingon).

CBS All Access' upcoming Star Trek: Discovery will be putting a new spin on its Captain Kirk character.

The Bryan Fuller-led series will be captained by a woman, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter, with the role potentially also being diverse. A formal announcement on that and additional details about the series are expected to be revealed Wednesday at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. It's unclear if the central character will actually be a captain, though that would certainly make the most sense. (We'll update this story with more details from Fuller as they become available.)

While details about the cast are still yet to be determined, the news that its human captain would be a woman comes as little surprise. Showrunner Fuller — who is openly gay — recently moderated a 50th anniversary Star Trek panel at Comic-Con where he used the platform to stress that the franchise could serve as an antidote to the current political upheaval.

"Think about what’s happening in America, and think about the promise of Star Trek, and what we can all do to get there," he told the crowd before ending the panel by asking all the fans in attendance to take each other’s hands and “make a promise to leave this room with love, to leave this room with hope, to leave this room and take responsibility to craft a path to Gene Roddenberry’s vision."