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Power - Episode 3.06 - The Right Direction - Promo & Interview

DEADLINE: Let’s just get right to it, why did Holly have to die in this episode?

KEMP: Well’s there’s a couple of reasons like that the whole front of Season 3 is actually not so much about Tommy picking Holly over Ghost, as Tommy reacting to Ghost rejecting him. Then there’s basic thing that the Holly, Ghost, Tommy thing was a love triangle, and it had to play out along the lines of a love triangle, which is that you can’t as Holly said to Tommy last season, “you can’t have me and Ghost.” So, we’ve already stated it, so when Tommy’s like “I’ve got to warn Ghost about the hit by the Jamaicans” that Holly’s put out on him and when he won’t pull the trigger himself to kill Ghost as Lobos is demanding, it’s inevitable what happened to Holly tonight.

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