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Jane the Virgin - Season 3 - Eva Longoria to Direct Only *Updated*

26 Aug 2016

UPDATE: Sadly, it seems like Eva Longoria will only be directing on Jane the Virgin and not guest starring. I'll update if this changes.

The Desperate Housewives alum confirmed she will direct episode #303, “Chapter Forty-Seven,” of the CW dramedy with a tweet (below) on Thursday that reads, “Ohhhhh can’t wait! Jane The Virgin get ready!” and a photo of a script cover to accompany.

Longoria has no plans to appear in a guest role, according to a rep for The CW. (But wouldn’t it be great if she popped in as one of Rogelio’s celebrity friends, or perhaps better yet, foes? Yes, and yes.)

Thanks to Darkness for the heads up.

Eva Longoria will be directing an episode of Jane the Virgin (revealed in a Snapchat from Gina Rodriguez). TV Guide Magazine & TVLine is also reporting that she's guest starring. Who else is excited! Comment below.

Guess who is checking into the Marbella Hotel this Season? #JaneTheVirgin

A photo posted by Jaime Camil (@jaimecamil) on

Eva hinted at a secret project yesterday, which may be this Jane the Virgin news.

Jane the Virgin‘s Marbella Hotel will welcome a very famous guest in Season 3: Eva Longoria.

Star Jaime Camil announced the news of the Desperate Housewives actress’ visit to the CW dramedy via Instagram.

Former Telenovela actress Eva Longoria will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Jane the Virgin's third season (Monday, Oct. 17 at 9/8c). The totally awesome news -- which we're sure has Rogelio freaking out -- was announced Wednesday, when star Jaime Camil posted a photo to Instagram.

Though there's currently no news regarding Longoria's storyline and how she fits into the dramatic world of Jane, it's possible that, like Britney Spears, Charo and Paulina Rubio before her, she could be playing herself.