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The SpoilerTV 2016 Episode Competition - Winner and Final Words

Hey all,

Well, that's it for another year. The SpoilerTV Favourite Episode Competition has come to a close once again, which means that it's time to crown our winner. Going into the final battle, we knew that Person of Interest was to emerge victorious for a second year in succession, but which of its episodes would triumph? Well, as many of you will have seen on the final's post, it was "6,741" that took the win over the show's 100th episode, "The Day The World Went Away".

In the third place play-off, Lucifer's "Take Me Back to Hell" beat Outlander's "Untimely Resurrection", putting it on the podium in its first attempt. Towards the bottom of the post, you can find the full results listing.

As a result of Person of Interest's win, we've now had only two shows emerge triumphant across four editions of the competition after Beauty and the Beast took the title in the opening two instalments. Interestingly, while the entirety of Beast's third season was eligible, not a single episode from the show made it to the last 64; its popularity has dwindled substantially in recent times. Commiserations to the fans of every other show involved in this competition. Even if your favourite didn't win, I hope that you had a lot of fun participating.

Once again, it was a case of Person of Interest taking both spots in the final, which made it a lot less fun for everyone involved - including fans of the show, I feel, given that there was virtually no reason to try and provide competition. Upon reflection, the prudent course of action would have been to either place both episodes (along with both episodes from any given show) on the same half of the draw to prevent an all-one-show final, or to limit the final 64 to one episode per show. Next year, I will certainly be implementing one of those options in an effort to make the competition far more fun for everyone. In the nominations next year, I'll get the views of any and all of you who wish to cast nominations as to which is the best option.

But that's something for next year. Usually at this point, I'd talk about statistics, but I won't be doing so this year given that: a) To my knowledge, no notable records were even close to being broken, b) I'm sure very few of you are especially interested in statistics anyway, let alone those that aren't worth talking about, and c) I have many other things to go and watch and write (we're in Peak TV, folks) and thus less time to sit and work through a whole bunch of ultimately pointless stats. So, those of you who loathe statistics, I've just saved you a lot of reading. Those of you who, like me, love them... well, you'll just have to wait for the Series Competition when I actually write about them.

A couple of huge thank you's. First to DarkUFO, whose assistance, as always, makes this competition far, far easier for me to run and allows the thing to exist in the first place, thanks to his maintenance of the site (without SpoilerTV, there are no competitions here, obviously). Just as important is you, the readers/voters, without whom this competition would be unable to run due to the sheer lack of involvement. The enthusiasm from those who did get involved was fantastic, and while this was, I believe, the quietest Episode Competition thus far, you still contributed a lot, whether you participated at all stages or if you just turned up for one or two polls.

Despite this competition ending, that's not it for contests on the site over the summer. Last year began our Summer Competitions block, featuring the SpoilerTV Awards, the Episode Competition, the Character Cup, and, last but not least, the Series Competition. Dahne, who does a wonderful job running the Character Cup, will be getting that underway very soon, so stay tuned to the site for the nominations period to begin. That's always a popular one.

As for me, I'll be back at some as-yet-undetermined point in August to run the seventh annual SpoilerTV Series Competition, so I hope you'll all join me then. In the meantime, I'll be here at SpoilerTV, writing my thoughts on some of what TV has to offer - both good and bad - as well as on the SpoilerTV Podcast, where we'll soon be doing our season-end review and awards, which is always a fun time. Any of my written content here can, as always, be found under my author label. I also maintain my own TV blog, where over the summer, I'm hoping to watch a number of shows (list is here) and write a whole lot of words about them. Currently, that experiment isn't going as successfully as I'd like as yet, but I'm sure it'll get off the ground when I actually find some time to sit down to watch and write. As usual, if you'd like to get in touch with me, my Twitter and email address are below.

For now though, a final thanks to everyone for taking part this year, and I'll see you all again in 2017.

Full spreadsheet link

About the Author - Bradley Adams
17 year old based in England, currently Senior Staff at SpoilerTV. Most of his posts are news/spoiler based, though he is currently the reviewer of Person of Interest, co-host on the SpoilerTV Podcast. Created and is in charge of the yearly Favourite Episode Competition and currently runs the Favourite Series Competition. A big TV fan, his range of shows are almost exclusively dramas, while some of his all-time favourite shows include 24, LOST, Breaking Bad and Friends. Some of his current favourites include Person of Interest, Banshee, Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and many more. He also runs an Arrow fans site, ArrowFansUK, and aside from TV, is a keen cricketer. Get in touch with him via the links below or via email
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