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The Musketeers - Episodes 3.03 & 3.04 - Episode Info and Videos

17 Jun 2016

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Ep 3.03 - Brothers in Arms Sneak Peek

Ep 3.03 - Brothers in Arms Promo

Ep 3/10 - Brothers in Arms
Monday 20 June

Under orders, the Musketeers defend Louis’ traitorous brother Gaston after he slaughters a band of veteran soldiers in a Paris tavern.

The heartbroken owner Christophe demands justice - but the preoccupied King welcomes his formerly exiled brother home with open arms. As tensions ignite and secrets spill, Treville crosses a dangerous line and the Musketeers are forced to choose between their royal duty and fellow soldiers.

Meanwhile, Feron and Grimaud spy a kindred spirit in Gaston.

Ep 4/10 - The Queen's Diamonds
Saturday 25 June
Time to be confirmed

The future of the English monarchy rests on the Musketeers’ shoulders when Louis orders them to recover his sister the Queen of England’s missing crown jewels. It’s a daunting mission, made more complicated when they unmask the thief - the irrepressible Emile Bonnaire.

Fighting their instincts, the Musketeers must place their faith in their old adversary to hunt down the diamonds. The ensuing mayhem tests each Musketeer's loyalties to the limit, and a surprise reunion results in heartbreak for Aramis.

Meanwhile, Feron seizes an opportunity to avoid personal scandal.


Ep 3.03 Photos

Ep 3.04 Photos