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Blindspot - Season 2 - Some small spoilerly snippets *Updated 15th August 2016*

We've learnt a few little snippets about Season 2. We'll keep this post updated with any new info that we learn.

Episode 2.05

- This episode is dealing with a high profile case involving the Senator and US Marshal Alie Knight will be lending a hand with the case.

- Reade’s diving deeper into the case against his former coach.

- Weller has a new title, Assistant Director


Episode 2.04
- Episode 204 will have some underlying elements of Jane and Weller’s feelings for each other.

Episode 2.02

- The team are investigating a dirty DEA agent

- Looks like Jane is back to working with the team again

- We get another glimpse of Jane’s past

- Reade's been working on building a case against Jones. The case is going to become even more personal than he originally thought, when it turns out he may have been one of Jones’ victims!


Episode 2.01

Jane is on the hunt for Shepherd.

We learn a little more about her training.

The most interesting spoiler; Jane was shot by Cade and is bleeding out from the wound.