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Beauty and the Beast - Beast Interrupted - Review

12 Jun 2016

Taking a page from Season 3's book, this episode returned to more of a "case of the week" format mixed with vague references to the new big bad and plenty of repetitious dialogue.  And yet, for all the weaker aspects of the episode, Vincent and Catherine are just so unceasingly adorable that they managed to make it all highly watchable!  Let's review and discuss.

"When will we ever be able to move on with our lives?"  Uh-oh, you guys.  Is line doomed to be repeated as often as last season's gem, "Someone is out there killing innocents?"  In this episode, It seemed that the whole scooby gang, except for Vincent and J.T., could not get enough of this phrase.  Will Cat, Tess, Heather et al ever live a life free of beastly drama?  It seems highly unlikely, and frankly, wondering aloud about it doesn't solve much either.  Carpe diem!

What did need to be solved was the case of a bomber who targeted an heiress named Bootsy, who in turn was secretly working for the FBI to help get witnesses relocated.  Mysteriously, this was all connected to whoever hacked into J.T.'s computer and stole his files, but the explanation was so murky and unresolved that the next few episodes still have quite a few blanks to fill in.  After all, who stole those files, who put the hit out on Vincent, and what is their objective?

Putting aside the long game in favor of protecting Bootsy from the assassin who was still in pursuit, Cat tried to work the case without bringing Vincent in.  Intended to help protect Vincent and keep his beastly side a secret, of course this only led to the typically cute comedy of errors as Vincent couldn't help joining in on the adventures, beasting out left and right.

I really enjoyed the scenes of Catherine and Vincent's wry flirtation and ongoing lively debate about how best to proceed with the case and keeping his secret under wraps.  Especially memorable was the moment where Cat told Vincent "I hate when you're charming, I have no defense."  Another funny moment came when Bootsy first met Vincent and Cat, and asked if they knew each other.  Cat: "No."  Vincent: "Yes, we're married."  Ha!  The sizzling VinCat chemistry was on delightful display in these scenes!
Tess's dilemma, J.T.'s indecision, and Heather's...strange conformity?  Even though Tess spent almost the entire episode whining about being involved with beast-related cases, setting a new record for herself, I have to say that it was a lot of fun seeing her back in action and watching her break out in a smile of satisfaction after tackling a baddie.  I'm not even sure being a Captain makes her all that happy, since she seems rather stiff and uncomfortable ever since the promotion, and being out in the field seems to thrill her, though she's loathe to admit as much.

J.T. is at a crossroads in his life.  He's about to move in with Tess and can't wait to do so, yet he turned down his tenure without talking to her about it first.  That's a pretty major life decision -- one he's not even sure why he made -- to take action on so recklessly.  Perhaps J.T. can only be happy when he's in on the action, like Tess.  I think a job as a consultant for the government, helping to save the day and stop criminals with his technical and scientific savvy, might be the solution.  Being a college professor clearly isn't J.T.'s forever job anymore, though he needs to work out for himself why this is.
Heather had a weird little sub-subplot in this episode that involved her wanting to get involved with Kyle, who never even showed up on screen.  However, Cat and Tess cautioned that it's not a good time to bring a potential new boyfriend into the inner circle, with someone after Vincent and possible violence looming on the horizon.  Yet when is there ever not an evil killer after Vincent?  Is Heather really going to stop going out on dates until the next respite from the gang's nonstop adventures?  Those really only happen in between seasons!  I loved the quirky little touches Nicole Gale Anderson put into her performance in this episode, like taking a sip from Tess's coffee mug.  She infuses a lot of fun into the sometimes limited material she is given.

What next?  While saving Bootsy and stopping her would-be killer, Cat and Vincent still have major problems and questions on their hands.  Seeing Bootsy exposed for working with the FBI, and having to go into hiding herself as a result (since many criminals would seek her secrets about where informants are located) reminded our heroes that being exposed is a serious threat and one to be avoided at all costs.  Like the season premiere, this episode again asks if Vincent can really keep his secret hidden forever, and what the consequences of his exposure would be.  More than ever, Vincent doesn't seem able to help beasting out in public, whether on a case or out for a run with Catherine.  Trying to repress his beast side seems to make it even more irresistible for him to give into it.  Although this conundrum, plus the stress of knowing an unknown villain is gunning for Vincent, and either he or unknown other people have access to files on him, are troublesome to our power couple, the episode ended with a sweet and playful scene.  That undeniable charm of VinCat is keeping the show coasting along, yet some solid answers on the ongoing storyline would be much appreciated.

Of note?  Next week's episode has a fascinating premise and looks very interesting indeed! Looks like Catherine will be stepping into some kind of underground fight club ring with Vincent unable to protect her.  Our sassy heroine is sure to come through!  I can't wait to see it.

What did you think of this episode?  Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to catch an all-new Beauty and the Beast, Thursday at 9/8c on the CW.

About the Author - Virginia Mae Fontana
Virginia is happy to be reviewing The Vampire Diaries and Beauty and the Beast for Spoiler TV. She enjoys obsessing over films and pop music - in addition to tv shows, of course! You can find her blog, SugarRushed, at and her Twitter handle is @VMaeFontana
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