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2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part E (Nashville - Revenge)

18 Jun 2016

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It's our penultimate segment for Pitch Your Show, with tomorrow being the last day. So far we have covered from 12 Monkeys to Mozart in the Jungle. Today we finish the R's. To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Outlander especially had a lot to choose from. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the articles was difficult. As always, the link to the spreadsheet with all the pitches is below. There was some confusion about this earlier so to clarify, any show that received even 1 pitch is included in these articles. However, if a show got more than 2-3 pitches, not all of the pitches are in here to save space. That's why there is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see them all.

As always the goal is for you to find something interesting to watch during the summer hiatus. If you do, please leave a comment below. I know those who worked hard on their pitches will appreciate hearing from you. Also, if you were unable to get your pitches in before the deadline, feel free to add them in the comments as well. Just remember that any show starting with S-Y may be coming tomorrow.

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Nashville (Hulu):

***Nominated by Jonathan Ducote - It's not just some boring show about hillbillies singing. It is a really riveting drama about singers trying to become famous and the political drama of Nashville. Plus it has some great music. It is even better than Empire. The plots are really fascinating, fun, and there is never a boring moment. You won't regret it.

***Nominated by Luana - This show is a lot of fun but it also has great drama. It deals with the country music industry and has a soapy vibe to it. Hayden Panettiere is one of the best things on the show but most storylines are entertaining. The show was canceled by ABC but, after a huge outcry from the fans, it was picked up by CMT for a fifth season.


***Nominated by Mini - It may seem like a typical CBS procedural, but there is a large emphasis on the character relationships.

***Nominated by Ezio - I haven't seen this in a long time so I'll pitch based on what I have seen. NCIS:LA is an action/police procedural drama spun off from NCIS. The show follows the office of special projects, a unit of NCIS that deals primarily in undercover work to catch bad guys. The core part of the team consists of team leader G. Callen, the top undercover agent, and Sam Hanna, a former Navy SEAL and Callen's partner. These two are as close as brothers despite the joking, teasing, and mocking between them. Other members include Kensi Blye, the only female agent on the team, and Eric Beal, the tech head of the team all under the command of Hetty Lange, the indescribable operations manager. Later additions to the show include the cocky street savvy LAPD detective Deeks and Nell Jones, who later aids Eric Beal in the tech room. If you're into action shows that have undertones of humour, add this to your watch list.

The Night Manager:

***Nominated by Quin Quin - The Night Manager is actually a miniseries comprised of six 1-hour-episodes. It recently aired on AMC and is based on John le Carré's novel of the same title. Basically, The Night Manager is the story of self-contained hotel night manager Jonathan Pine, played by Tom Hiddleston. While working at a luxury hotel in Cairo, Egypt, Pine becomes hesitantly but deeply involved with the girlfriend of a local gangster. Through her boyfriend's contacts, the girl has inside information on billionaire and merciless arms dealer Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie). She plans to expose Roper and his network, but eventually dies a violent death in the process. The devastated Pine leaves Egypt. Years later Roper and Pine, who now works in a remote hotel in Switzerland, meet again. Roper doesn't recognize Pine. Pine, in turn, still seeks revenge for the death of his lover. He is recruited by British intelligence agents and reluctantly agrees to help expose Roper by infiltrating his inner circle. A cat and mouse game with numerous twists and turns follows. Why do I like it? The story is gripping and extremely well told. The acting is marvelous. Hugh Laurie is a sinisterly charming Roper, while Tom Hiddleston plays Jonathan Pine with great intensity. One of the most interesting characters aside from the leads is Angela Burr, played by Olivia Colman. Burr is Pine's agent handler. Driven by the urge to take Roper down, she faces strong opposition and is almost shut down by her superiors. All in all the show is suspenseful, emotionally intense, and very well done. I would highly recommend it to anybody who loves good story telling.

Orphan Black (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Aimee Hicks - Orphan Black is a show that everyone should be watching. The lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, delivers the performance of a generation that is inspiring to watch. She plays many characters and does it so flawlessly that no one would blame a person for being incapable of believing only one actress plays them all. The show is filled with mystery and intrigue while being home to a diverse group of characters that are so wonderfully complicated that sometimes it is hard for even the audience to discern friend from foe. The show has taken great pains to fully realize the world these characters populate and have ground it in real theoretical science. The premise of this show isn’t entirely impossible in the real world meaning that it may very well be giving us a glimpse into one possible future should cloning technology ever be put into use in human trials. Once you watch the first episode of the series, you will be drawn into this colorful and engaging world and never want to leave it.

***Nominated by Suzana - Sarah Manning witnesses the suicide of a woman who is the spitting image of herself. She later finds out that she and others she meets are actually clones. Orphan Black is a science-fiction show about the limits of science but it’s also a show about family. Rest assured though; it knows exactly when to be fun too. The show handles the repartition of the story and characters flawlessly, but let’s cut to the chase. Why must you watch this show ? Tatiana Maslany. She is a force to be reckoned with. She portrays all those different characters so flawlessly. So much actually that I always forget they are originally the same person. I watch Sarah and Alison and Cosima, and I forget they are played by the same person. That’s how good Tatiana Maslany is. And do you know what’s the most uncanny thing ? Watching Tatiana Maslany playing a clone impersonating another clone. Thrilling. "Just one, I'm a few, no family too, who am I ? " Ready to join the clone club yet?

Outlander (Amazon Prime - with Starz subscription):

***Nominated by Carol McNally - This show is an honest and earthy look at relationships. Romance is alive, and the show explores how true love grows and lives in its characters. Set in the gorgeous Scottish landscape, history unfolds as relationships explore the country's harsh past and how a culture was indelibly changed. Emotional and believable acting brings the story of Outlander to life in a way that draws the viewer in. It will change the viewer for sure.

***Nominated by Jess Loving - There are millions of reasons why you should watch this show. First of all, the entire production is done extremely well. The people in charge of sets, costumes, writing, etc. do an amazing job. Second, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have brought to life Claire and Jamie perfectly. They deserve countless awards for their brilliant performances. Last, Outlander is the perfect example of how a book adaptation should be done.

***Nominated by Kay - Outlander has superb writing, incredible acting, the most elaborate and detailed sets, and award-winning costumes. There is great action, lots of adventure and a one-of-a-kind love story. Outlander has it all.

Parenthood (Netflix):

***Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - When friends ask me for television recommendations, Parenthood is always at the top of my list. In today's TV world, we have superheroes, doctors, lawyers and cops, but we’re lacking regular people, regular families. Parenthood is a show about the Braverman family: Zeek and Camille, their four grown children: Adam, Sarah, Crosby, and Julia, and their individual families. The show begins with Sarah moving back home to reconnect with her family and become a better mother to her two children. She struggles at first, but her brothers and sister quickly accept her back into their lives. The show focuses on important topics such as autism, cancer, and adoption. I laughed as the Bravermans threw dance parties, I cried as Julia and Sarah struggled in their relationships and fought to become better mothers, and overall I loved these characters as if they were my own family. The show has a great bromance between brothers Adam and Crosby, but also features solid sister relationships between Sarah and Julia and their sister-in-law Kristina. They have their fights, but they genuinely care for each other and female friendships are rare on television these days. Parenthood has a stellar cast including Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen, Craig T. Nelson, and Dax Shepard. I would highly recommend Parenthood to anyone, but especially to those wanting a show about regular people and families.

Peaky Blinders (Netflix):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - Where to even begin? This is easily the best show to come out of the BBC in years. This English Boardwalk Empire is set in Birmingham during the inter-war years focusing on the rise of the real-life Peaky Blinders gang. The atmosphere is incredible with some film-quality cinematography from the excellent creator Steven Knight, who brings star power to the table in the likes of Cillian Murphy, Sam Neil, Annabelle Wallis, Tom Hardy and Helen McCrory. The show is incredible from start to finish, making use of an excellent soundtrack that features Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead. It may be anachronistic but it works really well! Peaky Blinders has style as well as substance and consistently finds ways to leave the audience stunned at the end of every episode!

***Nominated by Spindae - This is probably the best UK show I have ever watched. It is all about a mafia family who won't stop at anything to get stuff done. The exceptional cast led by the amazing Cillian Murphy delivers goose bump worthy scenes every week. The combination of old school tricks and set-ups with modern writing, really dashing fashion, and British accents turns this show into a major guilty pleasure . With only 6 episodes per season, it is fast paced, thrilling, and always delivers powerful twists.

Penny Dreadful (Amazon Prime - with Showtime subscription, Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Kollin Lore - Penny Dreadful sees all the classic literature characters come to life in Victorian England - Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula- but the real monsters exist within the souls of our main protagonists. Penny Dreadful is a profound exploration of the darkness that exists in us all as humans through the eyes of six disparate and tragic characters. It is emotionally gripping, terrifying, provocative, and inspiring - a show for those who love the supernatural or just great character writing.

***Nominated by Sam - With great characters and great acting, it keeps you entertained throughout.

Playing House (Amazon Prime - with Seeso subscription, Hulu):

***Nominated by Tuna - Playing House centers on two best friends in real life, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. Parham's character Maggie divorces her husband while expecting a child so she turns to her best friend Emma (St. Clair) to help raise the baby with her. Playing House is one of the funniest little shows on television right now and it is a very small commitment with only 18 episodes and a third season on the way. I watched the first season's 10 episodes back-to-back within a couple of hours because of how quickly I connected with the characters. Their friendship is so real, which the viewer can easily tell just based on their chemistry and how comfortable they are around each other. Playing House is such a cute show that honestly means so much to me because of how real it is and how genuine their friendship is. The show has a great cast and a great story and I highly recommend it to everyone.

***Nominated by Dahne - Playing House fills a big void in TV today, the female buddy show. There is much out there in the way of bromance, but female-centered shows where the characters support and help each other instead of fight over some guy are few and far between. We need more of them. In this story, two best friends are reunited when Maggie gets pregnant and then finds out her husband is cheating on her over the internet. Emma, who left town for a high-stakes career, comes back to cheer up Maggie and ends up staying in their hometown to help out. Playing House is full of quirky characters - think Gilmore Girls without the rapid-fire dialogue - and goofy plotlines. Sometimes you'll wonder how these 2 will ever raise a child because they make some questionable decisions themselves, but the heart is always first and foremost. If you are looking for a good female bonding show, this is for you.

Poldark (Amazon Prime):

***Nominated by Ellys Cartin - At first glance, you might think you're watching The Count of Monte Cristo. Ross Poldark is presumed dead in the Revolutionary War, but he was actually imprisoned. Returning home at long last, he finds his father dead and himself impoverished, left with little but his noble name. Oh, and his beloved is marrying his pudding-faced but still rich cousin. What's even worse is that the people of his town are being put out of work by the icy, cunning George Warleggan. No one would blame Ross if he galloped away across the beautiful countryside, but he doesn't. This gorgeous period drama follows his struggles to reopen his family's mine to rebuild his fortune and provide employment, while unseen forces/George work against him. Aidan Turner (Being Human) is stellar as the conflicted hero who also wrestles with his feelings for his former love Elizabeth and the young woman who comes under his protection, Demelza, played by a sparkling Eleanor Tomlinson (Jack the Giant-Slayer). Everything from shipwrecks to epidemics to heartbreak to ocean shirtless scenes plays a role in this international hit that has already been renewed for a second season. It has been released on DVD and is also available on Amazon and free with Amazon Prime. Short Version of Why You Should Watch: It's gorgeous and emotional.

***Nominated by Dahne - I love history but let's face it. Historical TV shows are hit or miss at best. At first, I wasn't sure about Poldark because frankly the tales of a small British mining town post-American Revolution didn't sound like the most exciting time period or place for me. In London, sure. During the war, okay. I just didn't think a small village would be that interesting. Boy was I wrong. The best thing about Poldark is they are not afraid to use the fast-forward button on their own story. I mean in 2 episodes Demelza goes from getting pregnant to having the baby and she's not the first woman in the show to have a super fast pregnancy. By liberally applying time jumps, they keep the action and the drama moving at a quick clip so the show is never boring. Plus, Ross Poldark is an appealing character, who could have wallowed in his own misfortune but instead fights hard to not only provide for his own family but to also improve the circumstances of the working class in his town. Demelza is a pure gem and one of the best new characters on the screen. Her rise from poor maid to part of the minor gentry is quite the social climb but she's no gold digger. I'm not sure any character on TV works harder than she does, providing care for even those in her own society that look down on her. When her selflessness comes back to bite her hard, it is one of the truest emotional scenes I've ever seen on TV and your heart will break with her. This is simply an engrossing show. Plus, with talks of Aidan Turner possibly becoming the next James Bond, this is your chance to see his work (and bare chest) before he blows up big time. There are only 8 episodes so it's easy to marathon.


***Nominated by Leon - This show takes place in a world where part of humankind is born with superpowers. These people (called powers) are seen as celebrities and their actions as sport. Powers come in all shapes and sizes, wear costumes and chose a superhero name. Some are more powerful than others. The majority just playact hero or villain. Others are the real deal, trying to stop both human and superhuman crime. Trying to keep the powered in line is the Powers Division, where Detective Walker works. He's a compelling character because he was once powered and has, of course, great insight into the Powers mind. I don't like Sharlto Copley's other work, but he does very well playing this broken detective. The rest of the cast is good; the villains especially shine. Walker's rookie partner detective does not blindly follow orders but has a mind of her own and his former superhero partner Retro Girl is perfectly played by Michelle Forbes. This science fiction crime drama delivers on all its fronts and has its funny moments to relieve the tension. You could say this is another Heroes, but it is not. This is gritty, with lots of people operating in grey area. Because powers are treated as a commercial industry, the show can focus more on the characters while not being overshadowed by their powers. This show has its faults. It needed some time to find its legs, but it got more compelling by the episode. If you are a fan of SyFy, good storytelling, and characters, check this out!

***Nominated by Dahne - I never thought I would have anything to do with PlayStation, but their first TV show was actually very decent. Following a broken down, ex-superhero through his day job is a unique perspective on the superhero genre, which is feeling a little stale these days. It is also a twist to the ancient tale of the haves versus the have-nots, as not everyone develops powers and those that do immediately get a status boost and sometimes a celebrity endorsement. It's basically the opposite of the X-Men plot. Powers does take cursing to a Deadwood level, which at least for me was hugely distracting. Still, it is worth seeking out this mostly unknown show.

Prison Break (Netflix):

***Nominated by Beth - I gauge a good binge by the ‘just one more episode rule,’ which means you know you should get off the couch, go to bed or leave the house but end up not doing any of it because you need to watch just one more episode. Prison Break is that type of show. Here’s the rundown of the plot: Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is a successful structural engineer whose brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) is on death row for killing the Vice President’s brother. The only problem is that Lincoln didn’t do it and instead is the patsy of a powerful group that is the big bad of the series. When every attempt to save his brother on the outside fails, Michael purposely gets himself tossed into Fox River Prison with an elaborate plan to break Lincoln out and prevent his execution. Before Michael commits the crime that leads to his incarceration, he gets tattooed and it isn’t for vanity or establishing prison cred. Once inside, Michael must assemble a group to aid him in his plan and while some are trustworthy, a majority are not. One of the first things we learn about Michael is that he always has a plan but something he didn’t bargain for was the impact a doctor named Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) would have on him. He thought that she would only be an unknowing participant in his plan, but she turns into so much more for him and their dynamic is a big part of the series. Prison Break is a show that has it all and at its core, it is about the love of family, whether they be related or the people you find along the way, and the lengths you would go for them. You wouldn’t think that you could root for prison inmates but you can’t help but hope Michael’s plan to save the brother he loves will work. I envy new viewers because once you finish the series you won’t have to wait that long for the new chapter because come early 2017, there will be nine new episodes from the same writers who did season 1 and 2. So if you want a solid summer binge while your shows are on hiatus, give it a try and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…… Just have a little faith (you’ll get it once you watch)! The show is four seasons long.

***Nominated by Louis Rabinowitz - With Prison Break returning for a nine-episode revival next spring, it's definitely worth catching up on some of the original seasons that catapulted this show to notoriety. While it's notable for declining in quality in its third and fourth seasons, the first two seasons here are genuinely great examples of tense, continuously paced action drama. They're extremely unpredictable, throwing characters into drastically unexpected roles while maintaining a typically high death count on a week-to-week basis. Strong additions to the cast later on down the line such as the brilliant William Fitchner ensure that the expansive ensemble cast is always impressive. With its serialized narrative and constant cliffhangers, Prison Break feels like a Netflix show before Netflix was even created, and it's easy to see its influence on many shows within its genre today.

Private Practice (Netflix, Hulu):

***Nominated by Leo Wyatt - Private Practice tells the story of Doctor Addison Montgomery from Grey's Anatomy, who moves from Seattle to LA in order to work in a medical practice . You don't need to watch Grey's in order to watch PP but you should probably watch the backdoor pilot (episodes 3.22 and 3.23 of Grey's ) if you want to have a clearer image of the characters though I wouldn't say it's necessary . The biggest advantage of the show is the cast ,which features 6 time Tony Award Winner Audra McDonald (who has won more than any other performer ), Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, and more ! One of the other big draws is the storylines . Like every other medical drama, PP tackles medical issues in almost every episode . It differs from other medical dramas though because it shows the doctor's perspective and by introducing psychiatrist Violet, the show opens a whole new world of issues ready to be explored while still keeping the light soapy tone of Grey's . The only disadvantage is the first season which is kind of weak because it was released during the Writers Strike, but it's only 9 episodes long and trust me once you get through those episodes you'll fall head over heels for this show if you haven't already.

***Nominated by Ivankwok - Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy. At first, the series focused on Dr. Addison Montgomery’s life and her quest for love and a balanced life. Then it started to revolve around the amazing supporting cast and their everyday lives. Compared to Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice is more like a family drama to me. Yes, like its mother show, it has the same relationship soapy storyline, but most of the time the show is about the work family around Addison and how they support each other. Therefore, this show is very heartwarming. The acting in Private Practice is outstanding. The most remarkable performances for me are KaDee Strickland on the rape storyline in season four and Caterina Scorsone on her drug addiction storyline in season five. Both storylines are heartbreaking and depressing. Both actresses bring their A games and give the most extraordinary and tear-jerking performances of the series. Overall, if you are interested in family drama about friends and family supporting each other, Private Practice is a no brainier for you.

Psych (Netflix):

***Nominated by Ivan - It's a twist on the regular procedural with one of the best bromances in television history. It's got hilarious characters, whose chemistry is astonishing. It's definitely a show worth watching.

***Nominated by Swanpride - If you have never searched for a pineapple, you haven't lived. Psych is an enjoyable riff on American pop-culture, but the best episodes of the show (most in the second season) are so much more. They offer not just a great commentary on different genres and tropes, but also some really smart constructed cases. Like most comedy shows, Psych slides into being patently ridiculous with time, but the first two seasons are an absolute non-miss. The third and the fourth is still worth it and even the last seasons shine from time to time.

Pushing Daisies:

***Nominated by Not So Simple - Pushing Daisies is an amazing show with a quirky premise. It is a fantasy romantic comedy detective procedural. A pie-maker Ned discovered in childhood that he has the ability to bring the dead back to life by a single touch, skin-on-skin. If that person stays alive for over a minute then something or someone else has to die in their place. If he touches that person a second time, then that person is dead forever. When he was a boy, his mother died in front of him and not knowing the consequences of his touch, he brings his mother back to life only to accidentally kill his crush’s father. He accidentally touches his mother again to lose her permanently as well. He is sent to live at a boarding school and his crush, a girl named Chuck, lives with her neurotic, reclusive aunts. Fast forward years later and Ned is a pie maker, who works with a private detective Emmerson to help solve murders and collect the reward money since it’s a lot easier to solve murders when you can ask the victims who killed them. They are then tasked to solve the murder of a young woman who turns out to be Chuck. Ned can’t bear the thought of having her die again so he does not touch her a second time and he can never touch her again. The show is sugary sweet, but it somehow never turns sickeningly sweet. It somehow comes across as so very genuine, mostly due to the show’s narrator, Jim Dale who is absolutely perfect. Besides focusing on the murder-of-the-week, the show is about the romance between Ned and Chuck and how they navigate life keeping the secrets they have. Ned’s secret is that he killed Chuck’s father and Chuck tries to stay unrecognized while helping her aunts who have become even more reclusive and neurotic since her death. There is a sometimes love triangle with a woman named Olive but the triangle is handled very well. None of the characters are hate-able while in the love triangle since they all mostly act very mature about it, which is welcome because love triangles are typically super dramatic and soapy. The actors are top notch: Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Green, and Chi McBride. There are also a few great musical numbers since the show has such great Broadway talent.

***Nominated by Pablo - Years later, Pushing Daisies is still the most revolutionary and simply best comedy I have ever seen in my life. With an outlandish premise, Pushing Daisies is a very arty, creative show that pushes the envelope to take you to unexpected places. Though it may be too sweet for some people's taste or maybe too unrealistic, the show cracks up magnificent one liners, excels at pacing and editing, has a stellar cast, and some of the most inventive writing I have seen to date. If anything, it is worth checking out but I'm sure you'll be craving more pie afterward.

Quantico (Hulu):

***Nominated by Maria Sol - Although I’ve seen mixed reviews for this show, I recommend people give it a try if they like twists at every corner and deceiving characters, who keep you wondering who is who. Quantico is about a group of very diverse people with the same goal: becoming FBI agents, but in the course of the story their stories and hidden secrets are revealed. I like too that it has time jumps. To fully enjoy this, don’t get lost in the process. It’s important you don’t miss any detail.

***Nominated by Spindae - This show is all about pretty people doing nasty stuff all over the place and shooting at whomever they get a chance to. This is at least what ABC promotes, but Quantico is about so much more. The stories are deeper with interesting character interactions and developments. The show started out really strong but gets off course for a couple of episodes until midseason. The second part of season 1 was everything I wanted from the show to begin with; intriguing, mysterious, nicely layered, and they dialed down the romance a lot.

Recovery Road:

***Nominated by Luana - It only lasted one season but it is pretty heartwarming. It follows a teenage recovering addict who is convinced she does not fit the label. Also if you like seeing the actors of Skins on your TV screen, this is a good opportunity.

***Nominated by Dahne - Recovery Road was another pleasant surprise for me this season. I hate emoangsty dramas so when I learned it was about a teen alcoholic living in a halfway house, I almost gave up on it without even trying it. I figured it would be full of teen drama…and it is. The surprise is that it is also full of humor and when people get bratty, others reel them in quickly. Even more surprising is how quickly I connected with the characters even though I don't have much in common with them. The show humanizes the characters right from the beginning so they don't feel like a bunch of stereotypes in a PSA. Like Red Band Society before it, I found Recovery Road's characters and storylines to outweigh those few times when it felt too "teen" for me and in that, found a great, empowering, and funny story about teamwork and finding yourself.

Reign (Netflix):

***Nominated by Monica Delanie - I like this show because it follows real kings and queens in history. I got into reading books about different countries' royal families in that time period. The costumes are period appropriate and the castles and countryside are well represented.

***Nominated by Susan Hayes - Reign is historical with a dash of suspense and intrigue that lets us see into the past on how our ancestors lived, dressed, ate, worked, and played. It's fantastic to be able to relate to historical sites, castles, etc.

***Nominated by Muhammad Ahmed Khan - Reign is historical, a thriller, and romantic.

Revenge (Netflix):

***Nominated by Missions - “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” That’s the quote that opens the pilot of this wonderful ABC drama. It focuses on a woman named Amanda Clarke, whose father was framed for blowing up Flight 197, a crime that he did not commit. David was framed by his boss, Conrad Grayson, who laundered money to the terrorist organization that blew up the plane. Before he dies in prison, he leaves a box with journals that document all the people who betrayed him. In the meantime, Amanda suffers too in a juvenile detention facility after already being locked up as a little child. After receiving the box from her father, she goes back to the Hamptons where she used to live with her father to avenge his death by taking down all those that betrayed him. In order to do so, she swaps her identity with a woman named Emily Thorne, and that’s how the bad-a** Emily Thorne you might have heard of was created! Revenge is an absolutely delicious show with amazing twists along the course of four seasons. The antagonists, Victoria and Conrad Grayson, are as enjoyable to watch as Emily. The feud between Emily and Victoria is phenomenally portrayed by two amazing actresses: Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe. I fell in love with the show in its very first minutes, which are an intriguing flash-forward that will keep you hooked until it actually happens. Of course, after that, you will not be able to get enough of Emily’s bad-a** takedowns. All you can do is root for Emily’s path of revenge. Her way of taking down all those people is so fun to watch, and the writers come up with some brilliant execution methods. There is so much that I could write about this show as it is my favorite show of all time, but all in all, it’s a show that can please a large variety of viewers. It mixes suspense with soapy elements that make it so enjoyable to watch. This is also one show that really never disappointed in big episodes such as season or mid-season finales. Since the show mostly takes place in the summer, it’s the perfect show to watch in the summer, identical to the way I watched season 1. “This is not a story about forgiveness.” Watch Revenge and get instantly hooked.

***Nominated by Spindae - In 4 seasons of Revenge I laughed, I cried and I schemed along! Still I can't say the show was perfect. It had its ups and downs but they were minor in comparison to the amount of infatuation I developed for its lead and supporting characters. Emily Clarke is a powerful lead and empowering woman, who no matter how focused she was on her revenge, always showed glimpses of her humanity to the audience. Watch the show without reading spoilers cause the constant twists and turns will keep you engaged and wanting more. Enjoy.

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations. We've got plenty to come tomorrow and hopefully you'll find new shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

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