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Banshee - Requiem (Series Finale) - Review: "Goodbye Ana"

22 May 2016

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   It’s always a special moment when a show reaches its end, and presents its final episode. Series finales are tricky episodes, they have to both tie and conclude the plot of the season, but also, it has to find a way to say goodbye to the characters for good. Their stories might continue but we won’t ever watch them.And that was that time last night for Banshee.
   After a mixed season, Banshee delivered an excellent season finale. It was a fitting conclusion. It was everything I wanted, it broke my heart, made me smile, it surprised and it totally gave me with a sense of resolution. For some shows, season finales can be harder as there are big questions that need to be answered (Lost) but Banshee never was this kind of show. Its ground story was pretty simple, and after last week resolution of the serial killer’ storyline, they weren’t many questions left. Of course, there is still mystery about Hood, Carrie and Job, but there’s always will be. We just can’t know everything about every characters, and I actually prefer it that way.

   Usually, shows tend to have a good final season but terrible season finale (The Good Wife, Dexter, HIMYM…) but that was the opposite for Banshee. The finale season wasn’t horrible, it had excellent moments but the serial killer storyline wasn’t that well executed IMO. It also felt a bit strange to focus on that for the final episodes. I’ve never really cared about the killer, why he did it, the satanic elements etc.
   And most of all, Rebecca being just another victim of the killer felt a little flat. Her character deserved better. She was one of the best character on Banshee, her evolution had been such an excellent ride to watch, but to end it like that wasn’t a good send off for her. So, I was really excited and even more surprised when it was revealed that Burton actually was the one who murdered her ! Damn ! It gave a more meaningful end to her character. She tried to break free and go behind her uncle, and despite his affection for her, Burton had to resolve this and put an end to her actions, to protect Proctor as he always does, with the only way he knows. It was tragic, especially when he apologized to Proctor, in the woods, all bloody and beaten up. He knew he was going to die, at the hands of the man he protected for so long. I wish we would have known a little before that she wasn't just another victim of the Devil Killer.
   But in a way, that final revelation made Declan Devil Killer storyline even more flat for the final season. The only reason Hood and Proctor (and us) were invested so much in finding that psychopath was because he supposedly killed Rebecca.

    As for Veronica, the crack smoker FBI agent introduced this season, well, I’ve never really invested myself into her. Eliza Dushku was excellent, she did great job, but there was something off about Veronica. I thought that she would die last week at the hands of the serial killer. It might have been a better ending for her character, even if she was the one who got that Rebecca wasn't killed by the serial killer.
   But anyways, Banshee offered great send-off for its main characters, Hood, Carrie, Job and Proctor in the final episode "Requiem".
   Proctor had lost everything in the finale, probably even his life. Proctor has been of my favorite character on Banshee. He’s so manipulative, cold and distant and yet, there are so many cracks in him. He can be so fragile. This season, Proctor lost his niece in the premiere, he finally cut off all relationships with his family and now, he had lost Burton in the finale. He had no one left, nothing to lose, nothing to hold on to. After Carrie’s attack on his drugs, he had the Cartel to deal with. So, he dealt with them in the best way he could. It was the perfect send-off for this epic badass character. I’ll miss you Proctor.

   Carrie and Job went for one last mission (with Brock) in "Requiem" to put an end to Proctor and the Cartel drug business in Banshee. It was epic, even if I expected a bit more fights but they went off with a bang. The truck explosion was epic. I love explosions on TV. And as usual, and for one last time, Burton totally kicked ass.
   Then Carrie had an emotional farewell with Hood, as he decided to finally leave Banshee for NYC. It was the right move for him and his goodbyes with Carrie were heartbreaking. Their love story always has been a pillar of the show, she’s the reason why Hood came in Banshee first, I’m glad the writers gave them a nice, emotional moment to say goodbye, after everything they have been through. They’re always be there for each other, but they just can’t be together. It was tragic and beautiful. They both deserved that moment and that final sweet kiss.
    Job also had a small emotional moment before leaving Banshee too. I’m so glad he was back to his true self, with the hair and the make up. He was super hot, and giving so much money to Sugar was such a sweet move. They had a great relationship, they often disagreed but they truly cared for each other. Sugar totally deserved some retirement in a comfortable place. And Job had to get out of this town and back to the city.

   And finally, Hood got back his bike and left Banshee for good. Hood leaving wasn’t surprising, but it was fitting. There was no other option for him, he had nothing left to do in Banshee and he needed the change. His time in Banshee helped Hood to get some closure, he can now move on from his past to a new chapter of his life. I'm sure there are a lot of new and exciting adventures waiting for him in New York.
   So, that’s it. Banshee is over. I’m a little sad because I'll obviously miss it, but I’m so satisfied with the way the show ended, I’m mostly happy. Banshee was an unique show on TV, it’s probably one of the best show of this decade, and one of the most underrated. I loved following Hood and Carrie adventures in Banshee for four years, there were so many epic moments. I’ll always remember the breathtaking action scenes, the fights, the cars chases and the deaths. Damn, that was one hell of a ride. I would have never guessed when it first started that I would care so much for this characters. The cast and the writers and the directors have been fantastic and they did a truly spectacular work over those last 4 years.
   What did you think of "Requiem" ? Are you happy with the end ? Which was your favorite moment ? Hit the comments !

Banshee notes:
- Calvin being humiliated in front of his brotherhood ! That felt good. I loved it when Proctor wins.
- Brock with a bazooka. Loved it
- Kurt finally killed his brother. It took time but it was the only way.
- “Banshee, Pennsylvania, Suck my tit” I love you Job.

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