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Chicago Fire - I Will Be Walking - Review

“I’ve been trying to solve this as an Alderman. I’m going to handle it as a man.”

On the first call of the night, Casey and co. rescue a boy, Victor, strung up under the train tracks. Victor’s neighborhood has been turned into a gang war zone and included Victor’s older brother, which resulted in Victor’s attack. Shocker, the case ties in with Casey’s Alderman duties. Is this how it’s going to be from now on? Every call the house answers somehow ties into Casey’s role as an Alderman? Because I’m not on board with that. I was unsure of my feelings toward Casey being an Alderman before, but I’ve decided now. I just want Casey the firefighter!

Anyway, enough of my complaining. After talking with Chicago PD’s Atwater, Casey talks with Danny Booker about getting Victor out of the middle of the gang war. Danny’s connections end up being a dead end; they can’t do anything for Victor. And though it means Victor walking to graduation may be life-threatening, Victor’s not having it. He’s going to walk.

Casey, being the wonderful man he is, shows up to walk Victor to his graduation. And when they turn to leave, they see Firehouse 51, with Boden in the lead, lined up to protect Victor as he walks to graduation. These are the moments I live for with this show. The unity, bravery, and love shown by the house is inspiring. I had chills!

All was not perfect though, as the hour closed with Susan Weller, a political consultant, showing up to Molly’s to court Casey (professionally, but also personally, let’s be real). With Casey and Dawson on the rocks after the marriage discussion, might Susan come between the two? She’s at least going to throw a wrench into the relationship.


Detective Holloway stops by the firehouse and asks Severide to watch after her son, JJ. JJ takes a liking to Pouch (and who wouldn’t, really?) but I’m more concerned with what Detective Holloway is up to. Something is clearly off with her and as usual, she’s tight-lipped about it all. Severide gets more information out of Antonio, who tells him Detective Holloway has to testify in a nasty drug case.

Near the end of the hour, Detective Holloway returns for JJ, distraught. She’s been threatened because of her testimony, and I bet we see more of this in the next episode or two.

Otis is bruised…badly. He has Sylvie take a look, and she recommends he go to Med to have it checked out. Otis pays a visit to Med where Dr. Halstead takes a look and recommends Otis have some blood work done. It’s possibly Otis’ symptoms are a sign of leukemia, which I hope is not the case. I would hate for Otis’ first major storyline to be something so sad! But dang it Otis, he doesn’t get the blood work done! He’s scared, I know, but what good does waiting do? He’s going to give me an ulcer.

When Dawson realizes Molly’s is struggling, Herrmann eggs on Stella (who brags about her bar-running abilities) until the two agree to compete in the Bar Olympics. “Two contestants, ten events, winner takes all,” Dawson proclaims.

I loved the Bar Olympics for so many reasons. One, it was just so dang fun! And as far as I’m concerned, any episode that shows off Herrmann’s lighthearted side is a great one. We got to see all of Truck act like the family they are, which is why we (or at least I) watch the show. But mostly, I loved the Bar Olympics because of Dawson.

After winning the Bar Olympics, Stella asks Herrmann if she can manage Molly’s as her reward. He reluctantly agrees, and the fist bump between Stella and Dawson makes it clear the whole thing was a setup. Love it. While I love Casey and Dawson (obviously), I enjoyed seeing her without a storyline tied directly to him this episode. I’m also loving the friendship between her and Stella and fingers crossed, we’ll see Stella in a series regular role next season.

Jimmy and Sylvie answer the call for a woman down from an apparent painkiller overdose (how gross was that vomit on the floor?!). The woman comes to and tells the paramedics she’s recently had a tummy tuck. She’s also completely enamored with Jimmy, understandably.

Later, Jimmy and Sylvie are called back to the same apartment. But this time, there’s no medical emergency. The woman from before looks much better than she did before, and it’s clear the call was a set-up to flirt with Jimmy (again, can’t really blame her). It’s Sylvie’s reaction though that’s most interesting throughout this whole storyline. The chemistry between these two has been apparent for a while, and after this, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see something on the Jimmy/Sylvie romantic front by season’s end.

What did you think of the episode? How soon until we see movement on the Jimmy/Sylvie front? What’s wrong with Otis? Will Susan ruin Casey and Dawson’s relationship? Share your thoughts below!

About the Author - Meghan Reynolds
A Colorado native, Meghan was born a raised a Denver Broncos fan. Aside from football, she loves television and some might say watches too much of it. Some of her favorite shows of the past and present include Galavant, The Blacklist, The Office, Veronica Mars, The 100, and Gilmore Girls. She reviews Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med for SpoilerTV.