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The Night Manager - Episode 1.05 - Press Release

4 Mar 2016

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Ep 5/6
Sunday 20 March

Knowing that Burr has acquired crucial documents about the upcoming arms deal heightens Roper's suspicions that he has a traitor within his team.

In the meantime, Pine, still working under the guise of Andrew Birch, accompanies Roper on a trip to The Haven, where he is required to showcase the weapons to high-profile client Barghati. Being placed in the heart of Roper’s world Pine is stricken by the severity of the situation, making him more determined to take Roper down.

Not usually one to mix business with pleasure, Roper invites Jed to visit The Haven, with Corky in tow. But with Corky threatening to expose Pine, tensions between them reach breaking point - and Pine’s entire operation hangs in the balance.

Back in London, Burr fears for her family’s safety as she falls under the watchful eye of Dromgoole, who tries to dissuade her from progressing further with the investigation. However, when Pine provides her with the registration details of the vehicles transporting the weapons, it seems that Roper’s downfall is within her grasp.