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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


Quote of the Week - March 13th through 19th, 2016

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Americans - 
1. Philip: "I can't do anymore." EST Man: "Why?" Philip: "Because I didn't need to hit him THAT much."
2. Clark: "His apartment, it was filled with toys, like a kid. Robot action figures." Martha: "I'm glad that you told me. I am. I have to know everything. Even if it's hard."
3. Anton: "I know it's morose, but after they finish with me, I picture myself as dust, just ground up into the dirt. No one ever knowing."
4. Clark: "I've been... I keep having these memories of when I was a kid. it's dumb stuff, but you know how some of it makes you think, I wonder if that's why I act this way or why I'm so angry about that." Martha: "Thank you for telling me that. It's better. You'll see."

Bates Motel - 
1. Norman: "We just don't belong in this world anymore, mother. We've tried. We want peace and happiness, but the world just won't allow it. So lets take ourselves out of the equation, because whatever there is after this, we will have peace, and we will be together."
2. Norma: "I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?" Romero: "I thought because you came to my house and asked me to marry you, maybe you wouldn't be OK."

3. Norman: "I'm afraid of you and I love you, and that's a very frightening combination. You're not in your right mind, and I think you're trying to sabotage me."

Better Call Saul - 
1. Kim Wexler: "You don't save me, I save me!"

Colony - 
1. Snyder: "They're destroying our city. Again. What's the point of killing people who had nothing to do with this?" Helena: "Retribution. They're reminding us of who is the bug and who is the kid with the magnifying glass."
2. Alan Snyder: "That transit pass was authorized under my authority, so I suggest you go now. You're an honorable man, Will. Don't let them take that from you."
3. Jennifer: "You know, trust is about a lot more than one sided favors."

Criminal Minds:  Beyond Borders -
Mae:  "Triangle?  I've never been a fan of a guy who comes between friends."
Jack:  "Hey, you hear they downgraded the storm?"  Clara:  "Yeah?  Somebody should tell that to the rain."
Clara:  "Life's too long to be alone."  Jack:  "Let's go home."

Crowded -
1.  Mike:  "Martina, I can't even dream anything better than you."
2.  Stella:  "I left Justin.  We had this big fight and he's dead to me."  Mike:  "Is he dead to everyone?  Did you kill him?"  Martina:  "Answer your father."
3.  Shea:  "Don't you put down Belle.  She was willing to marry an animal to get a good library."

CSI: Cyber -
1.  Raven:  "This is really hard.  I love my job and everyone here is my family.  What happens next is in the hands of the judge and I can only hope that I…I get time served."
2.  Nelson:  "Since Raven is a consultant now and I'm an FBI agent, does that mean I get to boss her around?"  Elijah:  "What?"  Raven:  "Absolutely not!"  Nelson:  "Why not?"  Elijah:  "Please."  Krumitz:  "There's no way.  She could beat you up with your gun."
3.  Nelson:  "You do realize that's called hacking, right?  I mean it…it is a crime."  Krumitz:  "It's what you do afterwards that makes all the difference."

The Goldbergs -
1.  Beverly:  "I hope it was worth it, Erica.  You're grounded for a month.  No phone, no crimper."  Erica:  "A month  with smooth hair?  Are you crazy?"
2.  Erica:  "As much as I would love to commit mail fraud with you, Mom's really been on my back lately."  Adam:  "Oh come on, commit a felony with me.  It'll be a good bonding experience or at the very least a cautionary tale."
3.  Barry:  "Can you at least tell him how good I am at getting all the shampoo out of my hair in the shower?"  Murray:  "As a favor to you, no."

How to Get Away with Murder -
1.  Annalise:  "I hate you."  Mama:  "You love me.  Everybody love me."
2.  Connor:  "Are we supposed to believe any of this?"  Laurel:  "Haven't you learned not to ask that question by now?"
3.  Mama:  "Anna Mae, the reason why you feel it's so hard is because you're trying to do it all alone."

Major Crimes -
1. Provenza:  "Captain, are we really about to wrap this up because I'm getting married in just a few hours and I'd like to be there when it happens."  Sharon:  "So would we, lieutenant."  2. Gary:  "What?  You think you know something?"  Rusty:  "Everyone's about to know something, Gary, and now I'm leaving you just like you left me…in a place full of cages with nowhere to go."
3. Provenza:  "Thank you, thank you, thank you."  Patrice:  "Oh Louie, honey."  Mayor:  "You're not supposed to start crying until afterward."  Provenza:  "Well then you better hurry up..."

The Real O'Neals -
Kenny:  "And that tie you're wearing is awful."  Murray:  "I'm a vice principal.  Everything about my life is awful."

Rizzoli & Isles -
1.  Korsak:  "How did I get so lucky?"
2.  Maura:  "This is a bad road."  Jane:  "Well I didn't pick this road.  I'm sure as hell not going to let her drive."
3.  Frankie:  "The fantastic three.  Why did Alice break the mold?"  Nina:  "Because Marvel had the rights to Fantastic Four?"  Frankie:  "Nerd humor.  Nice."

Scorpion -
1.  Toby:  "Don't say anything blunt or harsh.  In other words Happy, don't be yourself."  Happy:  "I'd be offended by that if it weren't so true."
2.  Toby:  "Taking gold in freestyle buzz kill, Walter O'Brien."
3.  Paige:  "You…uh, you taking a break from being efficient?"  Walter:  "No, this is the definition of efficiency, making every second count."

Underground - 
1. Rosalee: "The other day when I was fixin' your back, I seen your tattoos. I wondered why would you do  that, put pain on top of pain. But I get it now. It's about  not letting the white follks define you story. Right? It's about making it your own."

The Walking Dead - 
1. Maggie: "I'm not planning to die today."

About the Author - Lindsey
Midwest native, Los Angeles transplant. Reader, writer, bartender, and film/TV nerd. Salad bar enthusiast. Watch this space!
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