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The Night Manager - Episode 2 - Advanced Preview + Dialogue Teasers

28 Feb 2016

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© BBC Pictures

As some of you are already probably aware, when I am covering a series which is an adaptation from a popular novel I tend to include slightly more detail than I would with my other previews. Therefore, if you are not familiar with the material, or haven’t read the press releases issued, then please be aware that the following will contain some spoilers for the episode.

Jed (Elizabeth Debicki) is the one main character we learnt the least about in the opening episode, although that is about to change as we’re to learn that she too has secrets that she’s hiding from those she is close to. Debicki describes her as, “a bit of a swan – she is very serene on top and desperately paddling underneath…she’s a chameleon and she adapts to whatever environment she finds herself in.”

She may not be entirely aware of the business deals her lover involves himself in but she certainly knows her position in his life and what it entails to maintain it successfully. Therefore, all the skeletons in her closet must stay under the radar, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately though, events are about to take a turn for the worse.

Richard Roper and his various cronies are taking time out between ‘opportunities’ at his luxurious villa in Mallorca. While out one evening, feasting like kings at a secluded restaurant, a couple of thugs burst in, managing to take Roper’s son, Danny, hostage before his guards can react to the threat. The smooth talking arms dealer may not have many weaknesses but when it comes to family he doesn’t take any chances, so he attempts to broker a deal with the gunmen. All is not as it seems, however, and no-one seems to have noticed a stranger lurking in the shadows.

Before we come back to see how the rest of that scene unfolds, we flashback six months to where the first episode left off, with Angela Burr gently planting notions and incentives in Jonathan Pine’s head, before she finally lays out her plan for taking down Roper. Pine is fully aware of her motives throughout I feel; the two are as astute as each other, yet it is Burr’s passion for the case that turns his patriotic stirrings into action.

Before he can approach Roper’s inner circle they must create a convincing background for him that will be watertight when it’s checked out, which means becoming a real criminal. Obviously, some of the deeds are cleverly set up so that they only appear as though he is committing a felony, but not all of what Pine has to do to pass muster is strictly speaking within the law. Hiddleston once again plays the subtleties the role demands seamlessly, the audience is ever aware of his Pine persona lurking within the undercover roguish drug dealer as he switches effortlessly from one identity to the other.

Meanwhile, Burr is attempting to forge an alliance with those she trusts, both at River House and further afield. Finally getting an asset on the inside is a major coup, but she is ever mindful of Roper’s influence. If there is one thing Cairo taught her, it’s that he has no concerns when it comes to infiltrating the opposition and acquiring classified information. Consequently, she must stay one step ahead at all times, watchful of whom she can depend on and share resources with.

Episode Two airs at 9pm on Sunday 28st February on BBC One and BBC One HD, below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. Don’t forget to come back and vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“There’s half a psychopath lurking in there Jonathan. I want you to find him and stick to him. Once you get down to Devon, you are the world’s second worst man”

“Well, that’s a better colour. Lovely deep purple, better than the blue baboon look of last week”

“There’s more money coming at the end of the month. That’s why called me, right? I’m going to put the phone down”

“Sir, you should hear this. Corkoran is calling a number in Gloucestershire, from his mobile phone”

“Suppose you stole some of it, or all of it. Would anyone notice straight away?”

“You sleep now, tomorrow we find out who you really are”

“Joel, I’m on my own in this and I don’t like it. I’m doing what no-one else has done before and I’m scared shitless”

“There you are, a hundred thousand dollars, we can have it here in fifteen minutes. All you have to do is let the boy go”

“I googled you Jack Lyndon” “And what did you find?” “Bugger all”

“Life’s disappointing Joel. Just ask Angela. Please, come back when you have something. Our door is always open”

“Listen to me, okay. I don’t know who you’re buying off, but things have changed”

“You drink my wine, you steal my woman. I’m proud of you Danny. Bring her back in one piece will you”

About the Author - Sandi
Sandi is part of the Senior Staff at SpoilerTV having been a contributor from back in the Lost days of DarkUFO, and who now writes previews for Banshee, The Musketeers, Poldark, and other UK shows. She also enjoys watching and commenting on other shows such as Vikings, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones and The Flash.
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