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Suits - Live to Fight - Review: Who sold Mike out?

4 Feb 2016

The big question since the mid season finale was finally revealed. And the outcome shook the grounds of every character.  By releasing the never ending conflict of what would happen when the fact that Mike's a fraud came out, showing its consequences, Suits has finally find its grooves back. In a fast paced, beautifully shot and with stellar performances the series give the audience not only the answer to the question everyone has been asking about but the repercussions of it.

The episode opens up with a flashback to Donna's teenage years and this episode slowly becomes a window into why she is the way she is, it's refreshing to see more into the characters lives, specially Donna who always is there for the rest of the characters and her loyalty was never questioned until today.

Gibbs character is the perfect antagonist and she proved it in this episode. She'll find the ways to make them crack by going against the people they care about, this week's was Donna's turn. She doesn't waste time and also issues a subpoena for Pearson Specter Litt's documents. Mike and Harvey find a way to make everything disappear, Gibbs doesn't have real evidence more than an anonymous email from Harvard that tipped them off, and the judge doesn't have any other choice to discharge the subpoena. The first suspect that comes up is professor Gerard but with one look at the email Louis knows it was Sheila. He goes to see her, asks why she didn't come to him with it first and begs her not to come forward. But she does in the end and you can see Louis' heart breaking. Knowing that he's a character that doesn't act right when he's scarred I wonder what will this mean in the episodes to come and how will he relate to the rest of the characters.
At the same time Louis has to face past demons, Jessica has to face the decisions she made and the presence of Jeff, who works as somewhat the voice of reason.

Meanwhile, Donna's dad case is making everything harder. There's no doubt Donna will stay loyal, but when she finds out Harvey has been hiding information about a loan her dad asked for 7 years they have a fight. The present fight mirrors the flashback where he claims he was trying to protect her from her own father's lack of judgement and at the same time an older fight in season 2, when Donna explains why she destroyed the memo. (Before she gets fired) She was trying to protect him. The moment these two characters have a honest conversation there will be another shift between them, but in the meantime they fight and then make up, while making it obvious to the extents they'll go to care for the other.  However, this time, it wasn't only Harvey who come up with a solution for the own mess he created years ago, but Mike too, giving up a letter Professor Gerard signs for him in order to make James Paulsen's case disappear. How much Donna takes care of everyone, and the fact she usually puts other people's safety and happiness before her own is payed forward by how everyone worries about her too.

While the episode main focus of this episode was who sold Mike out it also drives along the shifting dynamics and how the case tests all the relationships between the main six characters, and their loved ones. Where their loyalties laid and the change in goals the characters have is obvious but Gibbs presenting the subpoena at the end of the episode,it can only get more complicated from here. If these two last episodes are the ones to judge, it's going to be an amazing ride.

Side Notes 

- I read somewhere this was the Donna centric episode nobody knew they wanted, I think I'm speaking in behalf of, at least, part of the fans, we were waiting for this episode for forever. Donna is one of the most complex characters in TV right now, if you ask me. I'll take all the flashbacks and centered episodes about her I can have. (And not only related to her relationship with Harvey) But not only that, Sarah Rafferty is always a pleasure to watch, she navigates through different kinds of emotions beautifully, but her dramatic performances are fascinating.
- Harvey telling James Paulsen you don't put the people you love in the position to break the law, followed by him telling Donna she should have never put her in that position (referring to be an accomplice and knowing the secret about Mike) bring to the surface, once again, the question about the feelings Harvey and Donna have for each other, the ones easy to see and the ones that you can grasp by the subtext of their actions. After Intent the tension increased and it's only a matter of time until the 'will they won't they' question has an answer. - Because if it doesn't, bringing up the storyline constantly doesn't make sense from a narrative perspective -
- Gretchen blaming herself to some extent and telling Louis she's with them was amazing. Gretchen is a great addition to the core characters and personally I can't wait to see her working with Louis. 

(From @laura_markus)

Not even close to the quality of last week's episode, but there were some scenes to draw my attention. - There were so many flashbacks. A bit too many if you asked me. I like the actor who played Donna's dad, and I liked the character. There should've been more info about him instead all the fighting and drama. 
- Rachel was not a good character in this episode at all. I was hoping for a good scene with Donna and that was squandered. 
- Sheila being the one to turn Mike in was a good choice. I actually felt bad for Louis, and he actually stood up for Mike. 
- Mike and Harvey had maybe two scenes together, and they were great. Please keep it up! 
- The ending of the episode was really good! I am cautiously excited for next week.
- Donna repeatedly thanking Harvey for getting her dad out annoyed me. It was entirely Mike's idea, because he's selfless. Harvey even commented on this!

What did you think?

About the Author - Laura M
Laura is a proud nerd, TV and movie enthusiast. She's a teacher, producer and does different free lance gigs in her country. In her free time she likes to write and hear what other people think about the media surrounding us.
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