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Unforgettable - Shelter from the Storm - Review:Casting light on the Shadow

19 Jan 2016

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Written by Timothy J. Lea and Karen Campbell

Directed by Andy Wolk

While New York is preparing for the oncoming hurricane, a couple of workers discover the remains of a young girl.

Soon Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) and partner Al (Dylan Walsh) are called in.

We learn the girl was a troubled teen with history of drug use. However through the usual sleuthing and memory skills of Carrie it’s also discovered she was helping a narcotics cop catch a buyer. The buyer worked for a notorious drug Kingpin who is known as the shadow aka Lorenzo.. No one has seen him since he disappeared from a foster home during a fire at the age of 12. The fire left him with a burn on his arm.

A wrapper Carrie remembers near the girl’s body points them to a bakery and though only seen on a blurry photo Carrie is convinced that Lorenzo is going inside. Lorenzo’s accountant gives him up as soon as the cops arrive.

They are both taken away by Carrie and Al but as the bullets start flying the storm hits and they are forced to take refuge in a local precinct that is mostly deserted due to refurbishments.

Back at Major crimes a broken communication between Al and Jay (James Hiroyuki Liao) lets them know they are in trouble and Jay works his magic , despite all cell phone and land lines being down, to notice that Carrie and Al are about to be surround by Lorenzo’s known associates.

In the police precinct the bad guys attempt an escape leading me to believe the accountant isn't as green as he seems but are soon rounded up by Al and Carrie. They along with an admin and a rookie cop are the only ones in the building.

Looking out the window Carrie notices some armed men, which means Lorenzo’s boys have come to free their boss.
Incredibly despite the storm Jay and newest Major crimes cop Denny (E .J Bonilla) arrive to help out Carrie and Al.
There is a shoot-out and being low on Ammo Carrie decides to try and sneak them out the basement with the help of the very green rookie cop who gets himself taken hostage. Surprisingly Carrie uses the accountant to knock Lorenzo off balance and the accountant shoots Lorenzo to save Carrie. However taking the young rookie back upstairs she notice’s the burn marks on the accountants arm. Yes he is Lorenzo and the belt he is wearing left a unique pattern on the dead girl’s neck. Carrie soon puts him down and all Lorenzo’s boys are defeated.

I must admit I did like the whole assault on precinct 13 feel to this episode. The accountant as Lorenzo was a nice touch but one I called almost immediately. The question is would he have killed the girl himself and not left it to one of his minions ..well that seemed a stretch.
The suspense in the precinct I felt should have been more, though probably hard to do in wrapping it all up in an hour .
I would have preferred it just be Al and Carrie stuck. It didn't seem very likely Jay and Denny would have been able to get to them in a major storm.
As for Denny and Jay, them acting like schoolboys all the time is starting to annoy me and not a welcome addition to this season.

The ending with the new gang at the beach fair was a nice touch, while I was unsure of the changes at first I like the dynamics between them all.

The new M.E, Delina (Alina 'La La' Anthony) while not being a 'Joanne' has clearly become a good friend to Carrie during this season and despite the childishness sometimes of Denny he does know his stuff.
While she wasn't at the end shots party I am still intrigued to find out what is between Al and the new major crimes boss Sandra Russo (Kathy Najimy).

Please post your thoughts below in the comments.

About the Author - Zandarl
Zandarl a Writer and avid TV and film buff ,once described as a wilful hedonist, has travelled all over and lived in the states for a short time. Now based in the UK she attends cons when able and meets stars from her favourite shows .Her first start in fandom was Xena and since then has admired tv shows that portray strong women. Her current favorites being Rizzoli and Isles and Once Upon a Time as well as anything comic book related. A regular movie goer she watches most genres but never ask her to watch a horror movie.
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