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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 4th December *Updated*

4 Dec 2015

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Latest News Items (What is this?)

  • 21:45 - Legends - Episode 2.06 to 2.10 - Press Releases
    Episode 2.06
    "The Legends of Tamir Zakayev" – Monday, Dec. 14, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV
    In present day Paris, Martin prepares Kate for a dangerous job that Simon isn't sure she can handle. In Prague, Gabi confronts the intelligence agents about Martin Odum. She knows they're hiding something. In 2001 Prague, Ballard and Gabi discover Dmitry has a vulnerability. In 1984 England, Alex is recruited for a distinguished position, but finds that it comes with a demand for a personal sacrifice.

    Directed by Jon Jones
    Written by Chris Levinson
    Based on the Novel Legends by Robert Littell
    Developed by Howard Gordon

    Episode 2.07
    "The Second Legend of Dmitry Petrovich" – Monday, Dec. 21, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV
    In present day Prague, Kate goes missing, and Martin fears she's been abducted. Martin makes a risky proposition to Nina and Simon in an effort to bring her to safety. Gabi discovers that Blazek may have a dangerous connection to Tamir. In 2001 Prague, Ballard and Gabi use questionable methods to threaten Dmitry. In 1985 England, Alex suspects his friend Terrence has resorted to ruthless tactics.

    Directed by Jeff T. Thomas
    Written by Raf Green
    Based on the Novel Legends by Robert Littell
    Developed by Howard Gordon

    Episode 2.08
    Three-Hour Season Finale: "The Legend of Doku Zakayev" – Monday, Dec. 28, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV In present day Prague, Martin goes back to work for Tamir, just like he did in 2001, but Tamir has other plans for him. Gabi confronts Blazek about his secret dealings. Kate is a prisoner in the President's compound in Chechnya. In 2001 Prague, Dmitry must convince Tamir to pick up where Doku left off and earn General Arsanov's trust. Ballard and Gabi suspect Dmitry and Ilyana have conspired to commit murder.

    Directed by Jeff T. Thomas
    Written by Aaron Allen
    Based on the Novel Legends by Robert Littell
    Developed by Howard Gordon

    Episode 2.09
    Three-Hour Season Finale: "The Legend of Gabi Miskova" – Monday, Dec. 28, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV In present day Prague, Martin and Nina search for Tamir's associate Beslan in hopes of getting answers about the impending threat on the summit, as well as Kate's location. Meanwhile, two Chechen assassins put their deadly plan into action. Malika, Tamir's wife, gives Beslan orders that she thinks will save both of their lives. In 2001 Prague, Ballard confronts a life-altering injury, and Dmitry struggles to complete his mission without breaking his promise to help Ilyana and her daughter.

    Directed by Ken Biller
    Written by Andrew Chapman & Raf Green
    Based on the Novel Legends by Robert Littell
    Developed by Howard Gordon

    Episode 2.10
    Three - Hour Season Finale: "The Legend of Alexei Volkov" – Monday, Dec. 28, at 11p.m. (ET/PT) – TV-MA-LSV
    In present day Prague, Martin makes a deal with the Russians to rescue Kate. Meanwhile, President Arsanov's plan for Kate is moving forward in Chechnya. Gabi struggles to decide what to do about her husband. In 2004, Dmitry asks one last favor of Terrence. And in a flashback to 1972, the last pieces of the puzzle to understanding Martin Odum's true identity are revealed.

    Directed by Ken Biller
    Written by Matthew Newman & Ken Biller
    Based on the Novel Legends by Robert Littell
    Developed by Howard Gordon

  • 21:45 - Major Crimes - Episodes 4.16 to 4.18 - Press Releases
    Episode 4.16
    "Thick as Thieves" - Monday, Dec. 7, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) - TV-14-DLV

    With Flynn on desk duty as he recovers from injuries, Sharon and the team investigate the murder of a fugitive diamond thief whose body was found by his bail bondsmen. Rusty is put in a tight spot when his relationship with Slider is discovered by Marianna's brother.

    Written by Kendall Sherwood

    Directed by Jon Tenney

    Episode 4.17
    "#FindKayla" - Monday, Dec. 14, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) - TV-14-DLV

    A professional baseball pitcher's daughter goes missing, and the Major Crimes team's investigation leads them to the very limits of the justice system. Rusty is put in an extremely awkward position as Slider approaches the last phase of his trial.

    Written by Duppy Demetrius

    Directed by David Harp

    Episode 4.18
    Fall Finale: "Penalty Phase" - Monday, Dec. 21, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) - TV-14-DLV

    Sharon and the team track an unhinged killer making his own film, with his victims as the stars as a new romance takes wing.

    Written by Adam Belanoff
    Directed by Michael M. Robin

  • 20:30 - Arrow - Season 4 - Stunts Featurette: Bam Bam's Ballet of Death

  • 20:15 - Code Black - Episode 1.11 - Black Tag - Promotional Photos

  • 19:40 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 3 - Kathryn Hahn to Guest as Boyle's Ex
    ransparent’s Kathryn Hahn will guest-star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the infamous former flame whom Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) has disturbingly referred to as Mommy, EW has learned exclusively. Eleanor, as you may recall, cheated on Charles with Sleepy Stu (a.k.a. the guy from the mattress commercials) and this frightful force of nature also served as his landlord with new fiancé Hercules while Charles lived in her basement.

    The episode deals with not only a woman from Charles’ past but also one that could be part of his future. In a related story line, Mary Lynn Rajskub returns as Boyle’s current girlfriend, Genevieve.

  • 19:40 - When Calls The Heart - New Year’s Wish - Promo
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.

  • 02:15 - Blindspot - Trieste Kelly Dunn to Recur
    Trieste Kelly Dunn (Banshee, Believe) has joined the cast of NBC’s freshman drama series Blindspot in a recurring role.

    Dunn will play U.S. Marshall Allison Knight, who acts as a liaison between WITSEC and the FBI to recover key information that has been hacked. Dunn originated the role as a guest star in episode 109 and will return in the spring as a recurring.

  • 24:00 - Paradise Pictures - USA Network Pilot Not Moving Forward
    USA Network is not going to Paradise.

    The NBCUniversal-owned cable network has opted to pass on the 1940s Hollywood drama pilot, with producers Universal Cable Productions shopping the project to other networks, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    From Suits duo Aaron Korsh and Rick Muirragui, the drama stars Morgan Spector, Denyse Tontz and Duane Henry and centers on ambitious people striving to get to the top in 1940s Hollywood when the dream factory was at its peak. They aren't, however, prepared for the challenges they're about to face: the end of the studio monopolies, the blacklist and the new disruptive technology of television.

  • 23:50 - Madam Secretary - Episode 2.10 - The Greater Good - Press Release

    “The Greater Good” – After they uncover a secret that could ruin Maria Ostrov’s (Angela Gots) reputation, Elizabeth and President Dalton head to Switzerland to meet with her and use the information as leverage to find a peaceful solution to the escalated conflict with Russia. Also, Dmitri requests to be released from his duties as a spy, on a cliffhanger episode of MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, Dec. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    CHEAT TWEET: Elizabeth & Dalton prepare 2 have peace talks w Maria Ostrov 2 end the conflict w Russia @MadamSecretary 12/13 @8pm


    Téa Leoni (Elizabeth McCord)
    Tim Daly (Henry McCord)
    Bebe Neuwirth (Nadine Tolliver)
    Željko Ivanek      (Russell Jackson)
    Patina Miller (Daisy Grant)
    Erich Bergen      (Blake Moran)
    Geoffrey Arend      (Matt Mahoney)
    Kathrine Herzer (Alison McCord)
    Evan Roe      (Jason McCord)
    Wallis Currie-Wood                           (Stephanie “Stevie” McCord)
    Keith Carradine (President Conrad Dalton)


    Chris Petrovski (Dmitri Petrov)
    Jill Hennessy (Jane Fellows)
    Sebastian Arcelus (Jay Whitman)
    Angela Gots (Maria Ostrov)
    Zenon Zeleniuch (General Vladimir Doroshevich)
    Jordan Lage (General Kohl)
    Clifton Davis (Ephraim Ware)


    Olek Krupa (President Pavel Ostrov)
    Liba Vaynberg (Prostitute)
    Elan Even (Yuri Dyachenko)
    Will Abadie (Swiss Ambassador Claude Wuthrich)
    Iolanta O’neill (Russian Counterpart)
    Sean Dougherty (Driver)
    David Vadim (Ukrainian Foreign Minister Luka Melnik)

    WRITTEN BY: David Grae
    DIRECTED BY: Eric Stoltz

  • 23:50 - Code Black - Episode 1.11 - Black Tag - Press Release

    Shiri Appleby Returns as Malaya’s Ex-Girlfriend Carla Niven

    “Black Tag” – The doctors find their own lives in danger when they arrive at the scene of a massive multi-vehicle accident on a highway covered in thick fog. Also, Jesse’s confidence is shaken following his heart attack, while Carla’s condition becomes critical, on a cliffhanger episode of CODE BLACK, Wednesday, Dec. 9 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Shiri Appleby returns as Malaya’s ex-girlfriend Carla Niven.

    CHEAT TWEET: The drs lives r in danger @ the chaotic scene of a massive accident on a cliffhanger ep of #CodeBlack 12/9 10/9c


    Marcia Gay Harden (Dr. Leanne Rorish)
    Bonnie Somerville (Christa Lorenson)
    Raza Jaffrey (Dr. Neal Hudson)
    Luis Guzmán (Jesse Sallander)
    Melanie Chandra (Malaya Pineda)
    Harry Ford (Angus Leighton)
    Benjamin Hollingsworth (Mario Savetti)
    William Allen Young (Dr. Rollie Guthrie)


    Angela Relucio (Risa Park)
    Shiri Appleby (Carla Niven)
    Gabrielle Carteris (Nurse Amy)
    Christina Vidal (Gina Perello)
    Jillian Murray (Heather Pinkney)
    Bruce Nozick (Jack Irons)
    Maggie Elizabeth Jones (Lily)
    Amy Stewart (Katherine)
    Chase Ellison (Elliot)
    Erica Gimpel (Alice)
    Gregory Marcel (Miles)
    Bodhi Elfman (Kenny)
    Gabriel Michael Bateman (Jason)
    Shinelle Azoroh (Jocelyn)
    Neil Hopkins (Gary)
    Ty Chen (Intern)
    Tracy Kay (Debra)
    A.J. Castro (Ambulance Driver)
    Cantrell Harris (Fire Rescue)
    Terrence Edwards (Medic 1)
    Amy Shelton-White (Medic 3)
    Emily Nelson (Hannah)
    Daniel Robaire (Radiology Tech)
    Christina A Cannarella (Real Medical 1)

    WRITTEN BY: Molly Newman
    DIRECTED BY: Omar Madha

  • 23:10 - Heist - Sexy, Stylish Thriller in Development at NBC
    EXCLUSIVE: It’s a busy time for The Art of More creator Chuck Rose. His praised hourlong scripted drama The Art of More has just received a second season renewal from Sony’s Crackle days after its premiere, and now NBC has put in development his drama Heist.

    Created and exec produced by Rose, Heist is described as a sexy, stylish thriller that follows myriad characters on both sides of a high end jewel heist as they scheme, plot and betray each other on their way to a huge payday that promises to change all their lives. Boardwalk Entertainment’s Gary A. Randall (The Glades, Saving Grace) also is exec producing. Rose is repped by APA, Echo Lake and attorney Mark Temple.

  • 23:10 - Fear The Walking Dead - Season 2 - Colman Domingo Promoted to a Series Regular
    AMC's Fear the Walking Dead will look a bit different when it returns for its second season in the spring.

    The companion series to the flagship zombie drama has promoted Colman Domingo to series regular and moved production to Baja, Mexico.

    Executive produced by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Dave Erickson, Fear will expand to 15 episodes for its second season and will take place over land and sea, with Domingo's mysterious Strand taking on a key role.

    “We are thrilled to be starting production and even more thrilled to be shooting in Mexico," said Erickson in a release touting the production's move from L.A. and Vancouver. "Baja Studios has been home to some of the greatest ocean-set films in recent years and provides all the creative resources we need to begin this new chapter in the Fear saga."

  • 23:00 - The Most Popular U.S. TV Shows in 18 Countries Around the World

    Read List Here

  • 23:00 - Arrow - Season 4 - Most Watched Episode - Press Release
    Thanks to arrowshieldfan for the heads up.

    ARROW Scores its Most Watched and Highest Rated Episode of the Season
    SUPERNATURAL Hits Season Highs in Total Viewers and with Men

    December 3, 2015 (Burbank, CA) – Part two of THE FLASH/ARROW epic crossover event gave ARROW its most watched (3.58 million) and its highest-rated episode in adults 18-34 (1.0/4), adults 18-49 (1.3/4), and men 18-49 (1.6/6) of the season, according to fast affiliate Live Plus Same Day Nielsen ratings for Wednesday, December 2, 2015.

    ARROW also matched its season high rating in men 18-34 (1.2/5).

    With the conclusion of the crossover setting the scene for one of the most-anticipated new shows of the season, DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, premiering Thursday, January 21, 8:00-9:00pm ET/PT, last night was ARROW's most watched episode and its highest-rated episode in adults 18-49 since last season’s FLASH/ARROW crossover (12/3/14), and also its best adults 18-34 rating since 5/13/15.

    Versus its last original episode on 11/18, ARROW was up +33% in total viewers, +25% in adults 18-34, +20% in men 18-34, +18% in adults 18-49, and +23% in men 18-49.

    ARROW was #1 in its time period in men 18-34 and #2 (tie) in men 18-49.

    SUPERNATURAL also hit season highs last night, with its most watched episode of the season (2.13M), and its highest-rated episode in men 18-34 (1.0/4) and men 18-49 (1.1/3). It matched its season bests in adults 18-34 (0.8/3) and also in adults 18-49 (0.9/3).

    It was SUPERNATURAL’s most watched episode since 2/3/15, and the most watched show in the time period in more than a year (11/26/14).

    Versus its last original two weeks ago, SUPERNATURAL rose +28% in total viewers, +33% in adults 18-34, +43% in men 18-34, +29% in adults 18-49, and +38% in men 18-49.

    This season SUPERNATURAL is one of the most heavily time-shifted shows in primetime; it averages a huge +86% increase in adults 18-49 when Live + 7 Day delayed viewing is added to its Live + Same Day totals alone, an +83% jump in adults 18-34, and a +56% increase in total viewers. ARROW sees gains of +51% in total viewers, +56% in adults 18-34, and +60% in adults 18-49 in its Live + 7 Day ratings over Live + SD.

    For the night, it was The CW’s most watched Wednesday (2.86M) since last season’s FLASH/ARROW crossover on 12/3/14. The CW averaged a 0.9/3 in adults 18-34, 1.1/5 in men 18-34, 1.1/4 in adults 18-49, and a 1.3/4 in men 18-49.

  • 19:00 - Once Upon a Time - Season 5 - Colin O'Donoghue TVLine Interview
    Thanks to Anneliese for the heads up.
    TVLINE | To be clear: Hook’s end game is to get revenge on Rumple one way or another, be it death or banishment to the Underworld. But the Dark Ones that just arrived on the boat, their end game is to “snuff out the light”?

    That’s part of Hook’s end game too, because he is the Darkness, they all exist as one in whoever is the conduit. When we see Nimue talking to Merlin in the last episode, she appears to Merlin but she’s still a part of Hook. Now, bringing [the Dark Ones] back from the Underworld, they exist as separate entities but their overriding mission is to snuff out the light. Hook is willing to do that as well — and if he gets his revenge, that’s an added bonus!

    TVLINE | So, we’re getting some flashbacks in Sunday’s midseason finale?

    We are. You get to see a bit of Hook’s relationship with his father (played by EastEnders‘ Adam Croasdell), which I was really excited to explore. That time was a huge part of what made Killian Jones become who he was.

    TVLINE | Those flashbacks are with a kid, though, right? Not you?

    There is some with a kid (played by Salem‘s Oliver Bell), but you also get to see a little bit of older Killian Jones, played by me, interacting with “Papa Hook,” as the fans are calling him.

  • 19:00 - Family Guy - Episode 14.09 - Peter's Sister - Promotional Photos

  • 19:00 - Mozart in the Jungle - Season 2 - Poster
    Thanks to LesIconesDeFranck for the heads up.

  • 19:00 - Dark Matter - Season 2 - BTS Photos & Videos
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.

    More Images Can Be Found Here

    Source: JosephMallozzi

  • 19:00 - The Last Ship - Season 3 - Allen Theosky Rowe to Recur
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.
    EXCLUSIVE: Allen Theosky Rowe Lands on the “The Lat Ship” in a recurring role in season 3. Details of the role is being kept under wrapped. Season 3 premieres June 2016 on TNT. Rowe will board the ship Dec 3. Allen is repped by Joseph Le and Managed by MVA. Casting by Gary Zukerbrod.

  • 19:00 - Famous In Love - ABC Family/Freeform Pilot - Ana Mulvoy-Ten to Recur
    Thanks to RD for the heads up.
    Ana Mulvoy-Ten (Vanity) has booked a recurring role in ABC Family drama pilot Famous In Love.

    Based on Rebecca Serle’s romantic novel, and written by Serle and I. Marlene King, Famous In Love centers on Paige (Bella Thorne), an ordinary college student who gets her big break after auditioning for the starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster. She must now navigate her new star-studded life and undeniable chemistry with her two co-leads while uncovering the truth about what happened to a famous missing pop star.

    Mulvoy-Ten will play Dakota. Talented, confident and charming, she is up for the same role as Alexis (Niki Koss) and Paige (Thorne).