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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 27th December *Updated*

28 Dec 2015

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Latest News Items (What is this?)

04:15 - Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - Kelly Frye to Guest
Thanks to Pierre to Guest for the heads up.

Last Man Standing - Episode 5.12 - Polar Run - Promo

Dr. Ken - Episode 1.11 - Delayed in Honolulu - Promo

Superstore - Episode 1.04 - Mannequin - Sneak Peek

  • 13:15 - Wynonna Earp - Beau Smith Gives Thumbs Up
    Last year, Beau Smith spent hours at his home in Ceredo, W.Va., watching dozens of attractive women attempt to become a character he created.

    The Calgary producers of the TV series Wynonna Earp had no real obligation to include the comic-book writer in the process of finding their star. But they sent him audition tapes as a courtesy and even asked for his opinion about who would best fill the boots of Wynonna, the heroine he created in the mid-1990s.

    “My wife and I would sit in the evening and go through them,” says Smith, in an interview from the Calgary set of Wynonna Earp. “That was a lot of fun. I’ve got to say the biggest moment, from the very first one, was having the character say things that I had written or been a part of. The most fun was when she would take the badge and say ‘Wynonna Earp, U.S. Marshal.’ I was doing the giddy, schoolboy dance. I mean, it was ugly to look at … but I was just so thrilled.”

    Smith’s excitement about the new series, which is being produced in Calgary by Seven 24 Films, is certainly infectious. Earlier this week, the veteran comic-book writer made his first trip to Calgary to get a first-hand look at showrunner Emily Andras’ vision for his character, a modern-day heroine who battles supernatural creatures as part of a secret crime-fighting squad. If he was in any way disturbed by differences between TV show and comic book, he certainly didn’t show it on the set. In fact, in February IDW Publishing will launch a new six-part series of Wynonna Earp inspired by the look and storyline of the TV show, with our heroine more resembling actress Melanie Scrofano than Smith’s original blond and often scantily clad version.

    But the broad strokes of the story remain. Growing up in small-town West Virginia, Smith says he was always enamoured with tales of gunfighter Wyatt Earp. But he also loved the old-school Universal monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, The Mummy.

    “I had been writing comic books and graphic novels for about 10 years and thought how can I combine these two,” Smith says. “Why not have a descendant of Wyatt Earp, instead of hunting regular fugitives like U.S. Marshals do, hunt paranormal fugitive? Let’s say a werewolf clan cheats on their taxes or moonshines, well that’s who she goes after. If a vampire commits a crime, they go after that. I tried to build up a monster hierarchy of organized crime, just like there is in the cartels in Mexico, the mafia. I applied that to different levels (of the paranormal). You have immortals, vampires, werewolves and it goes on down to the zombies, which are the lowest rung.”

    Smith has written for a wide variety of titles since getting into the business in the early 1980s, including Green Lantern, Wolverine and Star Wars. He served as the vice-president of marketing for Calgary native and comic-book juggernaut Todd McFarlane’s company.

    “I was four years old in 1958 and I could not read but I had comic books,” Smith says. “I wanted to know they were saying so bad. I was a huge fan of Daredevil, the Avengers. There’s was a comic book called Mars Patrol, which was an elite (group) against a Martian invasion. I loved that. I’ve been trying to redo that ever since. This was an age when there weren’t comic shops. I loved every comic book I could get my hands on: Superhero, western comics. If there was a romance comic, I’d buy it if no one was looking.”

    Both Wynonna Earp and Smith’s other series, Cobb: Off the Leash — about a former Secret Service agent — are put out by San Diego-based IDW Publishing.

    IDW publisher and CEO Ted Adams told Smith that Wynonna Earp was destined for a TV adaptation before the first issue was even released in 1996.

    “It’s just such an interesting character and I think comic books lend themselves to episodic storytelling anyhow,” says Adams, who is also a producer for the series. “I loved the mythology that Beau had created and the idea that what had become this mythological character in the U.S., Wyatt Earp, had this heir many generations later. She is having to deal with the repercussions of a distant relative she never even met but of course everybody knows.”

    Wynonna’s personality traits — a funny, if socially awkward, badass — will remain intact in the series, which also stars Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Wynonna’s sister Waverly and Shamier Anderson and fellow crime fighter Agent Dolls.

    Smith says he knew Scrofano understood the character from the first time he saw her on one of those audition tapes.

    “She’s a hoot,” he said. “And that’s what made her stand out from almost everybody in those auditions that I watched. She was able to combine funny and serious and a swaggering attitude to the character. She covered everything.”

  • 14:00 - Wicked City - Hulu To Air All 8 Episodes
    “Wicked City” was yanked off the air after just three episodes this fall, but un-aired episodes of the canceled ABC show are now available on Hulu.

    The first three episodes were already available on the streaming service, and on Wednesday, Hulu put up more “Wicked City,” now totaling up to seven. According to one of the show’s producers, the eighth and final episode will become available, as well.

    Exec producer Laurie Zaks wrote “almost done” on Twitter, suggesting that the entire eight-episode season will soon be in Hulu’s library. When the show was axed, the network stated that the last episode would wrap before production on the show closed, making it very possible that the series could become available for viewers on another platform.

    Back in November when “Wicked City” was pulled from ABC’s schedule, Zaks also took to Twitter to tell viewers that all eight episodes had been shot and the story has a “great ending” suitable for streaming. “The story is complete,” she wrote.

    Revolving around a serial killer, played by Ed Westwick, the 1980’s Sunset Strip-set drama received negative reviews from the get-go with the show’s violence on women cited as a major point of offense. Along with the “Gossip Girl” alum, “Parenthood’s” Erika Christensen and Jeremy Sisto starred in the ensembler. Steven Baigelman created the show and Amy B. Harris was showrunner.

    Hailing from ABC Studios, “Wicked City” debuted Oct. 27 and fell to a 0.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 1.7 million viewers by the time the third episode aired.

  • 13:58 - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season 11 - Promotional Poster
    Thanks to Mac for the heads up!

  • 12:25 - Superstore - Episode 1.03 - Shots and Salsa - Promotional Photos

  • 19:55 - Unforgettable - Episode 4.06 - 4.10 - Synopses
    Unforgettable - Episode 4.06 - The Return of Eddie

    Carrie and Al suspect that a tabloid cameraman's death during a convenience-store robbery may be more than just a random act of violence.

    Unforgettable - Episode 4.07 - We Can Be Heroes

    Major Crimes determines that the kidnapping of a prominent scientist's son was not a crime of opportunity but rather a calculated scheme for revenge.

    Unforgettable - Episode 4.08 - Breathing Space

    Suspects are plentiful in the case of a murdered aerospace engineer; the Major Crimes team learns that the victim was working on a billionaire's top-secret space mission.

    Unforgettable - Episode 4.09 - Shelter From the Storm

    Carrie, Al and a captured criminal hole up in in an abandoned precinct as a sinister storm approaches, with their captive's violent crew hot on their tail.

    Unforgettable - Episode 4.10 - Game On

    Carrie and Al investigate the world of high-stakes video games and corporate espionage after a man is found dead inside a haunted-house attraction.

  • 08:50 - Last Man Standing - Episode 5.12 - Polar Run - Promotional Photos

  • 08:50 - Modern Family - Episode 7.10 - Playdates - Promotional Photos

  • 22:15 - Telenovela - Episode 1.03 - Trapped in a Well - Press Release
    12/28/2015 (09:30PM - 10:00PM) (Monday) : TELENOVELA - TRAPPED IN A WELL


    Ana (Eva Longoria) tries to avoid a fight with Mimi (Diana Maria Riva). Gael (Jose Moreno Brooks) is caught in the middle but is distracted because his pants are too tight. Rodrigo (Amaury Nolasco) gets involved with Xavi's (Jencarlos Canela) old boy band. Jadyn Douglas, Alex Meneses and Izzy Diaz also star.


  • 22:15 - Dr. Ken - Episode 1.11 - Delayed in Honolulu - Promotional Photos

  • 22:15 - The Goldbergs - Episode 3.11 - The Tasty Boys - Promotional Photos