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Minority Report - Memento Mori - Review: “Remember You Will Die”

28 Nov 2015

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Memento Mori was all about the build up to next week’s finale and it really set things up nicely, although part of me feels that the plot is getting a bit overly complicated. Along with the case of the week, we also learned a lot more about this mysterious terrorist organization, Memento Mori, and what they’re planning.

The episode opened with a great group hang out with the team singing karaoke at Vega’s place. I loved this scene and it felt like the chemistry was really clicking for the first time all season. I wish they’d given us more scenes like this a bit earlier. Although it wouldn’t have made a difference to it’s fate, I think it would have made what we had much more enjoyable. Dash singing was hilarious and actually kind of cute, plus it was nice to see him let loose a bit and not be so awkward. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last very long because Dash has a vision of an attack at an important press conference. They figure out that the press conference is for a senator who is pushing for a gene manipulation bill. This would erase all genetic diseases before birth, however, it does open up the option for “designer babies”. Things are starting to come together now and it seems like the attacker is the same creepy old guy from the end of last week’s episode. We find out later that he practically created the science that the senator supports. So the question is, why would he want to kill her?

This episode also provided a lot of information about Director Blomfield and his plans for the precogs. It seems like they have good intentions and they truly want to help people, it’s just on a much larger scale than precrime. The government knows Memento Mori, who are basically evil scientists, are planning a terrorist attack, however, they really distrust technology so they have no digital footprint making them really difficult to catch. This leaves Blomfield no other choice but to try to find the precogs to stop this attack from happening. My question is, why can’t they use them for stuff like this and let them have their life? Isn’t that basically what Dash is doing right now? Doesn’t this prove that they can help and also not be prisoners of the government? The team figures out Blomfield’s plans and Dash’s siblings urge him to stop working with Vega because things are getting too dangerous. Dash fights against this but when Vega dumps Dash as her partner, he’s almost forced to stop investigating. I loved the sibling meeting and how Dash stood up for himself. It showed a different side to his character that was fun to see. When Agatha and Arthur said, “you’ve done enough” and Dash replied with, “I don’t know, but definitely more than you two” that was harsh, but I loved it! Finally he’s showing a bit of personality and I can respect Dash wanting to help everyone. He takes it upon himself to continue working the case and he goes to Wally’s house to examine his vision. Blomfield shows up to talk to Wally while Dash is there but he makes it out undetected. They’re really closing in on them now! They also seem to know where Agatha is and they almost catch her in Fiddler’s Neck.

At the end of the episode the senator’s attacker is apprehended, but he did manage to throw some biological weapon at the senator which modified her DNA. While he’s in custody we find out that the attack on the senator is part of a bigger Memento Mori plan. Although he created the technology that she was fighting for, he made a mistake in his original fruit fly experiment which caused all the fruit flies on campus to die. Because of this event he doesn’t want people to interfere with death, and he thinks this genetic modification could be manipulated to wipe out an entire species, namely, humanity. At the end of the episode we see Agatha’s vision about the milk bath, unchanged, so clearly things are about to get crazy! I really hope that they conclude this. It seems promising that they will, but I'm worried they’ll leave us with a unsatisfying cliffhanger. I’m trying not to get too invested in the story because I just know I could be very disappointed.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Agatha’s vision will come true? Are you looking forward to the finale? Do you think we’ll get closure or a cliffhanger? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

About the Author - Kate Sidwell
Kate is a 24 year old, USA based, Psychology/Public Health Researcher - but that’s just her day job! In her spare time she is an avid TV watcher (some may even say addict!!). Some of her favorite shows are Jane the Virgin, Bates Motel, The Flash, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Rookie Blue, Silicon Valley, Beauty and the Beast, Sleepy Hollow, The 100, The Mindy Project, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The Royals, Orphan Black…so pretty much too many to count and a huge variety! She’ll give pretty much any show a chance! She also devotes a lot of time to her tumblr ( where you can find her reviewing and commenting on most of these shows and just generally fangirling! She’s excited to be writing for SpoilerTV on Complications, Baby Daddy, Proof, Switched at Birth, Secrets and Lies, and Minority Report!
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