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Minority Report - The American Dream - Review: “This Changes Everything”

24 Nov 2015

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The American Dream continued with the flashback theme of the past few weeks, however, this time, the focus was on a more secondary character. During this episode we learned a lot more about Vega’s former partner and current boss, Will Blake. The sad thing is, I actually had to look up the character name because he’s been so irrelevant that I haven't even bothered to learn it. This episode served it’s purpose though, because by the end I felt like I cared much more about him, even though I don’t 100% trust him yet.

The episode opened with a flashback of a woman being killed during a domestic violence incident. It seemed like they were finally going to get into the ethics of being arrested for a crime that wasn't committed, although that guy should have been locked up regardless. However, later we find out that the teenage boy from this flashback is actually Blake, and it seems like precrime got the vision wrong. Just before Blake has the opportunity to kill the man who is attacking his mother, the precrime team storms in and arrests the man for murder. It certainly seems like the vision was actually about Blake murdering his stepfather and we later find out that that man died in “prison” for that crime. I really liked the way they laid the framework for this story. When they set up this sympathetic story in the beginning, I did not expect it to involve one of my least favorite characters, and when it was revealed towards the end that it was Blake, it was actually pretty interesting and gave the story a nice twist.

Meanwhile, the case of the week involves a restaurant that the team suspects is involved in some criminal activity. Dash has a vision of an employee shooting someone so they go and check it out. Blake is going with them on the case which adds a bit of an interesting spin. They won’t be able to be as open about everything and they better watch what they say - but, as expected, they don’t. They have to get caught at some point if that vision is going to come true, and with only a couple of episodes left, they’re running out of time.

Through the investigation, they determine that the restaurant owner is running drugs and guns and his delivery boy is the courier and shooter from Dash’s vision. The delivery boy doesn't know what’s in the bags he delivers but we know that’s going to change because of Dash’s vision. Dash and Vega continue to be super obvious about their precog secret. It was pretty silly when Vega started questioning the suspect about the octopus picture right in front of Blake. How could she possibly explain that?? Blake ends up putting a tracker on the picture and following them to their meeting with Arthur. When they all meet up at the restaurant later, Vega casually says “we think it was a drug deal gone sideways” and she’s saying this in front of Blake, so basically admitting that they know a murder is supposed to happen that hasn’t happened yet. Not surprisingly, Blake figures out that Dash and Arthur are precogs. This seems like the beginning of the end and nobody but Arthur seems to get that. When Dash tells him they've been found out he punches him in the face and if that’s his reaction, I can’t wait to see Agatha’s! Dash had the opportunity to escape back into hiding but he decided to stay and trust everyone, which I think will end up being a big mistake.

Surprisingly, I really liked seeing Blake’s backstory. Up until this point I really didn’t care about him at all and I found his character to be very boring. However, now that I know his history I feel like I can trust him a bit more. I especially liked when he promised the delivery kid that he would be checking up on him. That was a really cute moment, he seems more human and now I do kind of care about him. I’m also curious to see what’s up with the creepy guy at the end and what he’s going to do with that hidden message from the book. It should be interesting to see how they wrap this story up in just two more episodes.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!

About the Author - Kate Sidwell
Kate is a 24 year old, USA based, Psychology/Public Health Researcher - but that’s just her day job! In her spare time she is an avid TV watcher (some may even say addict!!). Some of her favorite shows are Jane the Virgin, Bates Motel, The Flash, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Rookie Blue, Silicon Valley, Beauty and the Beast, Sleepy Hollow, The 100, The Mindy Project, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The Royals, Orphan Black…so pretty much too many to count and a huge variety! She’ll give pretty much any show a chance! She also devotes a lot of time to her tumblr ( where you can find her reviewing and commenting on most of these shows and just generally fangirling! She’s excited to be writing for SpoilerTV on Complications, Baby Daddy, Proof, Switched at Birth, Secrets and Lies, and Minority Report!
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