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The Goldbergs - Couples Costume - Review


This Halloween, Dana and Adam go to a haunted house as a couple, but Beverly wants spend to with him instead. They brush her off. At first, the couple have fun at the house until Adam accidentally loses his promise ring in the house. After he hesitates to get it for her, she leaves off in an angry mood. This causes a reluctant Barry and Erica to help Adam find the promise ring at the haunted house.

Meanwhile, Beverly is sad that she has to spend Halloween without Adam. When she gives candy to other kids, she realizes that her razor candies were missing. She overreacts by stealing all the kids candy that she gave to them because she does not realize that Murray actually threw them away. Then, he apologizes to the kids for her behavior. Later on, Murray begs her to spend time with him for Halloween. Just as she is about to, Adam needs her badly and she comes to her rescue. It turns out that Barry accidentally hurt himself in the haunted house. She comes to his rescue and rescues Erica from trouble. After Adam finally finds his promise ring, Dana reconciles her relationship with him and spend Halloween together.

My Thoughts:
Overall, another strong episode. The best part was Adam as he learned how to be a man instead of relying on others like Dana to face fears. Also, Beverly was fantastic especially when she scared the kids off (by doing a homage to the 80s movie, Predator) after they egged her house for stealing their candy. This upcoming Wednesday, The Goldbergs will not air a new episode due to the CMA Awards. However, beginning on November 11, do not forget to watch The Goldbergs on Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c between The Middle and Modern Family. If you missed this episode or any of the episodes, watch the episodes from the beginning on Hulu Plus. The subscription is worth the money.